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Technologies as Transcendence

Kingsley L. Dennis – In much of our thinking, the sacred world is divorced from that of secular technologies.

Unsouling from the Wilderness

Kingsley L. Dennis – The modern history of the West has been about the removal of mystery, mind, and magic from the world around us.

Freedom from Within

Kingsley L. Dennis – We must choose our freedom from within.

No Self is an Island

Kingsley L. Dennis – Whether we like to admit it or not, we need other people.

Sacred Agency

Kingsley L. Dennis – The sacred impulse animates the expression of consciousness.

Re-Enchanting the World

Kingsley L. Dennis – There is an enchanted world out there, and it beckons to us through a communal mystery.

A New Map

Kingsley L. Dennis – We are desperately in need of a new understanding that allows us to recognize the greater truth.

The Visionary Path

Kingsley L. Dennis – The visionary path is an inward path; as such, it requires a disciplined focus.

The Interior Life

Kingsley L. Dennis – Have you ever asked yourself, ‘why am I here?’, but also ‘how did I get here?

Free Thought vs. Social Conformity

Kingsley L. Dennis – People cannot be fully trusted to say and do what they think is right if others around them are all expressing an opposite opinion.


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