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‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Vindicated: HAARP Confirmed Weather-Manipulation Tool

Catherine J. Frompovich, Guest Waking Times The most damning aspersion that can be lobbed against any person, or the exposure of “secret government activity,” overwhelmingly is “Conspiracy Theorist.” That pejorative ‘handle’ is equated with imbecile mind-activity with aspersions often suggested as ‘tin hat wearers’. Well, step aside all you doubters and listen up carefully to what took

Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories?

Lance deHaven-Smith, Ph.D – Most people will be shocked to learn the conspiracy theory label was popularised as a pejorative term by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)…

Hollow Earth Conspiracy Theories: The Hole Truth

Will Storr, Telegraph Waking Times Late at night, on October 4 2002, a strange guest appeared on a cult American radio show. Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell had a reputation for exploring weird themes with fascinating guests, but few had ever sounded as excited as this one. Dallas Thompson was a former personal trainer who had

Do You Believe In Medical Conspiracy Theories?

Daisy Luther, Contributor Waking Times Do you believe in “medical conspiracy theories”? If so, you are in good company. According to a survey undertaken by professors at the University of Chicago, more than half of all Americans believe in one or more so-called “medical conspiracy theories”. Of course, most of us know that the derogatory term “conspiracy theory”

Conspiracy Theorist vs. Coincidence Theorist and The Importance of Alternative Media

Alen Mischael Vukelić, Contributor Waking Times The impact and significance of alternative media continues to grow every day. Critics from the mainstream like to discard it as an outlet for conspiracy theories and amateur journalism. Is it really this simple? Or is the mainstream media becoming aware of this fast-growing underground movement that seems to

An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers

Catherine J. Frompovich – With all the documentation, which represents not even one-tenth of what’s probably out there, who do you think are the conspiracy theorists?

Silent Weapons for the Secret War on You

Marie Jones – The world of non-lethal weaponry has opened the door to technologies that allow the control of one’s mind, thoughts, actions, and behaviours.

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