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Meditating on the Purpose of Life

Chris Renzo, Contributor Waking Times Purpose is a moment to moment experience. The word purpose is synonymous with motive, cause, reason, and intention. Our life’s purpose has everything to do with how we choose to live. Yet like life, our purpose is ever changing. When we seek to understand our purpose we seek to understand our

Responsible Spirituality – Standing in the Dark and Seeing the Light

Chris Renzo, Guest Writer Waking Times To not recognize the darkest aspects of our way of life disables us from being the greatness that we are. To claim we are wise and spiritual without acknowledging the darkest aspects of who we are is superficial. This does not mean we should dwell in the darkness. Rather

The Genetic Argument: Understanding That Social Advancement is our Collective Responsibility

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times  American neuroscientist, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, states that there is a widespread and dangerous notion that has taken root in our dominant scientific understanding of human behavior. The notion is that we believe human behavior is genetically determined. This deterministic view of life suggests life is rooted in biology and

Reconstructing Our Global Reality

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times Our nation, the United States, is the richest and most powerful nation in the world. The rich live a decadent lifestyle, and there exists a large middle class, but tens of millions live in poverty. 50% million people [1/6 of our population] cannot afford basic health services. 15% of our people live

The Power Within

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times As self-reflective beings we are gifted with tremendous creative power. Our self-reflections become known and felt on the inside through experience. And by honing in on these inner thoughts and feelings we enhance our ability to effectively live with purpose. We are always creating, but to the degree to

Neuroplasticity and its Implications for Human Potential

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times What is neuroplasticity, what does it have to do with human potential, and how can it potentially change how we view reality? Until recently, the prevailing view in neuroscience was that the brain contained all of its neurons at birth and that the number and circuitry of these neurons

A Brief Guide to Stepping Into Your Power

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times “If you are doing something for someone else’s approval, you may as well not do it” – Neale Donald Walsch Stepping into your power is all about serving yourself.  This may sound overly self-indulgent at first, but when you go deeply into it you realize that this is the ultimate expression

We Need to Do More Than Believe

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times “We gotta do more than believe if we want to see the world change” – Dave Matthews [DMB Inspiration] It is a beautiful day.  The sun shines, the bird sings, and the trees sway.  I dream of the day where my potential children can walk upon the same meadows that

Social Evolution is About Personal Evolution

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times In the same way that we must question our personal intentions and behaviors to grow, so to do we need to question the social intentions and behaviors of our current society.  The two are never separate. Growth and moving forward begins the moment we summon the courage to create

How Celebrity Culture is Destroying Who We Are

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times We no longer seek community as the most important, but rather that we, the self-proclaimed celebrity, as the most important. We live in a world that celebrates image over substance and because of this we have lost sight of who we are. We are bombarded daily with images that

From Fear to Love. The Beginnings of an Awakening

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer Waking Times  There is a life waiting for all of us.  A new life.  A life not dictated by our fears and anxieties, but instead a life created by our love for life and all of its creations.   The only thing that is stopping us from creating harmony is fear.  Fear is a global cultural norm.

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