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The Hemp Conspiracy: Why U.S. Hemp Farming Was Banned

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times For thousands of years industrial hemp was a common staple. It fed us, clothed us, housed us, sailed our ships with hemp rope and sails, it was part of our livelihood. Then, in the early 1900s, it was banned and pushed aside. Why? Why did this wonderful, useful plant

Hemp – The Answer To The Global Food Crisis?

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times  There are indications (and there have been for a while) that we are entering a stage where food will be in short supply in some regions of our world, and in other areas it will be in abundance, but just too expensive to buy. Right now our grocery stores

Hemp – The Answer To Sustainable Living

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times “We are using up the resources of 1.5 planets. That is a long way from sustainability. Every product made takes something from the planet that we can’t give back. So think twice before you buy anything. Think about what went into making that product. Buy better quality, but buy

The History of Hemp

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times Yes, it’s that time of the year – when we celebrate the history of the wonderful plant we know as hemp. This is the third annual Hemp History Week, and this week is dedicated to education, awareness, health and wellness, and the  movement to let our farmers grow hemp

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