Science vs. Mother Nature – Infant Formula Made from Human Breastmilk Proteins

Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Human breast milk has more than 1,600 different proteins that change as an infant’s needs change, but this isn’t stopping scientists from a start-up company called BioNascent from trying to create them in a lab. What exactly is the motivation for trying to recreate something that is already perfect as it is?

Scientists previously compared human breast milk with our closest DNA-relative, the rhesus macaque monkey and found that human breast milk has far more protein. In this research, more than 1,600 proteins were discovered, over 500 for the first time. Only 88 of those proteins were the same – yet somehow genetic researchers think they will be able to crack the code of human breast milk to market a synthesized version in baby formulas.

Never mind that breastmilk has been shown to alter the mother’s hormone levels, including maternal serum estradiol, progesterone, prolactin, thyroxine, triiodothyronine, cortisol, leptin and C-reactive protein concentrations (more about hormone replacement).

  • Look away from the evidence that there is an epigenetic effect on a baby that consumes real breast milk that includes lowering obesity, protecting both the mother and child from depression, and even changing gene expression.

    Forget this viral photograph that was posted by Mallory Smothers proving her breastmilk drastically changed when her baby was sick, in order to help her child overcome a cold. She later wrote about how she found an article that explains how breast milk changes in order to provide more than just calories for our babies. She wrote in a caption,

    So this doctor discusses that when a baby nurses, it creates a vacuum in which the infant’s saliva sneaks into the mother’s nipple. There, it is believed that mammary gland receptors interpret the ‘baby spit backwash‘ for bacteria and viruses and, if they detect something amiss (i.e., the baby is sick or fighting off an infection), Mom’s body will actually change the milk’s immunological composition, tailoring it to the baby’s particular pathogens by producing customized antibodies. (Science backs this up. A 2013 Clinical and Translational Immunology study found that when a baby is ill, the numbers of leukocytes in its mother’s breast milk spike.) So I filed that away in the back of my mind until I was packing frozen milk into the big deep freeze today.”

    Moreover, even human milk proteins are degraded by being freeze dried or frozen, so how does this start-up company plan to create a genetically altered version that even comes close to mimicking the intelligence inherent in the real thing?

    Also ignore the fact that thousands of biological factors change in breast milk that affect both the nursing baby and the mom over time. Breastmilk protects against infection and inflammation and contribute to immune maturation, organ development, and healthy microbial colonization.

    There is also substantial proof that genetically modified baby formula will alter an infant’s gut flora.

    Finally, when formula companies like Similac and Nestle’s Gerber, among others, put genetically modified corn (corn syrup) into their formulations, and subsequently, glyphosate, it was shown to inhibit the activity of a group of enzymes ubiquitous in the body called cytochrome P450, which are important for oxidation as well as detoxification of the liver — we arrive at a whole additional set of concerns for adding yet another level of degradation to an infant’s food supply. As GMO Inside details,

    “Full maturity of the liver in the infant takes approximately two years.  As soon as the umbilical cord is cut, rapid induction of liver functions begin.  The infant liver is delayed in achieving normal detoxifying and synthetic functions such as making proteins, coagulation factors, breaking down products from hemoglobin synthesis (bilirubin being one and, hence, the development of neonatal jaundice), etc.”

    The alteration of proteins and enzymes in our food has led to disastrous health concerns, yet BioNascent says it has already ‘replicated’ alpha-lactalbumin, a protein that makes up between 20 and 30 percent of the total protein content in breast milk but only about 3 percent of the proteins in bovine milk. Researchers like Dr. Stephanie Seneff have even warned that there is a link between vaccines, GMOs and the increase in Autism we are seeing today. Could yet additional genetic manipulation have dire consequences?

    Specifically, could anything possibly go wrong as BioNascent replaces the bovine proteins in baby formula with lab-grown human proteins made by inserting those human genes into yeast and fungi?

    Our most fragile citizens are being poisoned and robbed of their natural health. Arguably, the depopulation agenda starts when we are merely infants.

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