Sacred Language of the Human Body

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If we understand the concepts that our minds are capable of, we’ll accelerate and amplify the process by which energy heals. For in this knowledge of a technique called energy medicine, we are fully capable of healing ourselves. When we listen to another person speak to us, we hear them through an understanding of an insight, an interpretation, or an image. This is how we hear Spirit… through interpretations of visions.

Spirit talks to us through our emotions and our feelings. In energy work, we feel the image we see when reading the body’s muscle memory. It’s a form of transference. When we say things like, “I can feel your pain.” We actually can. Mentally, emotionally and physically, we are in a time of feeling others energies greater than we ever have before.

Therefore, we are in a changing world that we can all participate in if we just realize that patterns we’ve carried over our life are ready to free up. No longer do we have to abide by anyone else’s ideas, thoughts or conform to their style of belief. As individual pillars, we are all fully capable to be independent beings creating our decisions through expansion.

Realizing that at the age of 6, you and I made choices on how we would survive through living day to day in our family life, and how we would be accepted or loved if only we…. Conditions based for approval of others, by others, or even to ourselves. Many physical conditions are brought on due to these old survival issues that are no longer necessary for us to feel accepted or loved. We have it all within ourselves to be our own best friend. So what is happening today that is changing that?

  • Our minds can’t even think the same. We question why we are making choices and decisions that surprise our very being. Why? Because in truth, our Universe is changing and so are we. The electromagnetic field has shifted in its essence due to a recent pole shift of the Sun. Many astrological conditions have joined forces to encourage our trueness to stand tall once again. As we lose our old thinking, we are gaining new perceptions, insights and are even becoming telepathic as time continues. If you will, we are raising our vibrations with the magnetic shift.

    We are taking the plunge and associating to the “big picture” without even realizing it may be happening. I see this as a real, positive and inspiring lift for humanity as we venture into this New Year with eyes wide open. Healing ourselves will come with truth, with unity of personal integration and connections, and a new way of thinking through feeling. No more ground rules based in judgments of right and wrong, for this too causes illness if one feels he’s been wrong or made wrong choices.

    There are always new choices to be made without the past lingering from a poor decision. There’s no such thing in the essence of true reality. We must lose these ideas of judgments and start living in a world of peace.

    True health care is at our fingertips, and illness teaches us to slow down. So here’s to balance, love and peace in this new transformation due to the freedom of the times we are in!

    About the Author

    As a Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Healer and Massage Therapist Mona Delfino has been an exceptional body worker for 32 years. Coming into this field of healing naturally, her passion and abilities as a healer became apparent at a very young age.  In addition to her teachings in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Sound (toning) and Crystal healing, Structural Therapy and many Indigenous Vibrational Medicines, Mona has had the unique experience of studying with her mentor of 12 years, Cherokee medicine woman, Karen Land. Karen was known as “Double Eagle” in the Cherokee Tribe. She passed in 2005, with her knowledge still running through Mona.  Mona has spent time studying in Hawaii on the Big Island in Hilo to learn directly from Lomi masters and Kupuna to bring back the traditional Hawaiian healing that carries the knowledge that all healing comes fromlove. Mona’s website is Sacred Reconnections.

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