Running to Stand Still

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer
Waking Times 

Recently power outages in India have stranded 670 million people as the grid collapsed. Similar has happened in the USA which is also struggling with record high temperatures and droughts which have decimated corn crops. In Pakistan prolonged and widespread power outages in most of its cities during scorching summer heat has triggered violent protests in most areas. Meanwhile parts of Russia are sweltering in extreme heat with wild fires threatening to destroy significant amounts of its grain. This is just a snap shot of extreme weather happening around the globe. It’s time the world stopped being distracted by delusionary ‘games’ and instead get to grips with reality. One way or another, we will be brought to a standstill. Better to be prepared for what is to come…

Still in denial

It absolutely amazes me how much in denial the world really can be. Even the spiritual ‘mainstream’ seems confused about what’s really going on. We expected ‘big’ things would happen in 2012, we expected to be given strong guidance and evolutionary potential. Indeed we are. It’s just not in the form many have imagined. No, humanity in general is not going through some collosal shift in consciousness that sees us all ascend into a rosy new paradigm. It’s not converting rapidly to a sustainable resource based economy where everyone supports one another. It’s still not respecting Gaia and her natural eco-systems.

  • Gaia has begun to speak unequivocally. On recent Openhand gatherings, she’s spoken through us in no uncertain terms. During one group meditation, I felt her take over my entire body, showing me exactly what’s been going on for her and the pain she’s felt. At one point, I experienced myself paralysed, spinning out of control. It was as though she had given up in the face of the enormous human burden she has to carry. Fortunately, I then experienced her blossoming back to life, but not before a totally necessary upheaval across the surface of the earth.

    That upheaval has now begun. Don’t be fooled by timing. Rome wasn’t unbuilt in a day. Just because in some areas of the world there’s still food in the supermarkets, fuel at the gas pumps and electricity in homes doesn’t mean everything is business as usual. It isn’t. We are now on a new timeline for change. Various tipping points have activated which cannot now be reversed. The snap-shot I gave in my intro paragraph is just the tip of the melting ice berg.

    Strong advice

    Does my writing tone sound strong? Good. I hope you are still reading. My aim is not to take you into fear, but into reality. Because when we embrace things as they really are, when we honour the truth, then we have a ‘fighting chance’. The truth will always set you free. It’s clear in my heart that as a race, we’re being given some very strong advice by a very patient mother…

    “Humanity is still running, but one way or another, it will be brought to a standstill. The world cannot continue as it currently is. Stop now. Stop what you are doing. Stop and take stock. Feel the truth of the moment in your heart. Hug your loved ones. Figure out how you can come together in communities and best look after each other in these monumental times of transition. Help pave the way into a new consciousness of acceptance and alignment with the flow. Help people see beyond fear. This is the most valuable thing any of you can do right now.”

    Of course many are not going to listen even still. The wheels of the matrix will go right on turning. Which will make the future even harder for some. But those who are awake need to start making important choices now. We can only avoid them so long. Your soul knows what needs to be done. It’s now the inner journey that we must embark upon. We need to stop running on the outside so we can be still for a moment on the inside.

    Then right action will arise naturally.
    We will feel what needs to be done, how we should be.

    Still inconvenient?

    A few years back I remember watching the film “An Inconvenient Truth”. I remember walking out into Glastonbury the very next day and foolishly, naievely wondering why all the cars hadn’t stopped? That was six years ago and the cars are still running, still going about business as usual. It’s not going to always be like this. If you are one of those who can feel the truth of what I’m saying, then you can begin already. You can make a difference. You can prepare yourself and your loved ones right now.

    What can we do?

    First we need to stop.
    Then to surrender the need for any kind of outcome,
    feel for a thread of consciousness that connects us to the whole,
    continue to standstill until we can discern our highest truth,
    expand into our fears, limitations and blockages,
    respond to each moment from the grandest vision we ever had about ourselves,
    we need to be bold and courageous,
    follow only the Right Action we can feel in our hearts,
    to give selfless service to those who cannot yet see so clearly.

    The gathering stream

    It takes brave people willing to turn against the tide of the matrix, to truly unplug and join the gathering stream. There is still time to prepare, but absolutely no time to waste. It’s our evolutionary unfolding that must come first and foremost. Only in this way can we pave the way to our destiny.

    Like others, Openhand has been purposefully configured especially for these times. If you resonate with what we’re saying, do get involved. Participants are finding we offer a powerful prescription for evolutionary success. I don’t wish to sound ‘selly’, it’s just the way it is!

    You can find our more about our courses and services at the links below.

    Humanity is still running. It’s time to learn how to standstill.


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