The Root Cause of Addiction?

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This is presented as alternative way of viewing addiction. One that does not wage war on the addict with shame and punishment from the so-called “War on Drugs.”

Is addiction entirely due to genetic predisposition?

That’s non-sense, according to Dr. Gabor Mate who wrote In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection, and Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It.

So, does addiction stem from childhood trauma? That’s what show host Steve Paikin of The Agenda starts a dialog about. In this segment, he plays a friendly devil’s advocate to stir up answers and you can see the easygoing Dr. Mate come alive to make his case.

  • Dr. Mate also talks about the origin of manipulation tactics used by the addict – the discussion might surprise you.

    And now for the painful question Dr. Mate grapples with – are we in North America an addict society, even without the evidence of typical addictive substances?

    It should be noted that there are a lot of holistic approaches to both addiction and childhood trauma, not limited to: B.E.S.T. (treatment helpful in removing shame, a source for addiction), Flower Essence therapy (extremely helpful for childhood issues), EMDR (removes emotional charge behind trauma, triggers), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and more. EMDR and NLP are a growing part of conventional therapy sessions, which means they’d be covered by insurance if the practitioner uses them.

    What do you think of this conversation?

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