Rock Star Says the Elite Have Snuff Parties – Mainstream Media Thinks It’s Fun!

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We all know that money can’t buy happiness, which might be why people buy so much other stuff, but imagine what you could do if money were no object and happiness was not exactly what you were looking for.

Who knows what the world’s richest elite do behind closed doors on private land and at places like Bohemian Grove, but we do know that in today’s society having wealth places one above the law, and in today’s world when you’re above the law, you can literally get away with murder.

Bass guitar player for the classic rock band Scorpions, Ralph Rieckermann, was caught in a surprising paparazzi style TV interview with TMZ, one of the mainstream’s most unabashed purveyors of pop-culture/celebrity/consumer hype. When TMZ asked Rieckermann if he was going to any German fetish parties after a concert, Rieckermann replied that he wasn’t into fetish parties, but then for some reason ended up telling the camera about some of his past experiences at very exclusive parties amongst the elite in Germany.

The bassist says that one time he saw some “really bad shit” at an exclusive party where he says, “I think they, they actually killed people there, and stuff.” He goes on to talk about how people paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be there and witness things that made him sick to his stomach. “I went to another one where literally I saw like, the grossest, I wanted to throw up.” He was dead serious, as you can tell by the pale wash that covers his face as he recalls the memory.

  • “In a TMZ segment from 2012 with the former bassist of the rock band Scorpions, Ralph Riekermann admits he attended snuff parties, where guest paid over $100K to watch a live murder. And, judging by his facial expression, he was not joking.” [Vigilant Citizen]

    Since we’ve all been propagandized and conditioned to accept violence, depravity, and an unofficial caste system where the world’s elite are free to do any messed up thing to us, it’s no surprise, that the TMZ cast and editing crew had a jolly good time making jokes and comic jibes about the public admission of elite snuff parties. They even go so far as to even make a cartoon joke about Auschwitz in a ridiculous comedic german accent, replete with Oktober-Fest music.

    TMZ Germany

    At TMZ, snuff parties a blast! Why not?

    Rieckermann was compelled to later release as video explaning his comments in the interview, noting that a 25 minute long interview between himself and TMZ had been edited down to a short 30 seconds of train wreck where Rieckermann’s statements were twisted in order to satisfy the agenda of TMZ.

    Right he is, but there are other issues here. The stuff of horror films, snuff parties are private events where people gather, some paying exorbetant amounts of money, to watch a ritualized murder. This is happening in our society, and the world’s political and financial elite are well-known to engage in things like this. Just look at the recent revelations about some of the sick things that UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron is known to have done while he was being groomed for world leadership.

    Effed up, yes, but remember now, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does help to manifest the darkest desires of human beings.

    Rieckermann admits to witnessing something at least close to a snuff party, and also to having been told that snuff parties were available. He never says that the parties didn’t happen, he merely tries to distance himself by saying that he wasn’t personally interested. This is one of those small statements made by someone with a unique perspective on the elite ‘scene,’ that tells a big and terrible truth about what these people are capable of behind closed doors, and what they are getting away with while the media turns everything serious into an appaling joke.

    So how does the media treat the revalation that snuff parties are in fashion? Rather than invoking any kind of official investigation into murder, Rieckermann’s comments inspired the cheapest, stupidest, most-obnoxious, unfunniest and most mind-bogglingy inapprorpriate treatment by TMZ. Take a look for yourself, but you have been forewarned. The voiceover and visual effects are insanely obnoxious and the content is unsettling.

    It’s tough to say which came first, but this is the kind of media that inspires our generation to watch and film as another person being is being is in danger and being attacked. TMZ and the mainstream media does everything it can to demonstrate to its audience that personal responsibility, or responsibility of any kind, is something is not welcome, something to be passed off onto someone else while we get entertained. The media is working to build a society of amoral voyeurs, and this is how they do it. By shocking our system with the unimaginable with the ridiculous. 

    Here is the video of Rieckermann’s of clarification, which shed a bit more light on his position, but note that he never denies that these parties happen.

    With this kind of sick stuff on TV and in the news it’s no wonder our world is so out of balance. Please comment and share!

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