Tesla’s Optical Invisibility and Nazi/CIA Antigravity Drones

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In the last decades of his life, Nikola Tesla had achieved a comprehensive knowledge of the high Vedic physics of infrasound resonance that propels humanity into high-speed spacetravel. The dedicated work of trance medium Edgar Cayce established access to the Akashic records for the benefit of all humanity, and this lofty goal aligned closely with the selfless ideals that had put Tesla at odds with the military-industrial tycoons of his time, whose Nazi legacy of genocide and avarice have maligned the entire world.

Decades of industrial espionage tactics had taken their toll on the famous inventor whose grand visionary intuition required his willingness to accept the liability of working with others deemed trustworthy. The hidden forces at play behind the Tesla Gravity Motor invention are only now being exposed many decades after the deaths of both Cayce and Tesla, following a compelling deathbed confession by Nazi espionage agent Otto Skorzeny who left his life story and photo archive in the hands of Erik ‘Orion’ Berman before his death in 1999.


  • The many well-supported admissions of the dying Nazi spy, bodyguard and hitman included detailed accounts of the final days of Nikola Tesla and the surprising circumstances of his murder by suffocation on January 6, 1943, as executed by Reinhard Gehlen and Skorzeny himself (above). Tesla’s murder followed decades of controlled suppression in preparation from the theft of his many extraordinary inventions based on infrasound resonance and the generation of HHO plasma. Erik Berman published Otto Skorzeny’s detailed account and supporting photographs in “The Bush Connection” (2003):

    During 1942, Hitler desperately wanted to rule the world. He ordered George H. Scherf, Jr. (aka George H.W. Bush) to wiretap Tesla’s phone to find out about what other magnificent inventions he was creating that could aid in his global conquest. Bush eavesdropped on several negotiations between Tesla and the Navy regarding his supervision of a second experiment aboard the USS Eldridge. After several refusals from Tesla, the Navy contacted Albert Einstein, Marconi, [Thomas] Townsend Brown, Dr. John G. Trump and a few less-known scientists to attempt another invisibility experiment. Einstein flatly announced to the entire group: “Nikola Tesla’s theories of magnetic resonance and optical invisibility are beyond my grasp.”

    Tesla had never published any theory of magnetic resonance nor publicly discussed his principles of optical invisibility, yet he had apparently given a working explanation during his participation in Operation Rainbow Project, the first Philadelphia Naval Yard experiment. None of the assembled scientists had comprehended Tesla’s full explanations, which confounded Einstein. Otto Skorzeny clearly identified Thomas Townsend Brown among the group of Navy-enlisted scientists and engineers, which also included Dr. John G. Trump, uncle of multi-billionaire corporate magnate Donald Trump.

    Tesla later renamed the fuelless Gravity Motor prototype developed with Edgar Cayce and Thomas Townsend Brown as the ‘Rotating Field Amplifier’ (RFA) that generated HHO plasma from air. This device amplified the output of 3 large generators connected in series to obtain the EM field intensity required for the Naval optical invisibility cloaking experiment, designed to generate an HHO plasma mirage around the entire hull of the USS Eldridge, hence the official US government designation Operation Rainbow Project.

    Skorzeny stated that after the second Philadelphia Naval Yard experiment, he and Reinhard Gehlen succeeded in stealing the RFA/Gravity Motor from the chaotic scene, as detailed by this author in ‘Veil of Invisibility’ (2009). A priceless photograph of the stolen Rotating Field Amplifiers was provided to Erik Berman among the large collection given as evidence by Otto Skorzeny himself, before his death on December 31, 1999. Air intake holes of the Gravity Motor’s outer box and interior drum can be clearly made out in a photograph taken by Skorzeny in 1941, immediately after its theft (restored below).


    The extensive series of Gravity Motor readings by Edgar Cayce for Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown document the inner workings and resonant dimensions of this ‘black box’ motor. The front of the unit bears impact damage from several hard strikes incurred during operation. HHO plasma ignited within the box undergoes an implosive process that is much safer than explosive combustion motors. Intense electromagnetic fields are generated as hydrogen atoms implode to form hydrinos, attracting all nearby iron objects with great force. Turning on this type of motor required careful preparation and supervision.

    Such powerful fields unleashed by the Gravity Motor in resonant operation present a potential danger to the surroundings, and even to the motor itself. Any deformation of the drum elements incurred as impact damage would throw it out of resonant operation, rendering it entirely useless. For this reason, Tesla had enclosed the double-drum amplifier within a protective outer box, raising the total weight of each RFA to 50 lbs. The short frontal extension of the base plate prevented the blocking of air intake holes.

    Gehlen and Skorzeny escaped the Philadelphia Naval Yard with the stolen RFA for transport to Germany via submarine, where Nazi scientists were already undertaking the engineering of resonant motor designs stolen from Tesla through T.T. Brown a decade earlier.Documents released by the FBI support Otto Skorzeny’s testimony that for several days prior to Tesla’s murder on January 6, 1943, he and Gehlen visited Tesla posing as OSS officers ‘Bloyce Fitzgerald’ and ‘Ralph Bergstresser’. The two Nazi agents extracted all pertinent information that could facilitate the Nazi engineering of hundreds of Tesla’s finest inventions, including antigravity disks, plasma beam weapons, radar and earthquake induction systems.


    Tesla’s revolutionary transdimensional disc design specifications included 3 Gravity Motors, or rotating field amplifiers placed symmetrically around the lower convex hull component, each with air intake holes that glow with HHO plasma when in operation (above). Tesla’s antigravity discs were rapidly fabricated in underground Nazi research facilities in 1943-44 by teams of coerced scientists under direction of Victor Schauberger. This specific model is among the very first fully functional antigravity disks manufactured in exact accordance with the blueprints and hull specifications stolen from Nikola Tesla before his murder.


    Similar resonator elements can be clearly discerned in many high-quality photographs of visiting Plejaren extraterrestrial spacecraft taken by contactee Eduard Meier in Hinterschmidtrüti, Switzerland (above). The space vehicle is fitted with 44 spherical resonators surmounting the circular hull capable of producing 44 frequencies, extending from the audible down into the inaudible infrasonic range. The spacecraft’s acoustic output was recorded by Meier and identified by experts as duplicating planetary resonance.

    Far exceeding the limited capabilities of Tesla’s antigravity disk designs, Plejaren spacecraft have been engineered for highly advanced spacetravel requirements that include control of water vapor supplied to the series of spherical resonators, offering functionality outside of planetary atmospheres. The essential design features of Tesla’s disks present the same resonator elements and broad, bell-like flange observed of off-world antigravitic spacecraft, and represent the greatest modern achievement of human ingenuity.

    The CIA/Nazi consortium enforces its media cover-up on the entire world by targeting all non-conforming governments and populations with tornadoes and earthquakes. Infrasonic induction systems for severe weather, tornadoes and earthquakes have been secretly installed in the Nexrad Radar System, consisting of an array of >300 towers that extends throughout the US and populated areas of Alaska and Canada.

    This hypothesis is well supported by a comprehensive 2012 survey of 56 years of US tornado tracks. The nationwide weather manipulation system interacts with dozens of land-based HAARP facilities, located in Alaska and abroad in most NATO countries. Mobile Sea-based X-band Radar platforms offer further functionality to a global weather warfare system presently terrorizing the entire world.

    Long before the global domination of these invisible ULF weapons of mass destruction, the Nazi theft was orchestrated by OSS/CIA officers who posed as FBI informants to the Office of Alien Property concerning the inventor’s possessions. Nikola Tesla had become an American citizen in 1891, yet the conspiracy to suppress his Gravity Motor invention used the Office of Alien Property to confiscate Tesla’s sensitive papers and prototypes. Dr. John G. Trump headed these suppressive efforts, known as Project Nick:


    Just after World War II, there was a renewed interest in beam weapons. Copies of Tesla’s papers on particle beam weaponry were sent to Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. An operation code-named ‘Project Nick’ was heavily funded and placed under the command of Brigadier Gen. LC Craigie to test the feasibility of Tesla’s concept. Details of the experiments were never published, and the project was apparently discontinued. But something peculiar happened. The copies of Tesla’s papers disappeared, and no one knows what happened…

    All relevant papers and prototypes were collected at Wright-Patterson Airforce Base outside Dayton, Ohio, where Thomas Townsend Brown had been working for decades on the Gravity Motor project following the Cayce readings in the late 1920s. The not-so-clever naming of military projects betrays their faltering cover: ‘Project Nick’ hides a double meaning referencing Nikola Tesla and his having been ‘nicked off’, whereas ‘Nike-Ajax’ directly references Nikola’s past life as Ajax in psychic readings by Edgar Cayce!

    Cryptic naming of the Nike-Ajax missile system identifies its true inventor –Nikola Tesla– and reconfirms our present supposition that the 487-series psychic readings by Edgar Cayce were, in fact, conducted for Nikola Tesla, revealing his past life as Atlantean scientific leader Ajax of Ode, among other incarnations. Covertly acknowledging the Atlantean origin of Tesla’s wireless inventions by name, the Nike-Ajax missile system employed a monopulse radar design stolen from Tesla after his murder on January 6, 1943:


    In 1943, NRL developed monopulse radar, now the basis for all modern tracking and missile control radars. The monopulse technique was first applied to the Nike-Ajax missile system, which at the time was the nation’s continental air defense system. Monopulse radar eventually led to the development of the AN/FPS-16, the first high-precision monopulse instrumentation radar. In 1958, this radar was used to guide the launchings of the first U.S. space satellites at Cape Canaveral. Monopulse radar is still the most widely used technique for military tracking radar because of its high accuracy and relative immunity to electronic countermeasures that degrade other tracking methods.

    Tesla’s monopulse radar design applies the quadratic formula for nonlinear standing waves: [ zn+1 = zn2 ] (above). The inventor had arrived at this precise mathematical expression for the nonlinear Fibonacci structure of standing waves after many decades of experimentation and contemplation on tri-frequency resonance in the Fibonnaci ratio. The Cayce readings had been very influential during the process of realization of humanity’s great dream of flight, as Tesla conquered the Vedic principles of antigravity and set out to manifest the same technological wonders he had designed in a prior Atlantean incarnation.

    Not only the naming of the missile system, but the critical timing of its development, along with the great technological advances of the US Naval Research Laboratory and Nazi German antigravity disk programs, were directly linked with the control and murder of Nikola Tesla. Despite the obfuscations of CIA-published disinformation campaigns concerning the Gravity Motor, the Philadelphia Experiment and Tesla’s murder, the inventor’s brilliance could not be entirely blotted out. The distinctive trajectory of Tesla’s unique line of thinking can be traced through the full breadth of his exceptional life’s work.

    The crucial factor obscuring the focused activity of Cayce and Tesla in the development of resonant technologies is the deceptive media hype surrounding the identity and false physics work of Thomas Townsend Brown, conducted in secret association with Wright-Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton, Ohio. In 1947, metal debris from the crashed spacecraft recovered near Roswell, New Mexico was immediately transported to the underground WPAFB facilities to aid in their specialized antigravity research efforts. Ongoing media manipulations of the military-industrial complex attempt to cover up their theft of the Cayce/Tesla Gravity Motor and sanitize all evidence of the secret CIA/Nazi development, manufacture and deployment of optically invisible antigravitic surveillance drones.


    Thomas T. Brown’s involvement with Project Montgolfier at a French aerospace company outside Paris from 1955-56 was an effective distraction that had previously been offered to the LA Times for its clear disinformation value, while Brown never revealed his detailed knowledge concerning the Tesla Gravity Motor and his direct participation of the actual events referred to as The Philadelphia Experiment.

    Nevertheless, the ‘Biefeld-Brown effect’ tethered disk experiments replicated by Project Montgolfier display several design features present in the actual antigravity drone prototypes developed in secret. Published images show Thomas Brown holding one of his antigravity disk prototypes being refitted with radial elements (above) that are also clearly visible in recent photographs of the CIA drones (below).


    The completed antigravity drones were mass-produced and first deployed in the 1990s for both domestic and international surveillance tasks. The jet-propelled high-altitude drone airplanes that have been openly publicized for the last decade comprise a cheaper, expendable drone that incorporates only marginal technology. The highly advanced antigravitic, optically invisible HHO plasma drones generally operate close to ground level, being capable of rapid flight or hovering silently overhead, and have been extensively used to monitor populations in Nazi-aligned NATO nations including France.

    Many US residents in various states have photographed these Nazi/CIA antigravity drones after suddenly appearing during brief periods of malfunction of the HHO invisibility cloaking. Related disinformation was disseminated to mislead the public concerning photographs circulating online, promoting an entirely invented ‘CARET Program’ implicating the drones’ extraterrestrial origin. The CIA antigravity drones are currently manufactured by sintering metal nanopowders of varied elements. Japanese scientist Xie G. presented a similar process in 2013 for the manufacture of large-scale bulk metallic glass components:

    In the Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) process, the pulse electric current (typically a few thousands of amperes of average electric current) directly flows through the sintered powder a volumetric heating rate resulting from the Joule effect, which is in contrast to the conductive heat transport applied in conventional sintering systems, permits a rapid increase in temperature that is able to enhance the mass transport mechanisms responsible for sintering phenomena, thus improving the consolidation rate. Furthermore the surface effects that are induced by the SPS process also play a significant role in the densification process…

    It has been demonstrated that the BMGs produced by the SPS process exhibited high strength which was similar to that of cast glassy alloys… [while] bulk metallic glassy composites… satisfying large-size requirements have [also] been produced.


    Spark plasma-sintered components of the Tesla-tech CIA antigravity surveillance drones include ring and radial elements that have been photographed above Capitola and the Santa Cruz mountains, deployed and controlled from the underground Lockheed-Martin facility in Ben Lomond Park, running ‘Space Operations’ for the US Navy. Advanced antigravity drone designs with separate ring elements have been photographed by vacationers during moments of HHO cloaking malfunction in remote areas of Michigan (above).

    Extensive data concerning clusters of mysterious disappearances of visitors to US National Parks have recently been brought to public attention. Media efforts to cover-up the relationship between these HHO antigravity drones and their close association with park visitor abductions and secret underground CIA bases in National Parks have been lead by government-paid disinfo artist David Paulides. Paulides’ book 411: Missing Persons was widely disseminated on all the fake alternative media (covert CIA operations) to implicate Bigfoot and obfuscate the reality of serial military/CIA abductions.

    The existence of dozens of these secret underground military-industrial installations located in gated and arms-controlled National Parks were clearly exposed by Nazi commando Otto Skorzeny, lifelong personal bodyguard of Adolf Hitler who had confessed to the murder of Dr. Nikola Tesla. One such underground Nazi/CIA base was directly identified as housing a multi-generational Aryan breeding experiment that essentially operated like a brothel for Nazi elite below the bedrock of Glacier National Park, Montana.

    Skorzeny’s revelations concerning his role in the control and murder of Tesla and the establishment of these Nazi/CIA underground bases is fully supported by the Edgar Cayce material relating to Thomas Townsend Brown. Unrecognized until the present, Cayce’s many psychic readings for both Tesla and Brown reveal the Golden Proportions of the resonant Gravity Motor and special Atlantean manufacturing techniques for antigravity alloys that were suppressed and stolen by the Nazi military-industrial complex. The newly defined phonon-induced implosive reactions of HHO plasma reveal the connected design function of the Gravity Motor and the world’s ancient pyramid network as resonant amplifiers, providing ‘wireless’ electrical power for a wide variety of antigravity spacecraft and drone applications.

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