Report: These Front Groups Spend Millions to Shape Perception of Food

Waking Times

Infographic – Tobacco-style PR tactics are starting to be a normal part of the food industry as concerns about GMOs, use of pesticides and food additives continue to grow in people’s minds. Big Agra and Big Food companies are eager to win back customers and, thus, are deliberately misleading the public about organics and agricultural practices.

A new report – “Spinning Food” by Friends of the Earth – shows that food and agro-chemical companies “have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years on stealth PR tactics, deploying over a dozen front groups to push coordinated messages attacking organic food production, defending pesticides and the routine use of antibiotics and promoting GMOs — messages that are making their way into the pages of our largest media outlets.”

Beware of what editorials you see from “independent sources.” Some of them are just advertising in disguise, made to sway public opinion and promote corporate interests. Here’s a chart out of the report that shows just how much these front groups are spending and which corporations they represent.

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