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In our world today, reincarnation is rarely held as a belief. Even those who profess to believe in reincarnation still often fear death. They still assign a judgment aspect to karma and believe that when they return, the form they take will be based upon their actions in this life. This is partially true, but not entirely.

In all of my posts there is a reoccurring theme. All of my posts assume that we are engaging in a cycle of Karma. Although I have yet to come out and use this word yet, reincarnation is implied in all of my posts.

Many people feel that life is something that ends. At the end of that life we either cease to exist, or we go on to the spirit realm for eternity.

I have many issues with this form of logic. The first being that it is logical to assume life ends. The reason many assume life ends, is because they are unable to remember their previous lives. Our only memories are from the experiences in this life. If we had lived before, surely we would have some sense of it. Perhaps, but what if it was more logical not to remember our past lives. Let me try to explain.

Life is a natural occurrence in our universe. It arrived without the help of humanity. I challenge you to name one other natural occurence in our universe that either begins or ends. Please, try to think of something. Just one thing that either begins or ends in our universe, other than life.

  • Some people answer, “the stars!” It is true, stars form and die. But if we look closely, we see that stars form from atomic dust clouds through the process of time and gravitational pulls. Once formed they burn for a certain amount of time. They then burn out and explode into a cloud of atomic dust. This atomic dust floats around for a period of time before various gravitational forces begin to form it into a new star. The formation of stars is cyclical.

    Just like the the formation of rain is cyclical. The seasons are cyclical, as are day and night. Day never truly ends. It always returns after night. Everything in nature is cyclical. Even life can never be truly extinguished. We have had extinction level events before, but new species always rise up to take the place of displaced ones. Life never actually stops, just the various species.

    Now, I ask you, can you imagine your life having a starting point? Can you imagine your life ending for that matter? Of course not. Those thoughts do not really make sense. We can’t imagine a world without us. Because there is none.

    Our souls are what give us consciousness. Our bodies die. Our bodies break apart into essential nutrients with the help of bacteria. Then those essential nutrients are incorporated into the roots of a new seedling, and a tree grows with our help. Even our bodies don’t, in fact, end. They are simply broken apart and reconstituted. Does that mean our soul becomes the tree? I doubt it. Who is to say that your body recombines into only one tree. It does not seem very logical that your soul would transform into several trees, and then into a colony of ants (that ate the leaves of the tree) etc. This is a little silly.

    Our bodies are not particularly important. We take from our surroundings to build a suitable shell for what our purpose is in this life. The tree takes of our old bodies. We take of the bodies of apples and lambs. But we do not incorporate their souls. We incorporate their bodies. Their souls are long gone.

    Assuming our souls do not actually end, but rather are a process of nature that exist in a cycle of life and death, what does this even mean? All processes of nature are cyclical, but all exist in equal and opposite expressions as well. If in life we find confusion and questions, then I would imagine in death we find clarity and answers. If we do not remember any of our past lives, perhaps there is a reason for this. I keep talking in my posts about Karma. Karma is a process of gaining knowledge. It would seem that the ultimate goal for our souls is to gain knowledge. For Karma to work, we must experience every aspect of a particular idea. That is how we learn. Once we are able to experience something from every angle, then we are truly able to understand it. This means that when we explore the idea of passion we must learn about every experience of passion. Passion leads to love, but it also leads to hatred. We must live one life where passion leads us to become racist and own slaves in hatred. We must live one life as a slave where pursuing our passions secretly, allows us to buy our freedom. But you can’t live both of those experiences in one life. And you will not appreciate the life of a slave, if you remember being a slave owner.

    Some people come back to me and say, why all the suffering? What is the point of that? Why keep coming back to a life of suffering over and over?

    My answer to that is that we do not usually learn much when we are having a good time. We are having fun and enjoying life, but learning about things? Not really. We are mostly relaxing and enjoying the things we have already learned. In order to truly learn, we must suffer. Suffering motivates us to end our suffering. It is this driving force that allows us to learn how to better live our lives to avoid suffering.

    Which brings me to my next point. If our souls never really began and will never end, then I imagine we are as old as the Universe itself. Why would we continue to return over and over again to a life that was perfect without any suffering? This would get very boring. On that same vein, why would we return to life that only includes suffering? This seems like torture. Keep in mind that to our soul, that is billions of years old, one life is a very short amount of time. 2,000 years is a very short amount of time for that matter. Karma implies that eventually we will learn the lessons we are inteded to learn and will simply be able to enjoy life. Until that becomes boring, and then we start to learn some new lessons.

    If we look at the history of earth we will see that it lines up with the procession of astrological ages quite well. During the last 6,000 years of written history we have lived out the ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces. Anyone that knows anything about astrology will know that this is tumultuous group of symbols. Taurus is best described by the words possessive, permanent, patient, reliable, warm-hearted, determined, security-loving, jealous, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent, greedy and passionate. Our history indicates that we lived in great wealth and with little desire for change during this time. It was the time of Pharoahs. We followed very strict doctrines and built massive pyramids filled with gold.

    Aries is best described by the words assertive, courageous, confident, dynamic, selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy and hope. In this time we saw the first rebellions from the lower classes, as well as a massive spread in warfare. The roman empire built itself during this time, with great courage and assertiveness.

    Pisces, the most recent age, is best described by the words imaginative, sensitive, selfless, sympathetic, escapist, idealistic, secretive, vague, weak-willed, easily led, deceitful, and compassionate. This is how we have lived for the last 2,000 years. We have seen a powerful elite that brainwashes the masses and much inequality, but we have also seen acts of charity for the first time.

    But all of that is over. On November 11th, 2011, we entered the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is represented by the words friendly, humanitarian, honest, loyal, original, inventive, independent, intellectual, unpredictable, unemotional, detached, generous and balance. Notice how few of these words have negative connotations compared to the last few ages. I found these lists on the same astrological website. This site talks about all 12 signs, and I doubt it is biased. The Age of Aquarius is a new consciousness. It implies finishing a cycle of abuse and creating a new cycle of love. It implies an ending to suffering. Not permanently, that would be boring. But we deserve a break. The coming Utopia that I keep advocating is that break. A golden age, 2,000 years long, that we will be allowed to reincarnate in.

    It is only fear that holds us back now. We have already entered the age of Aquarius. The time for change has arrived. Once we are able to accept that the universe is far more beautiful and complex than we could ever imagine, we will begin to understand why we would want to keep incarnating again and again in this world of apparent suffering.

    Imagine life to be an adventure. What better adventure than witnessing a world transform from a cycle of greed and abuse to a cycle of generosity and love before your very eyes! Imagine now if you have been waiting 6,000 years for this to happen, patiently learning your lessons through suffering with the knowledge that eventually the age of Aquarius would arrive. Imagine how exciting this life will be now! All of a sudden it seems crazy not to want to come back to this earth again and again! Imagine figuring out that you can change the world! You, alone. You are the key to changing the face of this earth. What greater knowledge or adventure could there be! I know if I was offered to be a part of this I would surely say YES! Sign me up for thousands of years of suffering if it means I get to witness humanity overcome all odds and create a Utopia out of nothing and then enjoy that utopia for 2,000 years. What better arrangement could there be!

    No, thanks!