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Check out the weekly podcast by Waking Times editor Dylan Charles and his co-host Jeff Anthony.
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Think of this as a weekly mastermind on personal transformation. It’s an unscripted, unrehearsed, ongoing conversation between two good friends about the journey of life.

So, who are we?

Jeff AnthonyJeff Anthony is an author and U.S. Navy veteran, honorably discharged for medical reasons after his body was wrecked by the insane cocktail of vaccines and chemicals the armed forces gives to all recruits.

His life has been filled with adversity, challenge and frustration, which has sent his spirit soaring into heights unknown in search of salvation and purpose.

Jeff is a spirit healer, an intuitive counselor, a husband and father of two boys, a damn good cook…and he has a rather imposing goatee.

His personal journey from there to here is recounted in his award-winning memoir, Cosmic Wizard: A Journey From Outer Rage to Inner Sage. Make your way to his website, Journey to Inner Sage, when you can.

dylan charlesDylan Charles is a seeker of truth. As the creator, editor and writer of the mind-expanding blog Waking Times, he shares the inspiring and motivating message of evolution and revolution united.

Dylan’s story of personal awakening, self-healing, and transformation through self-mastery includes his many adventures with sacred shamanic plant medicine traditions of the Amazon and the African rainforest.

He has written hundreds of articles, reaching many tens of millions of people around the world, but more than anything else, he loves his wife and three children, reggae music, martial arts, and sacred ceremony.

If you are a seeker, tune in and chime in at or YouTube.

Change your perspective, change your reality, change your life.

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