Reality Programming and the Truth of American Politics

Virtual Reality - 1Frank Giokas, Contributor
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Do you think politics is real? In a culture gone to reality programming, with most motion pictures now released in 3-D, virtual reality machinery being released to hungry consumers – we are tested daily in our ability to discern what constitutes truth versus that which can only be deemed a manufactured reality.

“You are what you eat” and we eat and process just as much with eyes, ears and brains as with our mouths. Americans are obsessed with an overarching “reality” culture, programmed at root through an array of media manipulation. This culture presents energetic food for the populace, a source of fuel for an agenda-imposed false “reality” prescription. The condition this diet feeds is a warped and false sense of the world, shielding us from eternal truth and timeless knowledge. It changes the way we view and interact with everything around us. And created in its wake is a robotic and growing herd, asleep at the wheel of human consciousness elevation.

No better example of this dichotomy exists presently in our culture than in the American political arena’s highest offering: the presidential race. In June 2016, the populace is drawn with intense frenzy to the staged Trump charlatan illusion matched against the dizzying churn of Democratic counterparts to see whom he will face at the most royal of rumbles. In truth – there will be no winner. The only truly realistic components at play in this race, and in modern American politics in general, are ancient control and mind manipulation techniques which have been refined over many thousands of years. The only outcome of these strategies of control is the energetic rape of a misguided populace who will be forced to accept whichever leader they are offered at the close of what is, in truth, just another “reality” show like any other.

  • Many watch political drama in subtle, hazed engagement, not knowing how or why they are so drawn into an election year that makes most want to jump off the edge of Antarctica rather than accept the fate which is coming. Factor in a dizzying array of modern “reality” programmed topics – gay and transgender rights, terrorism, gun control, wars, espionage – and it becomes so hard to distinguish between a TV plot about a presidential race and the actual race itself. Which are we in again?

    “Reality” in 2016 has become a land of pure illusion while truth is the lost, forgotten essence which we must so consciously dig in which to source great benefit on a daily basis.  This art of seeking is a fun, inspiring and enlightening adventure amidst whatever peril may be presented on the “reality” screen of the outside world. Always note – truth is ever alive and present in everything if we choose to look for its glorious, shining light. It is now time to promote and reclaim it as both individuals and a unified consciousness. There is wondrous potential reality which we can all co-create on Earth if we shed the programming, my fellow Americans – before “reality” as we know it is wholly decided for us – while we nod in mind numbing, forced agreement at every turn. The time to break programming is now.

    The “reality” of American politics is a strongly engrained component of our cultural dynamic. It is one patterned thought prison the elite counts on – your undying devotion to a nation outside the true and most powerful self within. Once you break free of the illusory patterns of media conditioned programming – subtle differences between false “reality” and truth become as plain as differentiating between day and moonlight. Onward we go, to dig below the surface…

    The culturally programmed “reality” in America is that you as a voter have choice, that your opinion matters and that the contenders who are vying for your support are “real” people just like you. The truth is in essence quite the opposite. In truth, matters of this magnitude are decided for you. We are only programmed to think we have done it ourselves. The key players in this political “reality” show are specially chosen on their willingness to accept scripted roles. And the winner is always chosen not on the merit of their work, or performance record as public servant – but on their genetic bloodline. How do most Americans miss these evident truths, with so much information available via the internet and its effective means to dig below the surface of any topic at a premium in terms of ease – why do most only accept the programmed “reality” at play on the stage of American politics? How does it all work?

    Mass population control is an ancient tradition stemming back to pre-Egyptian times. Public opinion is steered in a controlled and ordered agenda through non-stop chaos ebb and flow cycles which promote confusion and disillusionment. Out of this chaos is presented seeming and fitting resolution to the concerns of a populace – key answers to problems both big and small – which regardless if they appease each individual’s personal needs, supply a temporary sense of subconscious relaxation. The tense energy of conflict thus eases and mood aligns with a false sense of peace. Order out of disorder. Organized chaos programming. Systemically, and not surprising to note, “order” is always instilled at the hands of courts, a military branch or government decreeing or amending law. Mass culture at large breathes its collective false sigh of relief and accepts the final outcome over time, regardless if they are in agreement with the resolution or not. The mission is one of forced acceptance.

    Your ruling elite does not trust you with their order systems. They will do anything in their power to own it for themselves. The end result is control – to design and own “reality” using fear and disorder to manipulate and control en masse. To subconsciously direct the populace in whichever way the agenda programmers wish it moved. The aim? To enslave human consciousness under one “accepted,” totalitarian and regimented order system – all the while, breeding a culture of citizens nodding in full robotic acceptance to an illusory version of “reality.” One they are forced to support. With leaders they are told to obey. A culture of sheep told where and what to graze, steadily herded over time through hills and valleys of strategically planned trauma based cycles to drive a confused flock, against their true nature, to a predetermined end goal in an outcome structure decided for them.

    Control by any means necessary is an American political “reality.” But what about freedom of choice? The theatrical game at play in a presidential election cycle, through ancient and time tested magic, is to make it feel as though you – as a conscious energetic participant in the process – have chosen your leader. This is false “reality” programmed at the core of the American political system. The truth is that the next president has always been chosen for you, through years of strategic, planned and steered agenda programming as well as through a constituent’s genetic bloodline. The rise of any presidency consists of countless subliminal pokes and prods to the subconscious of a populace at every step of the campaign process. These help to keep the herd in line and reinforce that the predetermined final destination is ensured and more importantly, accepted.

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    In the current exploratory example, Clinton’s primary contender, Bernie Sanders, stands for high morals and is loved by the youth of his nation. Sanders does not carry the required ancient bloodline to rule. Thus in truth, he never stood a chance to win. But a picture was painted that he could save a nation in peril. This was his role, to present a false hope model, and he agreed just like all the others to enlist his prowess in this politically staged “reality” show. In depicting Sanders initially as the top Democratic frontrunner, and then slowly disallowing his potential to attain nomination through consistent, slow moving, yet focused media manipulation, a trauma based agenda worked effectively to drain all the highly charged, vital, energetic hope from Americans who desired an “anything but Clinton” presidency. And flipped it – in forced acceptance patterned programming – to Clinton.

    Virtual Reality

    Through ancient ritual manipulation, Sanders’ supporters were subliminally transformed into a coerced acceptance team for Clinton – in an ensuing “reality” TV party war against Republican nod, Donald Trump – a “reality” TV star of recent memory in his own right. This play effectively puts two constituents who share bloodline connection to English royalty as the head to head “combatants” for the 2016 American presidency. Clinton and Trump are related through their genealogy. Bloodline is the backbone of the illusion of “choice” in American politics. In truth, both sides play for the same team, and victory is ensured by effectively controlling this myth of polarity. It ensures the forced acceptance agenda – for either way you “choose” – you decide in a favor decided for you. And thus the herded American public accepts another forced ruler, as 300 million are moved down pasture mostly undisturbed. How does this entire process seem to work so smoothly and without intense public recoil?

    “Reality” control mechanisms are the lifeblood of the elite. As such, they are highly evolved, energetically charged and effective. Their measures are engineered and maintained in military-like strategy to plan. In the trauma of the example above, a low frequency signal of defeated hope and lost love for Sanders’ supporters is used to magically instill a negatively charged mass acceptance ritual on the Democratic public. A transfer of power through energetic coercion takes place, shifting the line of focus from those who were die hard supporters invested in Bernie Sanders to become an accepted, numbed out, cornered and forced lot supporting Hillary Clinton.

    The once high frequency signals of Sanders’ campaign – change, evolution, passion, grassroots, power of the common man/woman – are replaced through traumatic ritual with a single, subliminal message that resonates through the populace: “your dreams are broken, submit to acceptance of what is to come.” People subconsciously equate the only foreseeable option as Democratic electoral participants – to side with Clinton – in hopes that it will disallow a Trump victory. The rouse is very much hidden in plain sight. Both parties play for the same team, connected by ancient bloodline. And in casting a vote for either, you are only deciding in favor of a decision decided for you.

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    When a populace accepts this programmed illusion of “reality,” there exists an important trade-off. The energetic price human beings pay for their blind and willing acceptance of such charade and idolatry is steep. Do not be fooled and please make high note. The energy toyed with in presidential election ritual magic is real, innate human energy – life essence – of an invested populace. This human energy is exchanged as spiritual currency, and consciously abused by American leadership and their model of governance. Real, human energy – taken from a deep soul level – and manipulated by a faction of humanity who only seek to use it for control, ownership, repression; to devalue it as nothing more than a pound of flesh trading hands in the mystical rouse of American politics.

    The key component to such a grand illusion lies in who commands subconscious human energy. The rouse of American politics must be so profound and spellbinding in every sense, so as to create the undeniable, deeply rooted feeling in the public that they have, without doubt, chosen freely their elected leader through their own volition. Through “choice” and an “evolved” American Democratic system. In truth, there is no “choice.” Political “reality” is staging and steering the event through programming. The illusory belief of our American voting public “choosing” their leader is the foundational fraud in programmed “reality” conditioning. It is the ultimate sale of false goods – humanity spends their energetic currency in hopes of aligning with a leader they value. And in exchange they are sold a golden cattle prod which enslaves them as a populace.

    Power to the people is not honored. It is stolen. And twisted. They play you – against you through mass hypnotic conditioning – confusing, distorting and dismantling true humanity and vital energetic essence at every step. Consciousness is real. The leaders who hold high office know this truth. And instead of working to truly honor and elevate it for the betterment of our world, they use the truth of this knowledge against their populace.

    Culture is flooded with propaganda to prevent your truth to shine. “Reality” programming in all its tainted offering appeals to one thing: ego. And those who feed upon its warped sense of the world adapt its conditioning, falling under hypnotic trance. Falling asleep to truth hidden in the shadows of its construct. It beckons one question. If humans are asleep – who then sits in control? Those who program culture. But humanity must agree subconsciously to accept these false “reality” models in order for them to work. Without the mass hypnotic allowance of a governed populace, the whole magic trick of election, power, order, structure, “reality” – the entire “house of cards” – would fall apart. Think deeply on this matter – Humans do in truth hold the key. If we can fully awaken to the conscious knowing that our culture is manipulated and force fed a “reality” of pure illusion – we can take the steps to reaffirm ownership of our true reality.

    In truth, America’s presidential election process is heavily mystified, rigged, manipulated and controlled with painstaking subtlety from all sides. The program infests every aspect of culture – news, television, movies, celebrities, sports, halftime shows – in order to support its agenda. Part and parcel of a planned, chaotic and turbulent labyrinth meant to distort and disorient the senses of a populace in order to direct a dizzied herd. American election cycles have strategically pre-planned start and end points, with scripted peaks and valleys acted out in between. And within “reality” programming cycles utilizing trauma-based manipulation creating a confused and fractured populace – there is a war going on. And it is not to be taken lightly. At stake is ownership and value of the truth, brightness, strength, power, wisdom and spiritually pure heart of the innate human being. By shedding light on the darkness, we change our perception. Change our paradigm as humans. The era of human energetic currency used to fuel a system who demoralizes and tricks its participants can be over – if we consciously choose it to be. If we choose – as a unified human vehicle – to stop taking this same ride over and over and over again.

    As an attendee to election season ritual, one pays their fare, a personally charged energetic token, and agrees to take the roller coaster ride. And after the twists and turns augmenting their sense of “reality,” making participants afraid and vulnerable along the way – one will be let off at the same predetermined stop as everyone else, regardless of where you thought you were headed. But don’t just take my word for it –  allow the current facilitator of this most highly enigmatic role we so value in America to so succinctly tell you, it’s “because when people are scared, then strange things can happen in politics.” – Barack Obama, February 2016.

    The truth to large control agendas in the political forum is always hidden in plain sight. And with a small scratch below the surface of falsified “reality,” we can shed the light of truth. The time to allow our spirits to connect with higher functionalities – love, honor and self-governance – to take back our present is once again being asked. We are as human beings here to learn and grow in both individual ways as well as to support expansions of a much greater unified consciousness. We are most powerful – more powerful than we are allowed to understand under the current paradigm of false “reality” programming.

    There is no better opportunity for human evolutionary consciousness in 2016 to grow than to be open to the understanding that in American politics, the viewing public is experiencing a “reality” show – being acted out on a stage – in front of an arena of millions of wide open, yet sleeping eyes. Eyes which can be awakened. The political characters in this drama are pure charlatans with a complex script and overarching through-line agenda. Though the “reality” is that you have a choice of one of two sides in this matchup meant to twist and confuse your senses, the truth is that all sides of major American politics play for the same team. And in truth – 43 out of 44 “elected” American presidents have direct bloodline relation to King John of England who signed the Magna Carta in 1215.

    There is much to learn beneath the surface of American politics. Never be afraid to dig – it will expose the light and you will be set free. “Scratch the surface, serve a purpose.”

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    Frank Giokas is a native of the northeastern US. He spent half of his 35 years playing in bands, touring and creating music. His interests include metaphysical study, energy work, healing modalities, local organic farming and conscious living. He currently resides in rural VT with his loving partner.

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