Racism vs. Love, Compassion and Knowledge

Racism_in_AmericaDaniel Dowling, Contributor
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In the wake of all the headlines emerging from institutional racism, I’d like to address the topic of racism as one of the many symptoms of ignorance to be balanced by compassion and knowledge, and how hate crime train wrecks are employed to turn all our heads while the real news goes unnoticed.

There are so many heads of the evil hydra that radiate from imbalance, and just as soon as one is decapitated through force, 3 more spring forth to command attention to the imbalance within. Racism is one of the most pernicious heads of this beast, but there is no amount of information that can cure it, and no amount of force that can deter it, for it will resurrect in greater strength unless and until it is balanced by love. If we finally address racism because it has reared its ugly head and we want it to go away, then we live externally, and the imbalance remains, albeit in quietus after the riots have quelled. The fuel of this mythical monster from which problematic heads, like racism, stem is fear, and fear is contrived and suspended by ignorance, and with all of the information that we have, to say nothing of the conscience embedded within us all, ignorance is a choice.

Self love is the key, because potent self love dissolves false bonds of separation that distract us from reality, and that reality is compassion. Look within and discover the beauty etched in our hearts, and with an earnest heart to give and share that beauty, self love will be transmuted into compassion, and that is the stuff that a free and loving world is made of. Until we can learn to love ourselves, really and truly love ourselves, the hydra will always have a stream of unconscious energy to vivify and animate the false head of racism that we have come to loathe and fear.

  • Until we learn to engage our intellects, we won’t know what love actually is, and so we will always find ourselves scratching at the surface of possibility in futility. We were equipped to sift fact from fiction so that we could live in the beauty that we create, but when society has been commandeered by ignorance and fear, the ability to discern loses its potency for discernment is a strength, and like any other it will atrophy when not exercised.

    Tigers have explosive leaping abilities, gorillas have the strength of ten men, hummingbirds can flap their wings one hundred times per second, and we have intellect. If the hummingbird chose not to fly or forgot it could, it could not perform this tremendous feat, nor could the tiger leap 12 feet high, nor could the gorilla bench press a Hummer. When we forget our power to discern, we distance ourselves from what really makes us as beautiful and special as all the other creatures in nature. None of those creatures would forget their nature, unless held in captivity by humans, because nothing would or could tell them that they weren’t part of nature.

    We have been deceived, and we have been conditioned to look to the most prolific sources of deception for truth- This is why every proposed solution for our society begets more problems, and this is why most of us feel so frustrated and impotent. Every time we look to the media for answers, we look outside of ourselves for the truth that has always been there.

    “The (person) who reads nothing at all is better educated than the one who reads nothing but newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “And I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed by accident, or one house burned, or one vessel wrecked, or one steamboat blown up, or one cow run over on the Western Railroad, or one mad dog killed, or one lot of grasshoppers in the winter, – we need never read of another. One is enough. If you are acquainted with the principle, what do you care for a myriad instances and applications?”- Henry David Thoreau

    Wise men and women do not look to media for answers or solutions, but proud ones with unwavering and chauvinistic faith do. We have all been deceived at one point, and it is no crime, but to perpetuate the deception and to be a willing participant in propagating the anti-fruit that has become the hallmark of “civilized” living is irresponsible and entirely un-conscious; it hurts our hearts, and it disengages us from reality because we are all part of the same thing, and our consciousness extends from the past to the present to the future, and if by our actions we are precluding abundance and life for the future, which is an extension of our consciousness, we are living a lie!

    I enjoin you, along with Jefferson and Thoreau, to burn your newspapers and to defenestrate your TVs. The “news” in these media is not really news, in fact, every bit of info within these systems is old and stale and trite and redundant because these same bits have been occurring since the dawn of mankind, in different forms. If news helps you and brings you to potency and compassion, then you will have been the first to accomplish such a feat, and I would love to read your book to aid in my own navigation of reality. If you aren’t channeling the information in your life creatively, then that information will use you because you have allowed it to; information does not sit and rest– it must do something!

    The more information you intake, the greater mass and inertia that information has to control unless you know how to channel that energy with love. A pathological and pandemic information crunch has resulted from our inability to discern, and this is seen in the forward head lean that has become characteristic of anyone with a smart phone. this is ruining our alignment and our relationship with ourselves. Fast from technology if you are finding that id doesn’t serve you. Take a break from the stress, breathe, and allow yourself to focus on the things you are grateful for. If you find that you are grateful for all of the information that you ingest because it brings fruit and and grace into your life and the lives of those surrounding you, then you will have mastered discernment. If not, keep breathing!

    We were born as creators, and because of this, the universe provides what we focus our attention on to help us create our subjective reality. This power works any way in which it may, and when we have been programmed to live fearfully, that is how we shall see and that is how we will live. The crux of this power to create is that the reality we live in seems so incredibly real, but unless we view life through love and compassion, the stuff the universe is made of, we are suspended in a near-re-eerie-ality that is manifested by our thoughts.

    To disjoin ourselves from the illusion that racism roots in, we must exercise our natural ability to discern. Question everything a thousand times and question it again. Once the information one lives by is apprehended through questioning, truth can be determined by contrasting these data to the fruits of one’s existence, If one finds that the information has led to abundance and peace in all facets of life, then the information can be said to be truthful and life is love for that person. If the information that we channel through our intent and action does not create but moreover foments acrid relationships and sickness and poverty and insecurity and fear, then that data cannot be said to be love, but is a lie.

    The lies that we buy into continue to build momentum for as long as we suspend them through ignorance, and they will grow and grow and grow in perceived power, and that is to be expected because nothing ever stays the same; change is constant in one direction or another look at our universe, our position within that universe, and every atom within our bodies to verify this fact. When one chooses to create by purifying their perception to accommodate love, that creative energy channeled through compassion will manifest in infinite ways, all loving, and all helpful in building a brighter future. When one ignores creation, our divine energy is channeled through contrivance, and through contrivance we see what appears to be infinite problems crop up, racism and government among them, and they will fester and pester us for much needed attention until we will love to exist through our conscious thoughts.

    This transition can occur through our personal enlightenment and desire to give, or it can come about when the pain of the lies no longer justifies the perceived comfort and security the contrived systems proffer. And so the flower of humanity will bloom, one way or another, and there will be pain because that is necessary when we grow away from the egos that we have so falsely deemed intrinsic to our existence, but the duration of the pain and suffering is entirely up to the individual, for as long as we wait to love, which is our essence, the more insistently our true nature calls for us to come home.

    What we see as problems are actually brilliant and compassionate ways for us to recognize the imbalances that lead to hate and racism, among other falseness, much in the same way that our bodies tell us we need balance through physical sickness; vomiting, fever, rashes, etc. Problems are the Divine Source’s way of telling us that we were meant for more, and that we are indeed needed in love.

    Take comfort in this, and be emboldened in your quest for personal truth. What could be better than to be constantly needed and appreciated? When we understand the language of the Universe through the silence, we realize that our happiness and creativity is not personal, but wanted and needed by every aspect of creation! When you understand the language of the universe, as most creatures do, you realize that you are profoundly important, and that everyone around you is in the same but in different expressions, all in love. When we take time to learn and understand the language of the Universe, the secret to peace that is written in all of our hearts is allowed to be expressed because we have shed the light of consciousness upon it by our own free will. When we understand the language of the Universe, we realize that we no longer recognize the words in newspapers or on TV screens because they hold no meaning.

    Will we continue to suppress our inherent truth with blue pills that the sick society has to offer, or will we accept the challenge from our Creator and live freely? It is an individual decision that no government can abstract and put on a ballot. In my own heart I choose to live freely. I pray that you will too!

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