The Quest for the Soul

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The Quest for the Soul, for some greater purpose and design to our existence, is written into the fabric of our psyche. Hardwired not only into our psyche, but also in our very biology, is the drive to ‘spiritualize’ matter, to make it a more complete and self-aware expression of the Creator.

Though our soul’s great weave spans many more worlds and dimensions than just the surface of planet Earth as a human, it is here in these bodies that a pivotal transformation and anchoring of certain teachings, assimilations, and purpose will occur. For us to get a true sense of what is happening during this massive shift in culture, environment, and consciousness on the planet right now, all must be put into the context of a shamanic or spiritual awakening – ‘The Hero’s Journey’ as Joseph Campbell would term it. There must be a death for the new greater Self to emerge.

But the graduation of the self into ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘spiritual illumination’ is not a new reality – awakened masters have blessed cultures throughout the ages, from Christ to Buddha, from the Yogis of India to the Sufis of Persia, and the Taoist Immortals in China… No, the new prospect occurring on the planet now is the globalization of consciousness and the building of our awareness as an entire species into something greater.

There are certain cycles within humanity’s evolution where the energetic wave of time propels us to become something more than we have been – not just a maturing of our species, but an actual LEAP into a whole new stage of being. For instance, the birth of Homo Sapiens, the rise of agriculture and its shift in our way of life, the birth of civilization around Egypt and Sumeria, the concept of monotheism from pantheistic beliefs… these are huge rings within the growth of our “Tree of Life.”

  • Could we be at the cusp of another leap? Are we about to make a species-wide leap from Homo Sapiens to Homo Divinicus, the ‘Divine Human’, or will we incinerate ourselves in a smolder of self-destruction? By the Mayan understanding of time, 2012 was to be the closing and opening point of a huge cycle of Creation, much like the Vedic Indians believe about the Yuga Cycles which were connected to the Inbreath and Outbreath of  Brahma or Creator.  We are now on the out-breath of the 2012 closing of a 26,000 year time cycle, where everything that we have created is tested against the fire of Brahma’s Truth, and action must now be taken!

    Whether for an individual or a whole species, any massive transformation is a very tenuous experience – we’re not who we have been anymore, and we are at the cusp of becoming something else we are not quite yet… It is during these times we get a true sense that something beyond our little self is at the ‘helm of the ship.’

    From all sides of the new scientific frontiers, we are waking up to the fact that our entire species is much like individual cells that form a larger biological entity (humanity). There is a biological ‘internet’ that links all human beings not only to each other, but to Gaia/Earth as our parent organism.

    Could it be that we as a species are actually guided by our future, and that some phenomena taking place beyond our perception of present-time is steering the ship of humanity towards a course that has an intelligent goal beyond our individual minds’ conception? Quantum Physicists and those studying Black Holes talk about attractor points and event horizons. As we know from Einstein, space and time are not separate but are actually one entity we call spacetime… in a black hole, even time collapses! Perhaps certain points in time are like black holes with their own gravity that influences the cycles of time close to it. One thing is certain – time appears to be speeding up! Information is becoming accessible faster, technology is advancing exponentially, and in similar fashion, many people’s souls are also waking up rapidly to their higher nature.

    Above and beyond any shift happening on the outside in the world’s conditions, is the shift happening within our souls because of the quickening of energies brought by this evolutionary thrust. Many are being jolted awake from the slumber of their ‘previous’ life, which can quickly deconstruct and decay amidst the higher vibrating force of the Soul anchoring. It’s almost as if there is a second reincarnation of the soul into the adult awareness, a process which we weren’t cognitive of when first born.

    I call the soul’s original design our ‘Divine Blueprint’ – it is the unchanging deathless part of us that here in human time is becoming more and more aware of itself… in a sense we are getting glimpses of our perfect nature and we are letting that perfect awareness (of our Soul) transform the body and the mind to match it. Right now, we are working on opening up our whole being to allow more light to infuse it, transform it, and then pour through it to share with others – to share with the collective body of humanity.

    The emphasis in engaging our Divine Blueprint is equally and ALL-ways on both personal and planetary activation. More and more we are recognizing ourselves as a seamless inseparable whole in which all personal evolution is simultaneously done for the collective. We are entering an alliance in which the planet’s Ascension is firing up through our individual circuits to complete a planet-wide project of Awakening. We lift into a higher dimensional awareness so that our consciousness scopes beyond the personal and yokes into a transpersonal, collective serviceship. Literally, we are building a ‘ship’ through which humanity as a whole can travel in to another bandwidth of being!

    It may be nothing new — humanity may just be coming on track to the common evolutionary route that consciousness takes once a species’ nervous system and genes reach a certain level of capacity and maturity around its local sun. But for the species involved in this chrysalis process, it is a supremely spectacular event of awakening to its next step within the growth spiral!

    All evolution occurs first through those pioneers riding the crest of new consciousness who will set the next Divine Blueprint of the emerging global community. First we must recognize ourselves as those pioneers by acknowledging and acting from our own sovereign power as an ‘Ambassador of Light.’ The more our own crystalline luminous body is developed and activated, the more easily we can connect to the planetary Grid. We help stabilize the Grid together through optimizing our own central axis and sustaining high frequency! We must anchor the potency of our divine presence enough to realize we have the power to manifest, guide, and direct the frequency wave of enlightenment onto the shores of collective humanity. We set the tone for the next harmonic attunement of Planet Earth, and ensure that the highest possible timeline of our global destiny prevails over the ignorance of selfish tendencies currently gripping the planet.

    A species-wide shift happens because the collective field is being fed and informed by the cresting wave of those souls at the bow of our evolutionary ship — souls such as you who are questing for the timeless truth! As we know, the immense tidal pull of the fear paradigm still rampant in humanity’s collective psyche does not make surfing towards this new frontier an effortless ride – it demands an active command of our Higher Self with a ‘motion of devotion’ every moment to steer clear of the denser whirlpools of energies and thoughts and instead sail masterfully by using our spiritual compass. However, when we are truly in our Light, we drop the notion that we need to change anything and that there is even an ‘I’ who is doing things anyway. A singular focus on Truth and Self-Realization naturally unites all of our ‘personal’ actions of dedication to the Light, with the greater upliftment of all beings. In a sense, you can’t help but be part of the change if you are God-centered … it’s the nature of the web!

    About the Author

    Amoraea Dreamseed – As Co-founder of The Light School, Visionary & Soul Awareness Facilitator, Sacred Ceremonialist & Spiritual Artist, Amoraea’s passion for awakening our ‘Divine Human’ potential has led to 15 years of transmitting embodied teachings and events ministering the evolution of the species. Amoraea’s focus on experiential transfiguration and core-level shifts of our fundamental blueprint have resulted in the birth of numerous courses, retreats, and ceremonies such as the new “Divine Human” Trainings, “The Alchemical Marriage,” and “Temple of the Void” ceremonies. His wisdom teachings provide direct access and answers to questions such as ‘How do we access our soul’s inherent perfection,’ ‘What is the recipe for radical self-awareness,’ ‘What is the process of incarnating into our fully embodied Authentic Self,’ and ‘How do we steward our ‘Divine Human Blueprint’? For more info visit:

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