Quantum Spacecraft & Other Hidden Truths: Snowden’s “Black Budgets”

Black Budget SpacecraftChristina Sarich, Contributor
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Not long ago Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor leaked the very first documentation that proves the existence of clandestine black budget operations. You can read more about that here. So what discoveries lay hidden that are open to reasonable speculation?

When Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House in the 1970s, the whole world thought we were about to enter a new era of alternative energy. As soon as Reagan was elected, however, he took them down, taking us back to the dark ages of energy and marking several more decades of dependency on a polluting, non-renewable substance – oil. Conspiracy theories abound regarding why this happened, but the energy crisis goes down a deeper rabbit hole in Alice’s little wonder world than some of us could have imagined – enter quantum spacecraft, and a few other little secrets.

In order to travel light years away, compelling the forces of gravity to work in one’s favor is just the first of numerous challenges to overcome. You need an energy source that could not only lift tons of steel or metal off an object as gravity-influenced as planet earth, but could also propel you into space for several million miles. Even our own moon, at its closest point in orbit, is over 225,000 miles away. Aunt Bertha’s Dodge Plymouth just isn’t going to get you there.

  • In addition to the numerous UFO landings on earth and extraterrestrial visits that the secret government (related CE article: Black Budget) has veiled from public view, they have also hidden alternative energies – some so powerful they could carry a ship across the galaxy. You can read more about the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon here.

    Several years ago, a nineteen-year-old Egyptian student invented and patented a ‘new’ kind of propulsion system that relied not on thrusters, but quantum physics. Bypassing the normal limitations of space travel due to the need for fuel, Aisha Mustafa developed silicon plates that ‘mirrored’ the quantum particle sea, utilizing what is known as the ‘Casimir effect’ to propel a ship into space.

    Mustafa’s was not the only invention in recent years that belied conventional energy limitations, though.

    Ironically, Tesla, the company born of Elon Musk, Paypal billionaire, recently moved to make renewable energy more viable, but the modern day Tesla company shames the name of Nikola Tesla, Serbian inventor, who understood ‘free’ energy way too keenly to please the US Government.

    Tesla stumbled upon anti-gravitation, which has now been proven possible in Chinese and Russian laboratories, as well as multiple other forms of energy that would be more than sufficient for propelling spacecraft. Instead of Tesla’s version of a working UFO (which he called a flying saucer) being introduced to the world, his technology was developed into a war machine used in Nazi Germany.

    Even Boeing has recently admitted that it is working on anti-gravitation which “could overturn a century of conventional aerospace propulsion technology.” Boeing’s Phantom Works advanced research and development facility in Seattle is likely working on technology that more advanced civilizations would snigger at – much the same as we might act if queried about whether a wagon wheel was ‘advanced’ technology.

    Strange, then, that in the 1900s Tesla’s comments were dismissed as the nonsense of a crazy man:

    “You should not be at all surprised, if some day you see me fly from New York to Colorado Springs in a contrivance which will resemble a gas stove and weigh as much. … and could, if necessary enter and depart through a window,” wrote Nikola Tesla to a Westinghouse Electric Company manager in 1912.

    On another occasion, Tesla told the New York Sun in reference to his work:

    The application of this principle will give the world a flying machine unlike anything that has ever been suggested before. It will have no planes, no screw propellers or devices of any kind hitherto used. It will be small and compact, excessively swift, and, above all, perfectly safe in the greatest storm. It can be built of any size and can carry any weight that may be desired.”  (source) (source)

    So why are we still driving cars that pollute the planet, on crumbling infrastructure, with choking oceans and air that looks like a smoker’s lungs?

    The same reason that respected scientists are still telling us things like this at international symposiums:

    “’The universe is 14 billion years old,’ said symposium panelist Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist from City University of New York. ‘Human civilization only began 5,000 years ago.’”

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Kaku. He’s more open minded than most. But civilization is not 5,000 years old. It is much older.

    We’ve already got ample proof of this at places like Gobekli Tepe. It predates Stonehenge by at least 6,000 years, and many scientists believe the site is even older.

    In the same way free and alternative energy has been hidden, so too has human history. Quantum travel likely allowed humanoid ETs to visit this planet millennia ago, and there were likely technologies that made even Mustafa and Tesla’s insights look like finger-painting.

    Until we understand these bits of our history more completely, Boeing’s dabbling in anti-gravity is for chumps.

    “I don’t claim that it came from outer space… But it was unidentified, it was flying, and it was an object.” ~ Jimmy Carter on the The Brian Lehrer Show

    We know that the ancient Sumerians saw several craft flying in their skies and their art depicts ‘Gods’ oflikely alien origin. Possibly another of the earliest records of an alien encounter comes from ancient Egypt, wherein a fleet of flying saucers is described in the annals of Thumose III (1504-1450 BC):

    “In the year 22 of the 3rd month of winter, sixth hour of the day… the scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky… It had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor. Its body one rod long and one rod wide. It had no voice. Their hearts became confused through it; then they laid themselves on their bellies… they went to the Pharaoh… to report it…”

    Yet another account comes from the Vatican City itself. In fact, at least five public statements have been released that barely veil the fact that extraterrestrial life is real. So what’s the holdup on our advancement as a global society and an interplanetary body of consciousness? We have the tools to feed the world, clean up the messes of corporate indifference, propel our people to other galaxies, and live in peace and prosperity.

    We have more than just anti-gravity machines, and ‘free’ energy at our fingertips. Quantum space travel is just the beginning – only the secret government has bound our hands.

    “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it.” – Ben Rich, 2nd Director of Lockheed Skunkworks. More on this quote here.

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