Qi Gong: Allowing the Universe to Heal You

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Laws of Nature and of the Universe to Heal

The principles for health recovery or maintenance are easy; we simply have to realign our lifestyle with the Universal Laws and the Laws of Nature. No fight is required for healing, no need to conquer illnesses as illnesses can only take place when somehow we obstruct the way of perfect health. Illnesses are in fact outer healthy reactions informing us about inner unhealthy situations. They are some kind of alarms indicating us that something needs some readjustments, and that some un-necessary efforts need to be dropped.

Only healing is happening in this Universe

One must understand that everything in this Universe unfolds perfectly. The Great Dao, this Great Intelligence at the origin of all manifestations, restores and maintains balance within the Oneness of all in no time. The Dao is in total control, and no threat can affect that unique reality. One does not need to fight or argue for the Dao, you do not need to doubt or be afraid that something may go wrong, this is simply impossible. Everything happens within the Dao itself, within this perpetual Yin & Yang polarity. In fact, those doubts, guilt and fears, or any other negative and sustained emotional states are the tensions at the roots of all discomforts and illnesses, without exception.

  • If you can’t beat them join them: Surrendering to Wu Wei

    The free will that is inherent to the human mind really only applies to our choice to obey to the pacifying voice of the Dao or to the confusing dualistic voice of the Ego. The free will does not apply to more than that in ones life.

    Through stillness one can access the Wu Wei state and get direction. Action then becomes a mind-free action, an obedience to an inner impulse, not from a thinking process but from insights. The mind and intellect are then no longer the guides but the tools of the Dao that aims to manifest its perfection through us, health being part of it.

    If through the free will, one would choose to follow the guidance of the Ego, and would surrender to the illusion that we can be something special, separate from the whole and holding very personal powers, this lie would be enough to throw that one in a dualistic state of perpetual tensions and non-satisfaction.

    For healing or accessing the greatest amount of power, the best option offered to humanity is surely to surrender to life in all its expressions. Accepting and surrendering with no resistance is the way to complete healing and maximum power. Trying to separate yourself from the Universal Oneness to try to make yourself special, or even to fix yourself will only bring doubts, guilt and fears in your mind, and will lead you to illnesses.

    So what about Qi Gong?

    Qi Gong does not aim to fix health issues by directly addressing physical, emotional, or mental problems. If it was so, it would be as inefficient as any other attempt to subdue a symptom, it would strike back with more might. Qi Gong is a system that is designed to bring your awareness throughout your whole being so you can notice where your resistances are so you can drop them and allow life to flow through with no-resistance. In other words, Qi Gong aims to lead you by all means to see where your mind refuses the Qi that shows up in your experience and cuts you off from the guidance of the Dao.

    Qi Gong practices use the breath, as the main strategy to lead you to observe your body-mind so you can see where tensions obstruct the life force. Then healing is not complicated, it just implies to choose to unite and trust that the Dao is already fixing everything. There is a famous Daoist saying that states: “In the quest of the Dao, nothing to do and yet nothing is left undone”. Still your mind, listen and trust fully the Dao, it will guide you safely. You will recognize Its Voice as you will experience it as pure Knowledge, free of confusion, doubt and fear, and it will fill you with Joy and Enthusiasm. The only deal is that you need to give yourself some time and discipline to cultivate this new lifestyle that gives the lead to the Mighty Power of the Dao over your Ego through the practice of stillness and presence. What you feel right “now” is the healing process of the Dao.

    A Daoist proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best is today”. I would say the best time to plant a tree was ages ago, and since then it has always been, and will always be NOW.

    This article was originally published on Into Mountains, Over Streams.

    About the Author

    Master Daniel Li Ox is the founder of Wandering Dao Qi Gong School. He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Kung Fu and Daoist Studies with various masters. He founded Tao Quebec, a Qi Gong School in Canada, which changed its name to the Wandering Dao Qi Gong School when he left Canada to teach on the road. Having spent five years in Bali, Wandering Dao has recently relocated to Yangshuo, China, where Master Li Ox is now working on establishing a holistic health center.

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