Psychic Parasites, Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Occult Elite

cosmic alien invasionAlex Vandenberg, Contributor
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“Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods”– Delphi Oracle

When scurrying down the rabbit hole on the pathless path one is inevitably confronted by an inter-dimensional race of beings, often of an insect-like reptilian nature, perched atop the pinnacle of power that constitutes the nucleus of the New World Order. The appellations attributed to these dark interstellar actors are myriad and run the gamut of everything from the Sumerian Anunnaki to the Sons of God. While there is a plethora of contemporary material available on the subject, it appears very little has been written on what these ancient “gods” actually are. Instead of adding to the convoluted nature of the subject with more conjecture, let’s try to pin down these phantasmagoric apparitions and put them within a contextual framework that sheds light on their true nature. For if we are to defeat our enemy we must truly understand that enemy.

Pieces of the Puzzle

From the ancient ruins and relics of the past, to the ecstatic, visionary experiences of shamans across all cultures and epochs, to the pre-historic paintings that grace the underground caverns of Pech Merle; to the mythologies of the world, the literature on fairies of medieval times, the practices of black magick by a certain Satanic cult, and even our modern-day documented accounts of the alien abduction experience, we seemingly find evidence of these agencies of the underworld everywhere. We even find their ephemeral, ethereal personages imbued within the sacred architecture of our nation’s capital along with numerous bas reliefs, statues, monuments, and fountains that are literally littered throughout the world. It’s almost as if these invisible entities are clandestinely announcing their presence behind the scenes while quietly charting the course of humanity.

When undertaking more than just a cursory examination of the aforementioned (as well as other subject fields) we uncover a whole slew of parallels and patterns which ultimately culminate in a cornucopia of commonality and continuity. In essence, what we discover (among other things) is that the so-called fairies, shamanic spirits, mythological gods, DMT entities, and aliens are all qualitatively equivalent; that they are not mutually exclusive separate phenomena but rather different forms or manifestations of the same recurring phenomena that has been transpiring since the dawn of recorded history. In addition, we find that the non-ordinary transcendental experience associated with these entities itself seems to be evolving.

  • Psychic Parasites

    Instead of diving head first into the more esoteric aspects of this ongoing intervention into the affairs of humanity, let’s gradually wade ourselves into the deep end of the waters by highlighting one of the main attributes of their modus operandi. This facet I’m referring to is the parasitic quality of their nature. More specifically, it is the demonstrable notion that they literally utilize our energetic emanations as a food source for purposes of their own survival and expansion. We see this peculiar operating principle in the great epic poems, including Homer and Virgil’s works, where the gods are routinely described as swooping over the savory smoke of sacrifice to lick up the scintillating effluvia, i.e. the food of the gods. Whether it is in the fields of mythology, magick, or shamanism- or in the milieu of a modern-day scientific setting, we consistently uncover this particularly pernicious aspect of their character, as can be gleaned from the selected quotes below:

    “The gods did smell the savour, the gods did smell the savour sweet, the gods gathered like flies around the man making sacrifice.” – The Epic of Gilgamesh

    “These Elementals live in the soul-realm of man as long as he lives, and grow strong and fat, for they live on his life-principle, and are fed by the substance of his thoughts.”- Franz Hartmann, M.D.s, Magic: White and Black

    “They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”- Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

    “They are attracted to emotions.  Animal fear is what attracts them the most; it releases the kind of energy that suits them.”- Carlos Castaneda, The Fire from Within

    “They were interested in emotion…They feasted as they made love to me.”- Rick Strassman, M.D., quoting DMT volunteer speaking of insect-like, reptilian creatures in DMT The Spirit Molecule

    When reading through the above quotes one can’t help be reminded of that now famous scene within the movie The Matrix when Morpheus initiates the unnerved neophyte into the desert of the real. With an appearance of sheer befuddlement and bewilderment Neo is told the following:

    “The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this (holding up a battery).”

    While some may axiomatically recoil at the thought of living in an illusory, mentally projected world and being relegated to indentured servant status by a ruling Elite, whether machine-like or not, the truth is that the Matrix analogy fits quite nicely with our current day reality (see David Bohm’s, Wholeness and the Implicate Order). The only slight differential, as far as I can tell, is the fact we are our own slave masters as it is we who build and sustain our own prison cells.  This highly regrettable state of affairs is deftly encapsulated in the following quote taken from the film My Conversation with Andre:

    “I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp. Where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves and the inmates are the guards and they have this pride in this thing they built- they’ve built their own prison. And so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners and as a result they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made or to even see it as a prison.”

    Now that we’ve briefly touched on the practical role these entities play within the Matrix-like construct we find ourselves operating within, we can now move towards the more arcane, mystical aspects of their existence.

    Guardians of the Gate

    Delving deeper into the occult oriented atmosphere that envelops these inter-dimensional creatures, we come to discover that they also play the mysterious part of guardians or gatekeepers. In this sense, they can properly be viewed as obstacles, nets, traps, or hurdles that need to be circumvented or surpassed if one seeks to actualize quintessence within. This idea runs through the whole of Buddhism, particularly the Mahayana school of thought, which is why it’s not surprising to see it pop up in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. There, in the instructions to the dead of the Bardo Todol, it is emphasized that both favorable and unfavorable gods are illusions that need to be overcome. This current of thought is also found in the field of Magick where the gods are characterized as the Dwellers of the Threshold who guard the garden of the paradise of the soul. We even stumble upon this symbolic rule in the practice of Yoga, as well as among many other spiritual disciplines. As Swami Vivekananda stated in his work Raja-Yoga:

    “There are other dangers too: gods and other beings come to tempt the yogi. They do not want anyone to be perfectly free. They are jealous, just as we are, and even worse than us sometimes. They are very much afraid of losing their positions.”

    As mentioned above, these “guardians” are guarding the gate to paradise. Question is – what exactly is that gate? Upon closer examination it turns out that the gate to paradise is no less than that well-known Mother Goddess of the universe that the ancient Egyptians termed Queen Isis. Both giver and taker, she is the womb from which the gods, man, animals, and every other form arose. In a nutshell, she is the feminine personification of space and time, among many other things; that bee that fructifies the soul. As Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist, so eloquently puts it in his work Creative Mythology:

    “It is, however, by way of the Goddess Mother of the universe, whose womb is the apriority of space and time, that the one, there, becomes these many, here. It is she who is symbolized by the cross; as for instance, in the astrological-astronomical sign for earth. It is into and through her that the god-substance pours into this field of space and time in a continuous act of world-creative self giving; and through her, in return- her guidance and her teaching- that these many are led back, beyond her reign, to the light beyond dark from which all come.”

    And what do you know, look what we find in the DMT experiments that were conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman:

    “Yes. She had an elongated head. I guess the guardians were keeping me from seeing her… I know, but they do seem like something else. They seem like guardians, gatekeepers.”- Rick Strassman, M.D., DMT The Spirit Molecule

    Or this quote from Graham Hancock in his work Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind describing his experience on ayahuasca shortly after he encounters insect-like, alien beings:

    “A short while later, out of the background of shifting geometrical patterns, a beautiful Egyptian goddess appears. I see only her head and headdress clearly. She’s in full regalia.”

    At this point some may be thinking, “So what? Those are hallucinations. Nothing real or of any value can be derived from a non-ordinary state of consciousness like that. For that’s just an aberrant, morbid anomaly of the mind.” The only problem with that line of thinking is little inconvenient facts like this:

    “The paradox is that Rene Descartes’ Discourse on Method, the book that reformed the entire structure of Western knowledge and that provided the foundations for modern science, came to its author in three visionary dreams and a dream within a dream, which provided the key for interpreting the larger dream. What an irony it is that the entire edifice of rational, reductionist, positivist science, which today rejects “subjective knowledge”, was originally inspired by a revelation in a non-ordinary state of consciousness!”- Stanislav Grof, M.D., PH.D., The Holotropic Mind

    Lastly, to wrap this section up, take a look at the below symbolism found in the Vatican that pops up over and over again:

    Vatican 1

    Notice the gold dragons around the painting guarding the shell with a bee in the Center. The shell is obviously a well-known symbol for the goddess Venus who represents one of the many different variants of the Mother Goddess. The bee is another symbol of this goddess as she is also a Queen Bee.

    In addition, compare and contrast the below images while reflecting on the Goddess’ role as Mother of the Gods and taking into consideration the following quote:

    “Nature talks in signs and, to understand its language, one has to pay attention to similarities in form.”- Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Serpent

    Queen Bee Occult

    Alien Notes

    The above picture is of the Bee Goddess on a Boeotian amphora circa 700 BC. The image below it is from a page in Graham Hancock’s work Supernatural in which he describes the entity as such:

    “… alien face, gray in color, with a wide domed forehead and a narrow pointed chin- heart shaped, like the faces of the light beings I’d encountered a few days earlier.  But this creature doesn’t look friendly. Its eyes are multi-segmented like those of a fly.”

    Now that we’ve been given a glimpse into their role as guardians, let’s try to unveil them further in a manner that will shed additional light on this aspect of their functionality.

    Parts of Ourselves

    After much subterranean excavating, we are now closer to uncovering that diamond in the rough. In the end, after extensively comparing and contrasting many different subject fields, we come upon the discovery that it is mythology juxtaposed against the backdrop of psychology that gives us some of the deepest insights. When straying outside the organized dogmatic ecclesiastical orthodox domain of religion we uncover an idea that dovetails perfectly with what mythology and psychology yield. This is the notion that all the gods, demons, heavens and hells are located within man himself. Whether it is the Indian Tantric tradition, the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Schopenhauer’s philosophy of the world as Will and Idea, the religious texts of the Upanishads, the beliefs of the Ashaninca, or even the Bible where it is said in Luke 17:20-21 that the Kingdom of God is within you, we stumble upon this introspective apprehension of all mythic forms.

    As Joseph Campbell conveyed in his work Creative Mythology:

    “All the gods are within, within you, within the world.”

    While this statement is helpful, it is still unfortunately too nebulous. So let’s turn to Jungian psychology and in doing so attempt to transform the abstract into the concrete. In this field, the gods and goddesses are viewed as archetypal forces, instincts, or contents of the unconscious mind. As Dr. Carl Jung relayed in the commentary to the Tibetan Book of the Dead:

    “The world of gods and spirits is truly “nothing but” the collective unconscious inside of me. To turn this sentence round so that it reads: The collective unconscious is the world of gods and spirits outside me, no intellectual acrobatics are needed…..”

    The above quote intimates that there is essentially no fundamental difference between the inner and the outer. This makes perfect sense within the context of fractal, non-local, holographic multi-verse which is ultimately a cognitive construction, a psychic projection, or mirror of our own thoughts (see Michael Talbot’s, The Holographic Universe. Viewing the gods within this paradigm allows us to synthesize the research of those who see these ancient entities as inwardly generated vs. those who perceive them as a component of a free-standing external reality outside of our frequency range.

    So, we see that these gods are in essence personifications of parts, the functionaries or agents of one monolithic order; that they are all manifestations of the unconscious mind, that underlying moving tremendum, that Matrix of Life of which Queen Isis is the feminine personification. As Dr. Carl Jung wrote in Psychology and Alchemy:

    “Just as the father represents collective consciousness, the traditional spirit, so the mother stands for the collective unconscious, the source of the water of life. (Cf. the maternal significance of the fons signatus, as an attribute of the Virgin Mary, etc.)”

    As implied above, and upon closer inspection, it turns that out that all the gods and goddesses of Antiquity are really one Goddess. As the initiate Apuleius states in The Golden Ass:

    “I come, Lucius, moved by your entreaties: I, mother of the universe, mistress of the elements, first-born of the ages, highest of the gods, queen of shades, first of those who dwell in heaven, representing in one shape all gods and goddesses. My will controls the shining heights of heaven, the health-giving sea-winds, and the mournful silences of hell;

    the entire world worships my single godhead in a thousand shapes, with divers rites, and under many a different name… but both races of Ethiopians, those on whom the rising and those on whom the setting of the sun shines, and the Egyptians who excel in ancient learning, honour me with the worship which is truly mine and call me by my true name: Queen Isis.”


    Opening the Gates of Hell

    It is important to understand and stress that when these gods are suppressed they turn into veritable demons. Quoting again from Dr. Jung in his work The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious we find the following:

    “We also know that it is dangerous to suppress it, because the unconscious is life and this life turns against us if suppressed, as happens in neurosis.”

    As a result of this suppression of the instinctual roots of the unconscious, the world is now engulfed in the flames of psychosis as a psychic split has emerged within the collective consciousness of humanity. Thus our current impasse is a function of sheer insanity. This is a world in which we are all being paganized, brutalized, sexualized, and debased in what is this Nigredo phase of the Alchemical Great Work; a world in which we are literally being fed on by a Force. We hear it everyday. Incessant, relentless chatter about how our leaders (or rather misleaders) are completely mad and how everything around us is inverted, corrupted, and perverted. As Michael Ellner, the author of Hope is Realistic, writes:

    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

    As an interesting side note, look at how Dr. Jung medically defines the term “insanity”:

    “Insanity is possession by an unconscious content”- Dr. Carl Jung, Alchemical Studies

    Hmm… Possession. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah:

    “It is from this process of “possession” by the reptilians and other low vibrational entities that we have the ancient tales, indeed modern ones too, of demons, devils and evil spirits taking over a human mind and body.”- David Icke, The Biggest Secret

    “For thousands of years, humanity has been increasingly mind-possessed, failing to recognize the possessing entity as “not-self”.”- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

    “It’s more like being possessed… It’s like they have an agenda… It’s got such a distinct flavor, the reptilian being or beings that are present.” – Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D. quoting DMT volunteer in DMT The Spirit Molecule

    Resultant Revelations

    Energy as Food – All of these living forces directly correspond with some animal desire, impulse, drive, affect, instinct, or innate passion. They sustain themselves on the very thing that gave them life in the first place: thought. Initially, they are ethereal but tend to grow stronger and stronger as the desire to which they correlate with is catered to. Eventually, if given enough sustenance, they take on a more tangible, material type of existence. As Eckhart Tolle remarked in his work A New Earth:

    “All thought is energy and the pain-body is now feeding on the energy of your thoughts.”

    Guardians of the Gate –Integrating the instincts of the unconscious mind is a prerequisite to completing the process of individuation according to Dr. Carl Jung. These faculties of mind need to be addressed before one can become complete or “Whole”. If they are not addressed, or even worse suppressed, they tend to act as barriers preventing the would-be adept from actualizing his true Self.

    Therianthropes/Shapeshifters – Aliens oftentimes appear in either pure animal or therianthropic (animal/human hybrid) form before transforming into the more familiar identity associated with contemporary pop-culture. According to John Mack, David Jacobs, and other researchers, this type of phenomena is not the exception but rather falls more on the side of the rule. This makes perfect sense given that the gods are psychic projections that mirror deeply embedded instinctual aspects of our character. Again, quoting from Dr. Franz Hartmann in Magic: White and Black:

    “They form the dreaded Dwellers of the Threshold… They are described as having the form of snakes and tigers, hogs, insatiable wolves, etc., but as they are often the result of a mixture of human and animal elements, they do not merely exhibit purely animal forms; but they frequently look like animals with human heads or like men with animal members; they appear under endless varieties of shapes, because there is an endless variety of correlations and mixtures of lust, avarice, greed, sensual love, ambition, cowardice, fear, terror, hate, pride, vanity, self-conceit, stupidity, voluptuousness, selfishness, jealousy, envy, arrogance, hypocrisy, cunning, sophistry, imbecility, superstition, etc., etc.”


    Ayahuasca vision painted by Peruvian Shaman Pablo Amaringo as featured in Ayahuasca Visions- The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman.

    Paradoxical Nature – We see this contradictory aspect of their manifold nature in many ways. For example, take notice of their ambiguous sexuality and the fact that some of them appear benevolent while others seem to be more nefarious and malevolent (painful medical procedures and experiments associated with alien abduction). While there is much to be said about the latter, for now we will simply note that the crux of this can be explained by the nature of the unconscious itself. For within that realm everything is mixed together – both “good” and “bad”.

    Hive-like Mentality – Given that the gods have been properly identified as the instincts/affects it’s no wonder that they oftentimes act in such a drone-like mechanical fashion. Notice too how the Occult Elite (an extension of these creatures) consistently stresses conformity, the standardization of all thought, collectivism, a left-brain masculine oriented outlook, and have in essence turned modernity into a industrious hailstorm of haste where everyone is always busy as a bee.

    Warring of the Gods – This belligerent aspect of their character can be seen running rampant throughout the whole of world mythology. The idea of the gods as the real movers and shakers behind the scenes facilitating a state of perpetual warfare is brilliantly illuminated in Homer’s The Iliad. The message is clear: the history of world affairs is the history of the psyche itself. From a psychological standpoint this makes sense as the instincts are always trying to tyrannize over each other. As Nietzsche noted in The Will to Power:

    “Every drive is a kind of lust to rule; each one has its perspective that it would like to compel all the other drives to accept as a norm.”


    The gods overseeing the battlefield – Romeyn de Hooghe, De Belegringh van Groeningen (c. 1672) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Portals to the Underworld – When reviewing various ethnographic and anthropological records one is constantly introduced to the proposition of caves, the sea, the underground, tunnels, etc., being portals to the underworld. According to Mircea Eliade in Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, caves are “concrete symbols of passage into another world, or a descent to the underworld”. This sentiment coincides nicely with the definition Dr. Jung puts forth in his work Psychology and Alchemy where he states:

    “The cave represents the seclusion and darkness of the unconscious.”

    What is important to understand here is that up is really down; that one must descend into the darkness in order to achieve spiritual transfiguration. For how could one hope to process, transform, and ultimately integrate the instincts if they are not confronted on their own turf? This mystical axiom of Alchemy that one must descend or die to oneself before being reborn is elucidated upon at length in the novel The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. Quoting again from Dr. Jung in Psychology and Alchemy we discover the following:

    “The purpose of the descent as universally exemplified in the myth of the hero is to show that only in the region of danger (watery abyss, cavern, forest, island, castle, etc.) can one find the “treasure hard to attain” (jewel, virgin, life-potion, victory over death).”


    Bohemian Grove – The reader will recall from earlier that the gods are often disguised in the form of animals or therianthropes. But even more intriguing than this is the animal form they so often choose: the owl, as noted in John Mack’s Passport to the Cosmos. It is well established that the owl has always been associated with the Goddess (wisdom and the black arts) as the gods have always been considered the protectors, guardians, or agents of the same. And so, could it be anymore clear as to what Bohemian Grove is really about? Ultimately, the point of the Occult Elite making sacrifice to the gods is one of a mutually beneficial relationship, as noted in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth.

    What is the Devil?

    Finally, after all of our deep-sea diving and subterranean mining, we have come to the bare root of the so-called reptilians. Here it is important to understand that the gods that are ruling our world today are mostly demons that have boomeranged back on us as a result of the suppression of the unconscious mind. You could look at it as the instincts of decadence and debauchery lording as master over the instincts of life. And just as the gods are all manifestations of one thing (unconscious) so too are the demons. As to the latter, that one thing just so happens to be the devil.

    Now, the 64 trillion dollar question: What is this Poseidon-Pluto-Hades-Neptune-Shiva that is exactly the devil in Christian mythology? Who is this dragon the Buddha slew under the Bodhi Tree and appears as the Adversary in the Book of Revelations? What are we to make of this Great Magician of Aleister Crowley; this negative side of the astral light as outlined by Eliphas Levi; this lead that drives the alchemist mad and complicates the Work? In a footnote buried like a needle in a haystack within Jung’s Alchemical Studies we find one of the most accurate definitions of this Leviathan:

    “The devil is the Saturnine form of the anima mundi.”

    What Dr. Jung is referring to here is the chaos, massa confusa, prima materia or undifferentiated primitive instinctual animalistic dark aspect of the unconscious mind. This arcane substance (Mercurius), which is the basis of the Work, contains everything that is needed. It is fully autonomous being like the dragon that begets, reproduces, slays, and devours itself. As Democritus is reputed to have said:

    “Nature rejoices in nature, nature conquers nature, nature rules over nature.”

    It is important to note that the Stone issues or is born from the darkness of this prima materia (order out of chaos). For does not Spring issue from Winter? Is not enlightenment lighting up that which is dark? And this is why the alchemists said such seemingly blasphemous things such as “God’s love burns in hell”. Or why the adept Apuleius wrote the following in The Golden Ass:

    “At midnight I saw the sun shining as if it were noon.”

    But this prima materia is just one aspect of Mercurius; the other being the Self. For Mercurius stands at the beginning and end of the Great Work. As prima materia he is in his lowest form (dragon) and as the Lapis Philosophorum (rose, phoenix, lapis, stone, treasure hard to attain, etc.) he reaches his height. It is his transformation that brings about the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. For as the Rosarium Philosophorum states:

    “The opus proceeds from the one and leads back to the one.”

    Ultimately, the dragon, which it should be noted is synonymous with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, is a dual force underlying all of life (just like the unconscious). It is that androgynous paradoxical cosmic serpent that dogmatic religion cut in half. Within this context, a myriad of different variables are de-mystified. For example, why Kali (another variation of the Goddess) is characterized as the “water that kills and vivifies”; why the number 666 has a positive connotation in some cultures and a negative overtone in others; why the dragon/serpent is at once vilified and revered; why Lucifer (the morning star) means both Christ and the devil; and why the shamans the world over consider the life force tremendum of the world – that web of power that underlies the universe – to be a dualistic force that can be used for good (attainment of the Ultimate) or evil (black magick/sorcery).

    In the end, as long as we maintain this patently absurd posture of over-emphasizing conscious life at the expense of the unconscious, Lilith (another name for the prima material/screech owl) – that flaming sword in the Garden of Eden – that shamanistic anima that is both dangerous and has transformative power – will continue to block the way back (which is really forward). Ultimately, the base instinctual aspects of the unconscious mind will have to be confronted/processed/integrated if we are to address this psychic split within man.

    Occul Elite

    The transformations of Mercurius. The Melusina (Lilith) meeting the adept on his way up the tree is Sapientia.–Ripley Scrowle (c. 1570), Rosicrucian Alchemy Museum.

    Integration as the Way Out

    We are never going to integrate that which we demonize and vilify.  This fact highlights the crux of our current conundrum. It is what created the situation of opposed opposites in the first place. It is what led to this psychic split in man that is the source of our collective insanity. Casting these gods out has now made us feel like we need to cast them out. For it was us who threw open the gates of the psychic underworld and unleashed the hordes of hellions; us who invited the Vampire in. As Paracelsus wrote in De Ente Spirituali:

    “A healthy mind is a castle that cannot be invaded without the will of its master; but if they (Larvae) are allowed to enter, they excite the passions of men and women, they create cravings in them, they produce bad thoughts which act injuriously on the brain; they sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense.”

    The key phrase in the above is “sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense”. Does this sentiment not perfectly encapsulate our modern day sex (Venus) and death (Saturn) soaked cannibalistic pop-culture? If so, why the emphasis on sex and death? The reason is because sex and death act as the two main underlying correlates of temporality. These two elements directly correspond with the two mainsprings of delusion that modern psychology recognizes as eros (desire) and thanatos (aggression).

    It is these two chief motivations and underpinnings of life that attach us to our Matrix-like construct and keep the curtain of Maya from falling. In short, it is an effective way to clip our wings and keep us grounded.

    While we may wish to run away from our fears we simply cannot. For life is the labyrinth; life is the Lodge. As such, we only meet ourselves along the way. In a holographic universe where every part is the whole suppression, indifference, and an us vs. them mentality fractures, demarcates, delineates, and fragments the world. This acts to distance us from our true Self by playing into the hands of an uproarious underworld that is currently in possession of the human race. As Geoff Byrd puts it:

    “The power vacuum was created by us. It is our own inability to face our own personal demons and heal our psychological trauma that allows this to happen.”

    In order to integrate the parts of ourselves that we’ve denied we must come to terms with and understand that which we repressed. It is an established fact of psychotherapy that through understanding and experience of underlying contents we can free ourselves from compulsion. In doing so, we facilitate the integration of the instincts which is a pre-requisite to completing the process of Individuation. Note that alchemy is a psychic projection of this process in symbolic form. And that both alchemy and Jungian Individuation are identical to shamanic initiation.

    In the end, our goal is to turn a dragon into a rose; to square the circle; to consciously collaborate with the unconscious process of Individuation and thereby bring about a transforming of the unconscious that results in the actualization of a unified Whole. You could call this “Wholeness” Spirit although to be clear there is no pure spirit. For the Great Alchemical Work is a union of heaven and hell on earth. Not abandoning the body, not annihilating the instincts, not denying life itself but rather transfiguring or spiritualizing the instincts and life itself. At any rate, Spirit is at once spiritual and corporeal. As Nietzsche noted in The Antichrist:

    “The “pure spirit” is a pure stupidity.”

    In the final analysis, we can become zombified machine-like beasts enslaved under a scientific dictatorship totality devoid of any humanity or we can transform that diabolical character living in Saturn into a psychopomp that illuminates the way and allows us to become living philosophical stones. The stakes are in the stratosphere. So let us choose wisely.

    About the Author

    Alex Vandenberg is a writer and researcher of a myriad of different topics spanning everything from economics to the occult. He is currently in the process of completing two books on transcendental knowledge. His guiding light has been a singular focus on illuminating what lurks beneath; on the roots of humanity’s current conundrum as seen through the prism of spirituality.

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