Properties of Gemstones that Influence and Enrich the Mind, Body and Spirit

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Gemstones have been part of different civilizations and cultures for centuries. Almost all old civilizations have used gemstones either as part of their daily activities, during ceremonies, in the forms of amulets, or even as adornments as a representation of their status.

Lately, crystals and gems have once again become popular. Being introduced in processes for self-care and nurture, you can see gems in yoga studios, working spaces, up to friends’ homes. And this can be expected, as it is believed that gemstones when used properly, can uplift your body, bring new energy, and revitalize your mind and being.

Finding a good gem

Every gemstone offers a different characteristic, so it is really up to what you look for. While some gems are best to be utilized when healing your body or during meditation practices, others can be even used as part of the technology or building structures.

When purchasing a gem, the first thing you should do is appreciate the fact that this gem is nature’s gift, and it is not a waste of time and money. Once the right mindset is reached, you need to look for your unique connection with the gemstone you look to buy. It will grab your attention, and when you hold it, it will speak to you. Once chosen, the stone’s energy should affect yours, providing a positive shift and turning a new light in your life.

By accepting the gem’s energy, you will feel how the negative energy is being reduced, which is the first signal the chosen gem is the right one for you. What is also important is your appreciation of the gemstone form, as well as its unique characteristics, like crack lines or terminated points.

Mother Nature is Generous

There are hundreds of different gems in nature. While some are quite famous and used constantly, others are almost unknown. Below are just three of the many others used for enriching our mind, body, or spirit:

Emerald – Assist the healing process in the eyesight areas, the upper respiratory tract, as well as liver function. It boosts the immune system and helps with infections recovery. Furthermore, detoxifies the blood and strengthens the heart. The emerald gem helps with strengthening the heart Chakra, therefore affecting growth, peace, abundance, harmony, patience, love, lifting insomnia, and depression. Overall it is an amazing general healer.

Pearl – This is a gemstone that produces a centering and calming effect. It provides purity, promotes charity, faith, and even personal integrity. The lunar and water elements are ruled by the pearl, making it an emotional balancer.  It dispels negative energies through dispersing, allowing for cleansing recharge. The pearl is known for its enhancement of innocence and charity, and its strong faith symbolism.

Turquoise – Counted as one of the most versatile power gems, it offers protection, energy, serenity, wholeness, wisdom, self-expression, emotional balance, good luck, etc. It is believed that it absorbs negativity, and blesses and protects the user. Anyone who seeks healing of their soul and spirit is recommended to wear turquoise. An excellent healing and grounding stone that will calm and strengthen both mind and body.

The above examples are just a few of the many options out there. If you are interested in learning the power of gems, approach this topic with curiosity and positive energy. And start looking. The right stone will speak to you.

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