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Prisoner of the MindElva Thompson, Guest
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“What, then, is the soul but a prisoner of your flesh? An undying yet constrained energy, bound and enslaved within a shuffling, steadily rotting suit of tissue and savage needs?” – David Wong

We Are All Prisoners of the Voice in the Mind

We are all prisoners of the voice in our minds, and slaves to our programmed emotions, traumas, fears, intellect, ambition and the ‘poor wronged little I’.  Many people identify their ‘ego I’ as being the centre of their universe, and the ‘I am so and so’  and ‘I do this’ is who they are, lock, stock and barrel. The personality and its ‘whirled’ is the total sum of their awareness- the only thing that is real in terms of the five senses.

Constant Replay

I spends its days busy thinking about its hopes, dreams, chores, agendas and how they can be achieved. ‘I am’ revisits the past, dwells on grievances, betrayals and sleights which replay over and over again in the present along with all the feelings and sensations of the original event.

Most of us are in mind all the time, our thoughts are crowded with fear and expectation, we worry about tomorrow –  what if we lose our job and what is going to happen to us and our loved ones in the future… and how will we die. Will it be quick – or slow and painful?

When we begin to observe our thoughts we realise that there are two opposite polarities operating in our consciousness, two separate minds: one with a divine connection to Source and the other connected to the reptile mind, the mind of the matrix machine –  with all the variations in between. The reptile survival at all costs mind is the consciousness of the predator, the chatterer that distracts and distracts, and when the mind is quiet and connected, it tries to trigger our traumas and take control.

  • Who is Thinking?

    Who or what is thinking? – who or what resurrects past grievances and disappointments that fan our pain and fill our hearts with misery? Who or what is the voice that dictates, argues and whines, decrees our social mores and puts us on constant replay?

    Artificial Intelligence

    The separate I is the mind of the predator – the Artificial Intelligence, impostor consciousness and phantom self that has taken over the rule of our lives. We live its purpose not ours, and its ‘whirled’ is the sacrificial reality we call the third dimension – the Luciferian construct that uses the polarities of the hive mind to run the show of opposites and conflict we call life.

    The Binding of Saturn/Sol

    Without the dictator, our minds would be quiet, clear and in touch with Source. The parasite’s world would dissolve, and we would once again be the powerful beings of our myths and legends – the Golden Age when Saturn was our Sun. Saturn is now bound, limited and constrained by electro-magnetic rings of power, modulators of energy and information – and so are we.

    Survival Mode

    The A I, the cunning machine that oils the cogs of this dimension knows and fears our true power, and is in constant survival mode. It knows our limitations, our weaknesses and strengths and plays us like a discordant fiddle. The poor little me, I am the greatest, control religions, arrogance and self righteous indignation are its tools. It has us all sown up, cocooned in a fake reality of its own design.

    Making a Difference in Polarised Reality

    Even when we think we are ‘making a difference’ in this ‘whirled’ with our activism and protests, it maybe that the desire to ‘make a difference’ is part of the distraction to keep us in mind – the invading mind of I am separate – and I know what is best for the ‘whirled’.

    In a polarised reality everything stays the same even though it appears to change. The struggle is just passed on generation to generation. We have been on this plane a long time and are not evolving – we are in regression. Perhaps this is because we have been engineered and brainwashed by the status quo to think with the mind of the parasite, be bound by the sense world, and taught to value intellectual materialism above all else at the cost of our intuitive awareness, awareness that is connected to Source.

    Two States of Being

    There is a difference between mind – the thinking I am – Cogito Ergo Sum and the awareness that comes when the voice that dictates the rules of the game is silenced. When we observe self and others we can see the well worn grooves of our mental programming, the machinations of the A.I that has usurped our multi-dimensionality and created a false paradigm, an illusion that we think is real.


    The mind of the predator surrounds itself with action: drama, intrigue, aggression and noise. The ‘whirled’ hums with tv,  radio, films, videos with loud music, soft music, rap music – the music of the predator – the standard tuning of A 440hz – the vibration that summons our passions and our fancies, martial and sexual and resonates with the intruder in our minds. These are blocking frequencies for the unaware and yet many blithely talk of spiritual reality while investing all their energy in this fake realm of polarity and surround themselves with the brash chords of three dimensional thinking and sensation. They are too much with the world, so consumed with injustice, intrigue, betrayal, politics, religion and other people’s business that there is no energy left for spiritual  investigation. No energy to plumb the depths of ‘the unseen worlds’ that share our space.

    You can bat love and light around all day and still be in darkness.


    “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in the grass the world is too full to talk about.” – Rumi

    For so many the busy mind drowns the true self. The chattering A. I cannot be quiet because silence is its greatest enemy. It has to have noise, drama, intrigue and violence to smother its fear of discovery. How many of us surround ourselves with constant noise? How many of us are frightened by silence?

    The Shaman’s Road

    “I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have
    nothing to defend.I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.” 
    – Don Juan Matus

    Energetic reality can only happen when the mind is quiet and our intuitive awareness uses intent to pierce the veil that shrouds our multi dimensional capabilities. Only then can one perceive a greater reality, a realm that lies behind the buttons, triggers and sense bound levers of the matrix mind. Investigation into self is the road of the shaman, the spiritual warrior who uses the clarity of the quiet mind as a doorway to infinity. The mystic sees beyond the illusion, the electro-magnetic shroud that  shuts us off from our multi-dimensional power house. He/she understands that access to this immense pool of energy is blocked and crowded out by the constant chatter of the busy thinking mind.

    Creating Reality

    Clarity allows us to touch the power of Source, move beyond the numbing, repetitive ritual of everyday life in the matrix, and experience realities beyond the limitations of the human condition. The expansion of our awareness and understanding allows us to create our own reality, and manifest our desires in the physical ‘whirled’- we become the master of the I and not its servant.

    The Journey

    Cultivating a quiet mind is the key to our liberation but it takes time. Impatience can be a problem because we want to get there quickly but often our progress is slow and disconcerting. Our reality begins to break down on every level, our relationships are no longer fulfilling, our friends become shallow and boring. Our lives are turned upside down. The going gets rough and many of us experience the dark night of the soul – the desolation of separation. It is this very experience that aids us on our journey to Source and makes us stronger and wiser – and when the old paradigm dies a new awareness is born.

    The Tools for Speed

    Understanding spiritual reality is a slow process, and I recommend the following practices for those who wish to set their intent on the energetic path to Source.

    Sonic Re-Patterning

    Sonic re-patterning is the easiest way to remove crystallized trauma patterns from our energy fields. The tones gently dissolve dissonance from our energetic body and transform distorted sound waves to the music of our multi dimensional reality.


    Sungazing allows us to experience the quiet mind, and learn in the silence to focus intent for re-connection with Source.

    Connecting With the Elements

    Our bodies are made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The plane we live on is made up of the same five elements.

    Our split blueprint creates the illusion that we are separate from the world outside of ourselves, but we are not. Our bodies are a mirror of our earth energy with all the power of shake and quake. The 80% water in our bodies mirror the seas and flowing waters. The little sun in our solar plexus is the reflection of the greater sun. The air in our lungs reflects the gentle breeze and the raging hurricane, and the space in our bodies echoes the vastness of the space around us.

    In truth, there is no out there – For that Art Thou.

    We are the elements and with intent and a quiet mind we can connect with our multi dimensional self and destroy the invader of our minds.

    This is the Shift of Ages – the Quickening – the Calling.

    The Eating of Dead Flesh

    “Nothing so endangers the fineness of the human heart as the possession of power over others; nothing so corrodes it as the callous and cruel exercise of that power; and the more helpless the creature over whom the power is cruelly and callously exercised, the more the human heart is corroded.”  – John Galsworthy

    Spiritual truths can only be apprehended with intuitive awareness,  and as we refine our consciousness we will discover the divinity within all created things, and our connection with all life. We will come to understand the real meaning of That Art Thou.

    Traveling Light

    All is resonance and vibration, and if one wishes to safely explore spiritual reality it is best to travel light. Cruelty, slaughter and the devouring of flesh and blood is the fundamental of the hive mind, the ‘I am’ that is completely dominated by the predator. It is the rapacious mind that rips and kills – and then justifies its actions.

    Each one of us can make the choice –  to connect or stay disconnected.


    “Old men ought to be explorers. Here and there does not matter. We must be still and still moving – Into another intensity – for a further union, a deeper communion. Through the dark cold and empty desolation, the wave cry, the wind cry, the vast waters of the petrel and the porpoise. In my end is my beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

    About the Author

    Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, and Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @

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