Prescriptions or Plants: Time for a New Medicinal Mindset?

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A word is a thought expressed, and it has been said that our thoughts speak louder than our words. The power of the mind is still virtually unknown. A light switch turns on and off and the differences are apparent, and the same holds true for our perception and how we believe. It is my personal belief that we will either our sickness or our well-being; we have the ability to anticipate success or failure. As an example, if you receive a terminal diagnosis, you either turn the switch off or allow it to come into fruition, or you change your mindset and lifestyle to do whatever it takes in order to live. And it all begins within the mind. The same holds true in medicine.

Society exercises faith in prescribed drugs for treating various diseases and ill health, and views vitamins as a safeguard in order to prevent the disease process, giving little credence to the notion that any alternatives for professional, therapeutic medicine exist.

What if there were an alternative to prescription drugs without side effects? How would such a treatment gain any credence within a drug-reliant society? The science proves that natural medicine is just as powerful as prescribed medicine. However, due to natural alternatives being non-patented, they are not promoted or clinically researched with double blind studies because the money invested for the studies could not be regained in the open market.

What are the differences between the clinically researched drugs and natural medicine? What does the money spent on research actually buy?

A good starting place to compare the differences would be in the area of pain management. Opioids, once prescribed as a last resort, have now become the first resort of many physicians. The ramifications of increased prescription opioids are phenomenal–addiction is at a crisis point, and for all the dangers, patients don’t seem to be getting better. Instead, they become tolerant and require increased doses. Opioids would have been green-lighted through clinical trials; yet, they leave a trail of destruction.

  • Compare this to DMSO. Medicinal grade DMSO, such as that from Life Choice, caused quite a stir in the 60’s-70’s. People who were paralyzed with pain used DMSO and were able to find relief and function normally. There were no reports of addiction or ill effects; yet, the product was pulled from the market for years. Now that it is available once again, customers are turning away from prescriptions and finding relief with DMSO.

    Sleep disorders are another common ailment in society, and sleeping pills are a common prescription. Again, though, the prescription comes with a downside. Prescription sleep aids can be addictive. In some people, they do not help sleep time at all, instead producing nightmares. The issue of nightmares also comes up in cheap quality melatonin. To be of the highest quality, melatonin must be DMF–meaning drug manufacture file, which is the highest grade in the world. Customers who have spent years of sleepless nights have reported that our Melatonin helped them finally sleep soundly.

    Anxiety-related health issues are another big concern today. People who are suffering turn to prescription medications to keep anxiety at bay. Still, sometimes these medications take a few weeks to really begin working. And, like with so many other prescription medications, they run a high risk of addiction and death; and death is a side effect you just can’t live with!

    Kava Kava is of the highest quality when made from 5 year noble root. Islanders in the Pacific have known about the treasure of Kava for centuries, but we are just finding out what great things this plant is capable of. Most importantly, Kava has been studied for its anti-anxiety effects. It has been found to be just as effective–if not more effective–than prescription anxiety medications. If a simple plant is just as effective as a complicated, compounded prescription, why would we not use the medicine nature has already provided?

    If people truly believed in the healing power of natural products as much as they do prescriptions, they would never leave home without them. Instead of being caught in a cycle of filling prescriptions, those suffering would be experiencing even more complete healing. They would no longer have to live with the side effects of prescriptions and would therefore have a better quality of life.

    This is the irony of professional, therapeutic medicine: the medicine with the most studies and substantial financial backing does not truly qualify as medicine at all; yet, the underdog–natural medicine–is the medicine truly deserving of the title. If public perception of the underdog is ever to change, the natural health industry cannot bring anything less than our best to the table. This needs to be the primary mission of more natural health companies interested in health and not sacrificing health for profits. Those are the products that have the strongest health claims because they dedicate more effort in backing those claims. It’s about having done the research to produce a professional product; carefully formulated with genuine therapeutic value; and products that are real medicine in every sense of the word.

    About the Author

    Dr. Eldon Dahl is a trained naturopath, and the Founder and CEO of Life Choice nutraceutical product line

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