Practically Mandatory – Nurse Forced to Wear Mask for Three Years for Declining Flu Shot

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
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For years, many have warned that vaccinations would eventually become mandatory as part of the government assault on health freedom. Indeed, there is now more pressure than ever coming from state governments, schools and peers to take vaccines, and as some healthcare workers have stated, mandatory vaccines are already here in the form of job requirements that punish employees for choosing not to get the jabs.

  • In 2016, Lauren Atkinson, a former hospital nurse from Georgia, pleaded with the public to pay attention to the trend of requiring health workers to take the seasonal flu shot. Her warning went viral, no pun intended, and can be seen here…

    Now, another former nurse has gone public with her experience of refusing to take the annual flu shot and the persecution she faced from her employers and co-workers.

    Required to wear a medical face mask for three years, Tiffany Nicole posted about her experiences in choosing to make her own health decisions in an environment of increasing mania and disinfo about vaccines. Most notably, she points out that she chose to care for her own health by boosting her immune system with healthy habits, something which is never recommended and rarely discussed as an alternative to seasonal vaccines by pro-vaccine advocates.

    Furthermore, she points out that this year it is already known that the flu vaccine is only about 10% effective, yet the pressure to get vaccinated has been ramping up.

    Her viral Facebook statement is posted here, in its entirety:

    I was forced to wear a mask for declining the flu shot for THREE YEARS… My face even flooded the internet for years in both pro and anti vaccine groups. Not once in those three years was I sick in any way, while those around me were (and many diagnosed with the flu)… This was with no help from the mask, but rather from myself taking control of my health. I am thankful ‘healthcare’ is no longer a part of my life, but rather, I am now educating others on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

    This year, the flu shot is ABOUT 10% effective…


    And because the hospital says so, employees who are standing up for their health rights are wearing a mask…


    Yet, straight from the CDC itself, there are ZERO studies proving this mask does anything to prevent transmission of the flu…


    Did you also know:


    1. The flu vaccine is continually, on average 40-60% effective during its BEST years. (Remember, it’s less than 10% effective this year). That means, by their own claims, 90% of people who got the flu shot are not even protected. Considering these statistics, if this is truly a matter of trying to stop the spread of the flu, EVERYONE should have to wear a mask.



    2. The spread of the flu is not JUST from nurses or healthcare workers. So again, for this policy to be remotely effective, EVERY person entering the hospital who’s vaccination status is unknown, should be required to wear masks. (If the mask was even shown to prevent anything, which it doesnt.)


    3. Forcing nurses and healthcare providers to wear a mask is a violation of HIPAA, as it puts their vaccination status out in the open for EVERYONE to see. Your health information is essentially being “outed” because you chose not to get the flu vaccine, and now forced to wear a mask.


    4. For those pregnant or breastfeeding, the flu vaccine insert ITSELF says it has NEVER been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women. You are literally being experimented on without INFORMED CONSENT.


    See package insert here, Section 8.1, 8.3 8.4:



    5. Healthcare workers are forced to wear a mask to accomplish a “90% compliance rate” so that the hospital can get full reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid.


    Your choice of employer, and choice of what is put into your body, should not have a price tag on it from the hospital. In this sense, it does not appear to be patient safety oriented, and it rather financially driven. It is harassment and discrimination with a financial motive.



    6. National Nurses United has opposed flu shot mandates, saying they engender “distrust and resistance” among employees.



    7. The flu vaccine is the most compensated vaccine from injuries according to VAERS with the most adverse events being reported than any other vaccine.


    8. There are NO long term studies showing the flu vaccine is safe to be given every year for 10, 20, 50 etc years. And by law, the flu vaccine is technically an experimental vaccine, and all recipients are supposed to be notified of this.


    9. Studies have shown that getting the flu vaccine 2+ years in a row may result in lower vaccine effectiveness in the following years:



    Is this really about protecting patients and providing good patient care??


    Or is this about bullying, shaming, and coercion to comply with authority?


    The sad thing is, many don’t know they have the choice to decline and wear a mask.


    Take 9 minutes to watch this video from Dr. Mark Geier:……/pro…/infectioncontrol/maskguidance.htm

    Final Thoughts

    In a world of increasing authoritarianism, individuals who maintain the courage to exercise their rights are heroes, and in the case of vaccines, those who go against the manic masses and care for their own health should be respected for maintaining the sense of individualism and personal liberty that made this nation great.

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