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What is the thought you thinking right now? Is it an empowering thought? Is it a thought about the argument you had yesterday? Is it a thought about what you have to do tomorrow? Is it a thought about what you saw in the news? Whatever that thought is; you are using it to create your reality.

All time is a suggestion of the mind. In our world, we project it as a horizontal line in which there is a past, a present and a future. For many of us, we lock ourselves into internal and external conversations that either rehash the past or speak about a future filtered through our past memories. Through our dialogues, we tend attract to ourselves analogous circumstances and relationships over and over again. We change jobs only to be confronted with the same problem employees or bosses. We get out of one relationship and find ourselves engaged with the same type of person. At points we ask ourselves: Why am I experiencing this again? Why do I keep attracting the same thing over and over again?

You are experiencing it because you haven’t shifted your vibration. If you spend time listening to your internal and external dialogues, you will discover that you are unconsciously creating. You are using your imaginal abilities to create negatively. For the thoughts you are thinking in this moment do not recede into the past. They actually advance into the future to confront you.

If you are continually talking about the problem you had yesterday, you are projecting that onto the screen of your tomorrows. If you are talking negatively about what might happen, you are projecting that onto the screen of your life. It is through the thoughts you are saying or thinking at this particular moment that puts the whole thing in motion.

  • In the middle of your past and future, is the present moment. Most of us neglect this moment because we do not understand that it is our point of power. It is the bouncing off point. How you use it determines your next moment and the next moment and the next moment.

    To move your awareness to the present moment, you have to release yourself from ‘what is’. You cannot continue to focus on what it is you don’t like and expect to change your life. It is your focusing that keeps you locked into a pattern. I can hear you now…but this is reality! If you don’t like your reality, then it is time to become a conscious creator. It’s time to realize that you are the operative power and that power rests with how you use your imaginal abilities in this present moment.

    So where do you begin? You start playing with time and become aware of how you are using you present moment. Here are few exercises for you to experiment with to get you into the habit of becoming conscious of your moments.

    1.  Do a mental roll call. Throughout the day, stop whatever you are doing and take attendance. Mentally call out your name and answer:  Present.

    2.  Throughout the day, stop whatever you are doing and ask yourself: ‘what time is it?’ Answer: ‘The time is now and I am here.’

    3.  Break out of your routine. Have dinner for breakfast. Drive to work a different way. Go for a walk at lunch time. Meditate on your coffee break. Go into the office earlier and leave earlier than you normally do. Wake up an hour earlier.

    Here is lively example in a clip from the movie Groundhog Day. Watch how he starts to change his thinking.

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    Beverly Blanchard is a freelance writer, artist and personal coach. She spent most of her life studying ancient wisdom in search of answers to life. Beverly has studied energy work and how this affects the body. She is the author of Into the Waves. Please visit her blog at where this article was originally featured

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