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In ancient days there were philosopher kings and queens, sages and wise councils who led, or rather encouraged, mankind. They did this by their innate understanding, not by force or decree, but by loving and compassionate empowerment and without hierarchy. They simply pointed the way for humanity to discover its own true self by conscious awakening and the realization of its true potential.

Truly benign and loving sages, shamans and elders who sought the best for humanity.

Sad to say however, those days were usually scuttled by blood thirsty power mongers, as in the days of ancient Greece and other more enlightened civilizations being overthrown by warlords, or as in the cases of the deliberate evisceration of native peoples across the world. No doubt this cycle has been repeated for millennia, even before recorded history.

Memes of these ancient struggles have been passed down through so-called myths and legends, and have often been immortalized by works of art and literature. The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien is one example; part myth, and a large part hidden truth. The Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer, a classic for centuries, is another. Modern culture has repeated these archetypal imprints furiously in an effort to play upon these deeply known truths in the human heart. Unfortunately, it has usually been to fictionalize and distance these great truths in the societal engineers’ efforts to further alienate us from their profound meaning and significance.

  • The Ring of Truth – Or Power?

    It’s interesting how the image of the ring has been so predominant in these ancient and modern stories. The placing of the ring on rulers, be they crowns or literal rings on the hand, has signified some form of generally accepted authority for eons.

    It is quite profound how rings are used as power and allegiance symbols – be it epic tales, royalty, marriage or even decorative jewelry. The ring even extends to halos over so-called holy figures and a host of other applications. This doesn’t make the ring symbol untoward or evil in itself, it’s merely a focal point.

    The ring in any form simply exemplifies infinity, the universal Source, the completeness of Creation and our ongoing creativity. It’s not sinister in the least. It reflects what is attached to it.

    The Lord of the Rings meme and so many others like it have become predominant in today’s worldview. According to Tolkien’s tale this coveted ring of power causes many to go through incredible events with much drama, only for the ring to be thrown into the maw of earth’s interior cauldron to be destroyed forever, thus sparing mankind.

    Ring of Power What is the real message here? For us, is it that this scenario of overcoming should be so and that’s why humanity draws inspiration from this story of struggle and eventual victory over evil? And might humanity realize this symbolic ring of power syndrome still exists on our planet and needs to be destroyed?

    What is compelling is the underlying notion of a power so immense that controlling it is the fantasy of would-be rulers. This of course hails to the Luciferian doctrine of controlling energy itself, to be mimicked and then disguised as a false “light” in an effort to dominate and empower dark forces in order to exalt their ilk above Truth itself.

    It’s an ancient meme, but our planet’s history is riddled with it on up to and including today’s world.

    The “ring” in their hands is one of power. This is not so in the minds and hearts of the conscious who realize they are intricately woven into the fabric of the divine and understand the true nature of reality. There is a serious vibrational disconnect here between these ideas, and we should beware of getting swept into their perverted interpretation and thus struggle on the wrong playing field with hampered capability.

    Enter the Philosopher Kings

    While these agents of evil and psychopathic control have been glorified by violence and bloodshed throughout so-called fables and history as they extol their “victories” over their declared “enemies”, the protagonist(s) of every heart resonating tale is always a wise and brave one, or ones, who stood up against the status quo and untoward forces for the good of humanity. Someone(s) who had the overarching Truth held close to their hearts who were incorruptible and unstoppable despite the chaos perpetrated by the purveyors of death and destruction.

    Yes, there is a place where our worlds collide.

    We still hold these conscious outspoken figures and wise ones dear in an unshakable way. This is why this meme is utilized in almost every romanticized notion of courage and bravery in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We resonate with it, therefore it’s something they want to control, pervert and/or erase entirely.

    You might have noticed the “rise of the dark knight” theme that’s swept the entertainment industry in recent years. Former heroes become corrupted agents of evil while pristine qualities of love and beauty have become grossly perverted. The social engineering is in full swing in an attempt to reverse even our archetypical knowing of not only the difference between good and evil, but of courageous acts of love and altruism, all in an attempt to bring confusion and despair and further chaos as humanity’s moral compass gets jacked around by their manipulative magnets.

    The fundamental truths that underlie our very existence however cannot be hijacked – only masked and twisted in an effort for a temporary effect on the social climate of the day. Philosopher Kings and wise loving Queens are ever not only amongst us, but a voice within each of us, pointing the way out of the madness into a life of empowered sanity and social harmony. All the would-be controllers can try to do is suppress these voices by marginalizing and minimalizing their influence.

    But that’s a tough one to do in today’s interconnected and rapidly awakening world.

    Warrior Within Arise

    Standing up for and speaking the truth and rising in defense of our oppressed collective family can never be thwarted. It is the heart cry of each and every truly alive warrior of love. Hindered perhaps, but never quenched. When the offending forces of greed and power grow to such proportions as they have today, these opposing elements become much more manifest and clearly defined as the catalytic crystallization between these two forces takes effect as it is now.

    It’s a challenging time. We’re being driven to personal choices such as most of us have never experienced. Those on the front lines of these oppressive warring powers know full well the extent of their murderous programs such as the western hegemonic genocide victims in Gaza and the Ukraine and the like, but the vast majority in nations perpetrating these atrocities and societal manipulations are still sitting on the sidelines, clinging to their willful ignorance and apathy and trusting the mainstream narrative that it’s all for their good and security.

    The voices of truth are rising, and in massive numbers and in ever increasing volume. With or without mass communications, individuals and local communities are arising to their challenges and taking a stand.

    The number one instrument we each need to activate is our own resonant understanding. This goes beyond “normal” knowledge” as we’ve been taught and goes deeper into heart knowledge, a realm we’re all learning to access and trust all the more.

    That voice of our inner Philosopher King, and Queen – with the divine Feminine regaining her rightful place – cannot be fully suppressed, any more than you can compress water between two flat plates. It will simply relocate, and in fact be forced to rapidly spread farther and wider than it ever has before.

    So never mind the naysayers, the fear mongers, the mockers, the disempowering and the rejectors. The truth is what it is and cannot be stopped.

    It’s now up to each of us to know, live and speak this truth with everything in us. The onslaught humanity is faced with is not in our imagination and will not go away by burying our heads in the sand.

    We owe it: to the great voices that have dared to speak the truth in love and wisdom and those who’ve stood up for humanity in every age, to our progeny and our fellow human beings, to our ravaged planet, and to the wondrous creative Universal Source that has imbued us with such marvelous attributes awaiting our willingness to activate.

    Into the breach! They have no defense against truth.

    Be bold, brave and unafraid. Step into your warrior role and fulfill your destiny.

    Love always, Zen

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