Personal Transformation Key to Beating Stage IV Cancer: Survivor

Cancer Recipe

Alex Pietrowski, Staff
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Everyone loves a miracle, and as cancer rates continue to rise around the world, those who are able to beat cancer and survive the chemotherapy and radiation industry are walking, talking proof that miracles do happen.

After thyroid cancer spread throughout her body, Candice-Marie Fox decided to try what many consider to be a radical approach to confronting cancer… she changed her diet, her attitude and her lifestyle, and she is winning.

Diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer when she was just 28, the fear and uncertainty she felt led her to accept her doctor’s advice, electing to have a first round of surgery and radiation which removed her thyroid and portions of her lymph nodes. A little more radiation was supposed to do the trick, yet when she returned for a scan, she was shocked to learn cancer had metastasized throughout her back, chest, neck and a lung, an aggressive situation likely to kill her in less than a calendar year.

Her chances were grim, and having already seen friends suffer horribly through chemo and radiation, she took a chance and opted to go it alone, stepping outside of the medical establishment to educate herself, triggering a total personal transformation.

  • Beginning with independent research, she concluded that the food she ate must play an important role in feeding the cancer in her body, and switched to eating foods that supported better health. Things drastically improved however, when she found help from independent doctors and nutritionists.

    The primary lesson she learned was that the body wants to heal itself, and that if we help it in every way possible to foster and support the healing process, the spirit is strong enough to survive just about anything. By changing her whole approach to life she was able to cultivate the necessary energy to beat cancer.

    Her journey was deeply transformative, and in all areas of her life, that which did not server her well was tossed overboard, including an un-supportive husband and dead-end job. She discovered meditation and spirituality, healthy eating, juicing, and even dancing, and was able to reconnect fully to her body, mind and spirit in the process.

    Instead of living for parties, weekends, working and doing the same stuff I did day in, day out, I changed my whole view. Stress, chemicals and animal products all feed cancer, so I just got rid of them…

    I decided to live for me and love life for what it is. It sounds so away with the fairies, but it is the only way to live and it worked.” – Candice-Marie Fox

    The key components in her healing recipe were food, meditation, gratitude and lots of self love.

    She emphasizes the importance of the biology of belief, and also of avoiding stress as keys to helping the body heal from cancer, and her diet is still centered around fruit and vegetable juices, zero animal products, and high concentrations of bromelain, vitamin K3, and selenite supplements administered under the care of her physician.

    She is now nearly 100% cancer free and feeling great. Describing her situation, one of her doctors was quoted in the following statement:

    “Her tumour markers which reflect the number of cancerous cells has been well within the normal range for over two years, so we can confidently say that her stage four thyroid cancer is under effective management. I can tell you that most thyroid cancer patients with similar circumstances to Candice who follow the conventional path do not survive or experience a very poor quality of life. Cancer is an infection of aberrant cells and treating cancer is like dealing with a Bacterial infection. We attempt to maintain an environment not conducive towards tumour growth and proliferation. Diet plays a major role along with regular exercise, positive attitude and even spirituality.” –Nutritionist Mark Simon

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    Cancer is big business, as many are now realizing, but there are many viable alternatives to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Cannabis is receiving broad attention for its potential as a natural cure for cancer, but the importance of undergoing a personal transformation as the basis for a total shift in perspective is much more powerful a healer than anything else.

    Appearing on a podcast with Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer, she tells her story here:

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