Peace Through Letting Go

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Matthew Christodoulou
Conscious Evolution

We’re all in a search for ultimate peace but are we actually experiencing it? Is it temporary? Is it conditional? If it’s either temporary or conditional than it is not true peace. Living through those only means that we are convincing ourselves that we are “happy” or “peaceful” but continue to struggle and strive with effort to achieve this outcome.

It really all comes down to belief systems. Beliefs that if we keeping doing what we’re doing, eventually peace will come. We’ve adopted the idea that we need to be in survival mode and consume and obtain more things externally to find peace, but peace comes through the opposite of that concept in letting go of things and observing our lives, rather than obtaining or striving to obtain and remaining driven by stories within our minds. Through letting go and observation, we gain clarity about ourselves and our reality. The thing is, most of us are trapped and the stories run our lives.

To give you a personal example, earlier in my life I played with the idea that clothing can bring me a sense of power. By buying brand names and good quality clothing as well as trying to be different by wearing things that no one else was wearing, I convinced myself that I was powerful as I was accepted by and looked at in a social means as “cool” or whatever other labels we play with. The ego gets ahold of it and thinks that the stories that create separation, competition and specialness are power. I created and played with the belief that if I buy and wear these clothes I will feel good. As I continued along my journey I came to the realization that I didn’t need this external clothing to define myself or feel good about myself. Through letting go of the belief system I felt a great sense of liberation in understanding that I don’t need to play with that story to feel good. The need was no longer there. As we let go of need in all forms, we open ourselves up and realize that we are already whole beings and don’t need anything to feel good. It’s the stories in the mind, inside of us, that disconnect us from our light, our essence of peace and love and in turn we search outside to feel it rather than going within. The true power and living in the essence of who we are is just living from the heart and experiencing and playing without needing to be or become anything. It’s simply just a state of being.

  • We can have fun and play with the experience of needing things, there’s nothing wrong with it as it is a beautiful experience to grow from and learn from, but do the stories run our life? Are we trapped in always needing something to feel good? This is what we need to ask and observe.

    How repetitive have our lives become? Where is it getting us? Even for people who can see through a lot of the repetitiveness and limitations of society, many are still caught in the illusion. The illusion that we need to fight or resist for peace. The illusion that there is an enemy. The illusion that we need to fear or feel secure. The chase for power through stories and emotional experiences that build upon an imaginary identity of who we think we are and need to be. The illusion has left us in a state of confusion and locked us up in fear, not knowing who we are or why we’re here.

    True peace comes in re-connecting with the true essence of who we are beyond all needs, expectations, categorizations, judgements and fears that we’ve attached to that create the illusion of separation and this false identity. Peace is our natural state. We don’t need to strive for it or search for it. It’s simply a recognition and a feeling of connection beyond the mind and it’s stories. A feeling of oneness with everything that is. A lot of people refer to peace as a state of nothingness beyond false definitions and in a sense this is true because it is a quiet neutral state. However, embracing our true essence along with a silenced mind is to be in a state of everythingness or oneness. A feeling so powerful where unconditional love cannot be waivered. That’s who we truly are and the more we choose to live through this the stronger we will become. The more love you give the strong your heart grows. Life here is a game to teach us to recognize our love and share it with one another. To enlighten ourselves and reach this grand state of peace in which there is no limitation.

    We’re playing these mind games because we are convinced we are the mind and need to define ourselves by it but we don’t. And this is now shifting as we are re-awakening and removing the veils. If our choices, actions, thoughts and feelings aren’t coming from a place of neutrality, peace and unconditional love, we aren’t truly being ourselves. We don’t need to judge if we’re not experiencing this, it’s just a matter of being aware of it and questioning it. Seeing it for what it is. Seeing our limitations ad asking ourselves “Do we want to continue the mind games or create a new game without limits?”. We’re not going to become fully enlightened or be 100% peaceful overnight either. It’s a process of integration that requires the internal work necessary to feel at peace and at one with everything. Through all of our experiences we always have the choice to move forward and the opportunities to reach this state are more apparent now more than ever before as we are in a mass clearing and purging process. All of the old that no longer serves is coming to the surface for us to address and let go of. We have the choice to let go, move forward and float in the higher energies, or resist, hold on and sink.

    To put it simply, we are peace, it’s our natural state as I explained. If you want to feel true peace, start by observing and letting go of what you feel you no longer need to play with such as our emotional attachments and stories of limitation, separation and fear. Are we willing to let go? The choice is ours to make 🙂 . When we choose to make the choice, the world will change. Our souls and brilliant light want to shine and flourish and dance with the universe. When we take a look at what’s stopping us from doing so, we will be able to let it go. Peace through letting go! 🙂

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