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Ayurvedic treatments for body detoxification, also known as panchakarma treatment, have received a lot of special attention from doctors and researchers alike. During the treatment, with the help of various ayurvedic herbs like triphala tablets, one can remove toxins and waste products from the whole body, including even the tiniest channels, improving microcirculation, which promotes rejuvenation of tissues.

Most of the toxins are being deposited into the fat stores of the body where they play the role of a bomb. Scientists have linked the accumulation of such toxins in the body to a number of diseases: all kinds of allergies, liver and skin conditions, various forms of cancer, neurological disorders, weakened immune system and hormone disorders, and even infertility.

Panchakarma actually means five therapeutic measures intended to restore and cleanse to the body, emotions and mind. Before this therapeutic program your whole body needs to be purified, Ayurveda practitioners considering that a necessity. Swedana and Snehana are two pre-purification measures necessary to encourage the body to release the toxins. When the body detoxification actually starts it is done in five steps: Nasya (nasal administration of nasya – a medication which helps the body eliminate the humors accumulated in head, sinus, and throat), Emesis therapy also called Vaman helps to get rid of toxins accumulated in the respiratory tract by vomiting, Virechana is a purgation therapy which cleanse the toxins from the body and purifies blood, Raktamoksha therapy is a painless form of Panchakarma and helps by eliminating the body toxins from the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract, Basti also called Enema therapy is performed by introduction of decoctions and herbal oils into the rectum of the person in order to relieve sexual disorders, constipation, chronic fever, heart pain, rheumatism and other pains.

  • Using herbal oils, medication and sweating, Panchakarma rejuvenates the mind and soul and purifies the whole body deeply. This treatment reverses the negative daily effects of stress, helps in anxiety and insomnia, cleanses the colon, purifies the blood, reduces stomach acidity and restores the body balance. All these make this Ayurvedic treatment unique and holistic treatment with powerful and effective results.

    Before considering beginning a Panchakarma treatment you need to know that it requires a special detoxification diet and it can remain ineffective if the diet is not properly followed.  You need to be prepared for this treatment and also it requires a post-panchakarma wellness program with lifestyle practices to maximize the long-term benefits of the detox.

    For people in good health, panchakarma cleanses the body of toxins and for general health improvement. During ayurvedic treatments for body detoxification, people can opt for the usage of various ayurvedic herbs including triphala. This very often leads to better digestion, cleansing of the body, after which the body becomes physically stronger, the quality of the skin improves, the sensory organs function better, and overall performance of all bodily functions and organs is improved.

    Traditionally, body detox with ayurvedic medicine methods, particularly panchakarma, takes about a month, and in some cases it might take even longer. It is not a quick short way to a purified body. Apart from the mentioned triphala capsules, various other natural ingredients are being used: ayurvedic herbs, oils, ointments, etc. The cost of this type of treatment is on the cheaper side, with results more than justifying the costs and time spent: patients always feel reborn and more energetic, they get rid of the many small and large sores that made them suffer for years before. Panchakarma is a method that is combined with the practice of yoga, and yogic lifestyle and nutrition.

    In India, panchakarma is a popular and traditional method of healing, which has been covered in stories and books for centuries, if not millenniums. You can read more about it using different books like “Ayurveda and Panchakarma: The Science of Healing and Rejuvenation” and “The Panchakarma Treatment Of Ayurveda” or you can check a complete Panchakarma guide. The positive results of the course (and how many procedures will be necessary), can determine from the outset by a doctor of ayurvedic treatments.

    Panchakarma treatment is taken by people of any faith, race and gender. If the purpose of the procedure is to get rid of severe or chronic illnesses, or if a body is strongly intoxicated, sometimes you may need to repeat the procedure the following year. If the healing treatment is led by an experienced specialist in hygienic conditions (in adequate medical facilities) then there are absolutely no side effects or risk for health. That is why this treatment may be a better option than other drugs with fewer health benefits and side effects.

    It is always best to plan this treatment for your holidays when taking a long time off work rather than just a weekend. For a very serious and pleasant treatment you can always consider going to India, in which case the healthy vacation of this type can become a truly memorable one. A bright, lush, heavenly beauty with many rivers of Kerala, where people usually take courses of panchakarma in India, might just be an experience you will never forget, and never regret. The perfect opportunity to detox, renew and establish a new outlook on life.

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