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The Tesla Mystique

George B. Trinkaus – Tesla was a humanitarian idealist consumed by a passion to save the world from poverty and war, and a superhumun inventor who had the uncanny to visualize the operation of machines in his head.

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

James Borges – Simple postures that activate the body’s nervous system on the etheric level, stimulate the glands and restore optimal health.

How to Create a Self-Sustainable Food System

Dr. Mercola Waking Times Industrial chemical-based agriculture, which produces the vast majority of US food crops, is actually destroying the soil that makes the growing of food possible in the first place. This is not true in other countries. Worldwide, 70 percent of the food is grown in backyards or small farms. That number is

Pineal Gland – Portal of Higher Dimensions

Dr. Terry Willard, Guest Waking Times One of the most won­drous parts of our phys­i­cal body is the Pineal Gland.  It is also called the epi­ph­ysis cere­bri, epi­ph­ysis, conar­ium or the “Third Eye.” It is a small endocrine gland in the ver­te­brate brain. It pro­duces sero­tonin and mela­tonin, hor­mones that affect mood and mod­u­late our wake/sleep pat­terns and sea­sonal func­tions. Its shape resem­bles a tiny

The Return of the Elder Race & Opening the Gateway of the Fifth Kingdom

Victoria LePage, New Dawn Waking Times René Guénon’s assertion, culled from ancient esoteric sources, that in the remote past humanity’s first civilisation arose in the ice-free Arctic zone is not without geological support. According to the well-known researcher J.S. Gordon, “there is no scientific doubt that the polar ice caps have melted and reformed many,

Have YOU Been Here Before?

Gary Lachman, New Dawn Waking Times Belief in reincarnation is one of the oldest and most durable of human traits, so old and persistent, in fact, that the psychologist C. G. Jung went so far as to call it an archetype. “Rebirth,” Jung wrote, “is an affirmation that must be counted among the primordial affirmations

The Miracle of Water: The Yin & The Yang

Alick Bartholomew, New Dawn Waking Times We all have the experience of rejuvenation and joy on a vibrant spring day when the sap is rising in the plants and the tree buds are bursting with new life. Water is at the very heart of life creation. Sitting by a waterfall or on the rocks at

The Tesla Mystique

George B. Trinkaus, Borderland Waking Times Despite his obscurity, the greatest genius of all time was Nikola Tesla. Geniuses like Tesla and Einstein come along only every 50 years or so. Tesla was a humanitarian idealist consumed by a passion to save the world from poverty and war. An extraterrestrial from Venus, Tesla was a

A New Look at the Five Rites of Rejuvenation

James Borges, Borderlands Waking Times The Five Rites are a form of simple stretches that among many things stimulate the gland of the body to increase in vitality and stamina. The Rites are not rigorous exercises. The Five Rites are simple postures that activate the body’s nervous system on the etheric level to restore optimal

Is Free Energy a Hoax?

Christina Sarich, Contributor Waking Times According to some, free energy is a hoax, debunked first and foremost by the unbending laws of thermodynamics. If this is taken at face value, then some say we’re all being duped into believing that free energy exists, but, that capitalism is really the only way to save us from

The Banquet of Souls

Rick Emmerson, Contributing Writer Waking Times Now is a time for reckoning. There is no place left to hide. Stand and be recognized. We are not earthworms, born to burrow in the soil and be walked upon. We are spirit and we will rise. It is written in our souls like it is written in

The Study of the Life of Bees from the Standpoint of the Soul

In this pivotal time when life on earth is in transition on so many levels, the bees enter our awareness worldwide through their struggles. They can become an inspiration for a change in our cultural, emotional, and agricultural landscape.