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On the Thin Ice of Left Brain Life

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times October seems interesting. We have: Mercury Retrograde (traffic, airports, communication), full lunar eclipse, the actor’s workshop named ISIS, and the Ebola. Ebola and ISIS – two names with a grim ring to them. I´m getting ever more stunned as the mainstream media, especially the British, cook up those ISIS stories.

The Disempowerment Game

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times The Matrix or society is collectively providing the guidelines to manipulate populations into a state of acquired helplessness, and we have to be careful not to pass that nasty variety of the Stockholm Syndrome on to our surroundings. In some ways we are at the very basic levels of our lives.

Foods and The ‘Etheric Field’

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times The other day I went to the veggie store and I was looking at the tomatoes. They have three kinds: First kind is more or less the same. They look the same, have the same size, and same color. Industrialized, clone, replica like. Second kind they call plum tomatoes here. They were

The Mystical Treasures of ‘The Golden Cave’

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times I touched upon The Golden Cave, as being the realm of the inner Core that we have. I would like to go further into that. Caves with wonderful treasures have attracted explorers and bounty hunters throughout time. The idea of wonderful treasures of ancient and more present times is very persistent

‘Soul Contracts’ – Is Freedom Really That Scary?

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times I’m continuously confronted with this argument from New Agers or people who are supposedly waking up: ‘My soul contract says…’ or ‘My soul contract forbids me this.’ The innovative quest and persistence for staying in spiritual control systems is amazing. Have we replaced an earthly law firm entity with some heavenly

Sexuality – The Missing Coordinates

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times As we move along, evolve, disengage more and more from the snares that hold us in 3D, or the mundane reality defined by the control system, and we plug in to a higher reality with our eyes wide open, we change our entire system. When one thing changes and takes

Reality Cramps & Sensory Overload

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times Some of my good friends are having a sensory full impact overload these days. They feel that their nervous systems are about to crack and it could very well be so. It is no surprise. We have a full moon, we have a perfect storm of solar influx and the

Trouble With the Pineal Gland?

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times There is much hype about activating the pineal gland. I touched briefly upon it in another post since it can be very problematic. I’m well aware that I’m going upstream on the hype. My aim is not to take it down but maybe to put it into context. The problem about those very

There’s a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny

Soren Dreier & Chautauqua, Guests Waking Times The common consensus among many metaphysically inclined people is that what we consider ‘real’ waking life is but an illusion; and that in the dreamtime we are experiencing a much more ‘real’ dimension. Understanding this seldom makes for a smoother spiritual experience, as it always opens the door

The Gentle Warriors of the New Dawn

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times Recently I’ve come across a lot of young people between the age of 17 – 26 that seem to be on a holding pattern. It took me a while to connect the dots, until it revealed a synchronicity. I’m talking about young people seeking advice on the journey through life.

The Hidden Fuel of Intention

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times ‘Hope’ and ‘Belief’ can be very tricky concepts to frame right. They can be very low frequency or they can be very high frequency. It all comes down to the consciousness that inhabits them. If they are low frequency they are an extension of the Matrix or the control system.

Grief is a Toning of Love

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times Grief is a beautiful feeling. It is very deep and it is very transcending. It seems to open some very deep layers in the heart and strangely enough; Grief also embeds Joy. The joy of knowing, that we have this depth within us. The joy of knowing, that Grief is

The Undistorted Power of Attention

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times Our attention is the most powerful instrument we have: That’s why everybody wants it. That is why the Matrix does its best to distract it. Maybe turn the Matrix off and consciously choose what you would like to see or hear. If not you´re a sitting duck for their brainwasher

Free Weed – A ‘Joint’ Venture?

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times I have a special category for the use of Cannabis either for recreational use or medicinal use against several ailments. The reason is that it is a miraculous plant and it should be free to use without fearing the punishment of the Matrix. But, and there’s always a but, since

The Sound of the Void

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times How good it is when you begin to heal and you’re suddenly aware of the change – it’s the wonderful ‘wow I feel better’ moment. Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, back into balance is mighty nice. Now, I’m guessing that there are readers who are consistently in balance and

No Country for Old Souls

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times  Recently the digits changed. When digits change we maybe stray back and look at: Where are we now? Digits change so rapidly, don’t they? Two digits ago it said 2012. The year of the shift, doom or somehow a mythical year, the myth being manufactured by the Mayans. Then one

Avalon and The ‘Oneness’ Matrix

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times In the introduction to this series on Avalon, I mentioned this as an idea for considering: “We hardly ever encounter the same metaphysical reality package. Perceptions alter and transcend between shared reality and personal reality. Personal reality not to be understood as: Ego, but merging out of the conception differences in

Swim… Cry the Crawling

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times I’m sorry if I add to the fear in this world, where people already are crawling in the mud of Matrix mainstream scares. This scare they just don’t talk about. That makes me a bit nervous. I’m addressing today’s story: Fukushima – While No One Is Watching…. So they will manually remove

The Fall Inside

Ida Lawrence and Soren Dreier, Contributors Waking Times People say there’s a thin line between love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong. There may be a thin line…we could call it the everyday decision point. If we look at it that way, the line helps us lay out the coordinates of an inner guidance

Karma Yoga

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times I haven’t been writing that much lately. I decided to go stealth for a bit. So I contemplated a while under the Bougainvillea. Sometimes the best way to plug-in into the vastness of the universe is to go introvert, which pretty much could support the reality I subscribe to: It’s all