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What Happens to Our Qi When We Eat Processed Foods?

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times What happens to our Qi if we eat a lot of processed foods?  Processed foods usually includes more preservatives, chemicals, fats, fillers, and sugars than other foods.  As a result, our body has to spend a lot of its energy and effort, not only to digest the food, but

The Twelve Primary Qi Channels – Part 4

The main task of the Liver is spreading and regulating Qi throughout the entire body. Its unique character is flowing and free. Therefore, depression or frustration can disturb the functioning of the Liver. In addition, the Liver is also responsible for storing blood when the body is at rest.

The Twelve Primary Qi Channels – Part 3

The Kidneys (Yin) and the Urinary Bladder (Yang) are paired Organs. They correspond to Water in the Five Phases, the winter season, the cold climactic condition, the northerly direction, the color black, the emotion of fear, the taste of salt, a rotten smell, and the sound of groaning. Their sensory organ is the ear.

The Twelve Primary Qi Channels – Part 2

The stomach is related to the emotion of pensiveness. When you are upset, the stomach will not function normally. In Qigong, regulating the mind is the first step to maintaining the stomach in a healthy condition. What food you eat is the second consideration. The proper amount and the proper quality of food will help you to obtain high quality Qi to circulate in your body.

The Twelve Primary Qi Channels – Part 1

Here will briefly review the twelve primary Qi channels along with the eight extraordinary meridians. You should also know the organ’s Yin and Yang. In our body, there are six Yang organs and six Yin organs. Each Yang organ is associated with and harmonized by a Yin organ. Paired Yin and Yang organs belong to the same phase in the Five Phases.

A Modern Definition of Qi

It is understood now that the human body is constructed of many different electrically conductive materials, and that it forms a living electromagnetic field and circuit. Electromagnetic energy is continuously being generated in the human body through the biochemical reaction in food and air assimilation, and circulated by the electromotive forces (EMF) generated within the body.

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