Pachamama – The Divine Feminine Energy

Jeff Anthony, Guest Writer
Waking Times

Remember when you were a kid, and something bad happened at school or on the playground. All you wanted to do was run home to Mama! Well, maybe it’s time to do that again. You see, now is the time in the development of our collective consciousness that we should run home to Pachamama! What is Pachamama? “Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be ‘Mother world’…” (source: She can also be thought of as Gaia, a source of Divine Feminine energy and a haven for creativity.

We must run home and embrace Mama and remember who we are, where we come from,  and why we are here! The reason for this sudden urge to run to Mama is because right now is the awakening of the Divine Feminine. This can, and will, cause a lot of confusion and frustration in both women and men. I’m a man, and speaking from the male perspective – in order for the Divine Feminine consciousness to awaken in us, we must let go! As men, we strive to achieve power, to control our lives, and to give things structure. We tend to glorify this over our imagination, creativity, and passion!

We must let go of control to foster imagination, and honor the Divine Feminine. This Divine Feminine energy is a part of all of us; it is where we develop and create new ideas, concepts and dreams. Now is the time to allow these things to come into our lives. It can be difficult because we must make space for these things to come in, and that means letting go of old ways of thinking and doing things. It also means not worrying so much about order, structure and routine. You know, loosen up a bit and allow, allow, allow… with oceans of loving forgiveness and leniency!

  • Right now is the time that we all must begin to expand our love for self and others! Allow yourself, partners, friends to expand in awareness by hold a loving and forgiving space for them. This is the greatest desire of Pachamama; for us to accept, understand, forgive and LOVE ourselves so that we can do the same for others and encourage universal creativity. That is the Divine Feminine, and it’s how we grow in awareness, understanding, forgiveness, and love. Pachamama has created all of us so that we can pave our own road to consciousness.

    Be prepared to help and guide others as you see your social groups and friends becoming more aware of what’s really going on. We’re all the same, and everyone in every country is thinking the same things and growing in the same ways. Today, in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the United States, and across every country, people are thinking about the same things that you’re reading about right now! These messages are called “universal” because all we’re doing is tapping into and becoming aware of Pachamama’s influence. As love and forgiveness amplifies, the more we understand that we’re all the same and connected.

    Due to this massive increase of Divine Feminine energy, we’re more able than ever to grow and expand our consciousness. I encourage everyone to take some time for yourselves, and give space to friends and loved ones so they may grow and expand at their own rate. Allow imagination, passion and love to flow free! Let the river of life expand as fast or slow as needed, and flow with it. Pachamama is always there to encourage and guide us with open arms and a warm embrace!

    About the Author 

    Jeff moved to Costa Rica in 2006 from the United States in order to expand his awareness of the world and gain perspective on life. As the founder of Costa Rica Shamans, he is blessed to work with healers and energy workers who have facilitated this desire. Jeff also moderates the Costa Rica Shamans Facebook page, allowing it to serve as a digital canvas to share positive ideas and circulate universal messages. He is passionate about working with individuals who seek spiritual guidance, and also conducts private and group ceremonies to promote healing and awareness. You can reach Jeff at and

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