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I know from experience that our confident, loving attitude and spirit is what generates change and revelation. It happens continually but we can rarely see it with our physical eyes.

There’s a level where confident knowing and conviction, however they’re expressed or manifested, speak straight to and enrapture the soul.

Somewhere in the human psyche, spirit, soul, consciousness, we recognize true loving honesty, seemingly divine authority and true knowledge. It is more often than not dismissed in the matrix of course, ridiculed or seemingly ignored – on the surface.

I am convinced this is not what is truly happening at the important level of heart language.

It is being clearly received and having the desired effect at a very profound level.

We need to know this is happening and take heart that what we’re doing and have become in our evolution toward Truth is having a much more real and profound effect than any of us can fully realize. And to be deeply encouraged and emboldened to keep on simply manifesting the fullness of the real shift that is you and me.

Our profoundly changed lives.

Language Is Inadequate

Language is generally a very crude method of communication. Think of making love – the talking is the foreplay. The real communication is way beyond words. Granted, the preliminary language has its place, but is kept in place in loving conscious awareness.

  • Language is essentially just what it sounds like – grunts and chopped up sounds that we’ve been handed down through generations of societal programming to crudely try to convey deep emotions, spiritual experiences and often complicated concepts. While it appears to have grown somewhat sophisticated to accommodate ongoing technological and societal manipulated changes, in reality it’s been massively dumbed down over time and become almost  obsolete as far as real heart to heart honest communication.

    Humanity has endeavored to utilize it effectively but when you become consciously awake and aware you clearly see how limiting it is.

    Our communication medium has been altered over the centuries, and hence seriously hindered, reduced and hobbled as per their overarching program to control and squelch the human awakening experience and its subsequent empowerment. Compared to true conscious, spiritual reality, language today is basically designed to be a hindrance. A blockage.

    I wrote a little about this in The Manipulated Matrix of Language and Transcending Language and the Leap of Faith. These articles just touch on this vast subject from a couple of angles but it’s important to understand the medium in which we communicate in this carefully engineered world and to try to understand its limitations, designed or otherwise.

    And to find and express the True language.

    Our Conscious Antenna Array

    We are receivers and broadcasters of many messages. At the 3D physical and societal level we have an appearance we attempt to prop up and perform tasks for, we manifest actions, all according to an injected personality that somehow comes at us. We seem to be this variety of species operating at the behest of several influences.

    Hopefully, at some point, this organic, human antenna array eventually wakes up and becomes self aware, and incredibly powerful. Much like the AI meme where artificial intelligence becomes self aware and autonomous in some future, screwed up dystopian world. (Total con and psyop programming…blame the machines while dirtbags operate the control levers..but I digress…)

    However, this awakened psycho-spiritual array is extremely powerful and wants to alert and empower others who have this same capability to join in on this re-creative force for liberation and good, knowing others are not aware this dynamic exists within them but can instantaneously change their environment by activating it.

    End Result – Infinite Liberation One Soul At A Time

    The central capability of this powerful, individual antenna is inherent, continuous communication with this honest signal of Truth. When activated it is broadcasting continuously and creating havoc in the sub stations of the matrix, within and outside this machine like control grid.  All hell breaks loose, or should I say heaven, as the other unactivated antenna arrays activate and tune into and broadcast this empowering signal.

    Mission accomplished. Activating activates others at a foundational, vibrational level. Done deal.

    No wonder they want to shut us down before we find this innate power.

    Language of the Heart

    One of the capabilities of this powerful, individual antenna we inhabit  is communication. It strives to do so but the lines are often blocked or old or interfered with. Symbolically today, people are looking for the future secure “internet”, the safe haven of connectivity, the unstoppable connection with the uncrackable code.

    How prescient – All this we’re talking about is all about dimensions and frequencies. And Truth.

    The unloving and destructive power mongers can’t access the truly “sacred”, as hard as they try. That’s what their secretive mystery schools and rituals are all about. Crude,destructive, abusive and parasitic technologies to imitate the divine they can’t conceive of or attain. The halls of Truth, the world of love and kindness, are a world they know not of, nor will they.

    They know about it and treat it with condescending disdain, as if we’re so blind as to think the way we do while they jealously rage against it. Yet they attempt to imitate and even supersede this wondrous reality given by a loving source.

    These psycho-spiritual subhuman psychopaths consciously and subconsciously know what we represent, yet they cannot experience our realm or fully understand what they’re up against. And they viciously hate us for it. Clever little power mad bastards, to screw with perceived reality as they do. Trust me, they suffer more than anyone else in their insatiable greed and lust for blood and crushing suffering of humanity.

    Stand Up and Manifest with Confident Conscious Awareness

    Their blockages on humanity are so mundane, profane and crude, but we should remember they must serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things or they wouldn’t manifest. Crude, duped tools that they are they must be here for a reason of some sort.

    Good thing to remember as you traverse the Universe. It’s all part of the route.

    But don’t take their bullshit for granted. Fight ‘em tooth and tong with your shining knowledge and awareness with all that’s in you. THAT’S part of the plan as well. You just have to choose to enter the fray.

    We who are awake have been afforded a communication system that runs on true knowledge, awareness, trust and complete fearlessness at the core of our beings, whether we falter occasionally or not. Waves of courage are the combined effect, but even that is an insufficient explanation.

    We need to manifest this realized aspect with everything within us. Shed what you will and maybe even won’t, this is our intended purpose at this time, to be free to move about consciously, animated by Truth and Love.

    Your words are salvos of Truth, your actions are giants of justice loosed in the land, your intentions are lasers causing a firestorm of rapidly spreading reality.

    Never shirk, never doubt, never fear.

    The stance of your Infinite Spirit is the Declaration of Love.

    Do it with complete confidence everywhere you go. Relax spiritually into this deep conviction. Don’t bother with the surface reaction of those around you, the underlying spiritual Truth is happening all about you.

    Rest assured.

    Much love as always, Zen

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