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If the world has evolution as the goal, then what will be the goal of evolution? Why evolution at all? Why in the first place? You will have to create another abstraction, and it will be a regress Ad Infinitum. Whatsoever you fix as the goal, the question will remain relevant about that. Why?

If this is the goal of evolution, to realize God, then what is the goal of realizing God? Just ask that question – and you are back to the same place. If enlightenment is the goal of life, then what is the goal of enlightenment?

And then you can see the point – enlightenment will have no purpose. And if the ultimate itself has no purpose, then what is the point of saying that life has purpose and the world has purpose? If the ultimate is purposelessness, then that ultimate permeates all.

This goal-orientation comes from the ego. The ego cannot accept that there is no goal. The ego cannot accept that there is no hierarchy. The ego cannot accept that minerals and trees and animals and man and enlightened people ALL exist in a great simultaneity – there is no gradation.

You would like to be higher, you would like to be somebody special – you are man, not a mineral. But what is so great in being a man? What is so great in being an animal? Or a man or an enlightened man? Why create the hierarchy?

And finally the whole thing falls flat – then in the end God has no purpose, and God is all. Those who have experienced, those who have not just been thinking about God, but those who have experienced will say God is nothing but the cosmic simultaneity of all. Minerals are exactly where man is – in their own way, in a different form. Trees are exactly where enlightened people are, in their own way, in their own form. Nobody is higher and nobody is lower.

  • The ego cannot accept that because if there is nobody higher, nobody lower, the ego can’t exist at all. It can exist only through comparison. It has to put somebody lower and it has to put somebody higher. It can exist only in the middle of these two falsities. It has to put somebody lower so it can feel, “Good, so I am special.” And then it has to put somebody higher so it can go on striving, so that it can go on achieving, so that it can go on ladder-climbing.

    But if the ultimate has no purpose… what purpose is there in enlightenment? Buddha is purposeless – just think of it – and you are purposeful; God is purposeless, and you are purposeful. If God is purposeless, you are purposeless – because you are not separate from God. Who is existing in the trees? Who is treeing in the trees? Who is hidden in the rocks? Who is singing in the birds? Who is speaking in me and who is listening in you? It is all one.

    The speaker and the spoken to are one, the knower and the known are one, the lover and the beloved are one. Once this becomes comprehensible to you, you relax – you relax in the cosmic simultaneity. That’s what I mean when I say be natural. Ego brings unnatural desires in you; it drives you crazy. Life is simple, but to be simple one has to be purposeless. Any goal, and you can’t be simple. Any goal and you can’t be here now. Any goal and the desire will rock you. Any goal, and you are on the way, again moving – you cannot enjoy this moment, the grace of this moment, the benediction of here now.

    Once you understand this, all goals disappear and with all those goals, you disappear – then what is left is enlightenment. To know that there is no purpose is to become enlightened, to know that all is good as it is. And we are all participating into the same reality. Nobody is higher and nobody is lower. There is no comparison needed…

    God has these millions of forms: man, woman, beautiful, ugly, stupid, intelligent, sinner, saint. Nobody is higher, nobody is lower. To see it is to be transformed. From that very moment you start disappearing, you start melting…

    If there is a goal, then even enlightenment will be in degrees – more or less. If there is no goal, you can become enlightened this very moment – YOU ARE! You just need the courage to recognize it, the courage to be it. It hurts because the ego will have to be left – and ALL that you have tried in your life has been because of the ego. You may even be meditating because of the ego and for the ego. You want to have that attitude of ’holier-than-thou’ so you can condemn the whole world and you can say, “I am a spiritual person – you all are materialists.”…

    My approach is not that of evolution. Nothing is going anywhere – all is here. Things are changing, certainly, but there is no evolution. Things are moving, certainly, but nothing is going higher and nothing is left behind as lower. Drop those categories. And dropping them you will immediately be entering into a new world.

    Suddenly you will find friendship with trees, because they are no longer lower. Suddenly you will find a great affinity with birds, because they are no longer lower. Suddenly you will look into the eyes of your dog, and you will find a Buddha there too. Then the sheer joy of it is infinite. You will look into the eyes of your woman, and a Buddha is hiding there too.

    I make all things divine. I don’t want you to go to God – I bring God to you. And not only to you – I bring God to the whole existence. It is really there. There is no other reality; this is the only reality there is. This is the only dance there is. Don’t miss this dance! Don’t get obsessed with ideals, otherwise you will be losing an opportunity.

    **Osho – Take It Easy, Vol 1, chp 6**

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