‘Orwell’ – The New Computer Game that Trains You to Spy on Citizens

Paul A. Philips, Guest
Waking Times

There couldn’t be a better example to highlight the extent to which governments are prepared to snoop on us than by a new computer game called “Orwell.” In this game you are invited to take on the role of a master surveillance officer, spying on citizens’ online activities.

The game engages you in its claimed virtual state-of-the-art security, while using information retrieval and profiling on fictitious citizens. In so many words, promoters of the game say that as an international master surveillance officer you will need to have the ability to discern suspects through recognising their suspicious online activities. The promo goes on to say that, “stakes are high and lives hang in the balance…” emphasising you are needed to “make sure that the world is a safer place… ”

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    Occupy democracy activist George Barda commented that the game’s creators want the public to know about the length and breadth extents to which authorities have been granted powers to spy on its citizenry in real-life, as you would expect in a modern-day 1984 Orwellian scenario. Notice, incidentally, that the computer game’s logo (above) resembles planet Saturn’s hexagonal 6-pointed star a major occult symbol used by the ruling elite.

    As Barda mentions, The UK, for example, is known to be notorious for numerous spying operations but is still pushing for more ‘bulk data collection.’ -The Data Collection Law is in review for further expansion.

    A Few Salient Points and Questions

    1. It must be remembered that extremely powerful world-wide organizations don’t just use spying technology for terrorist crime detection. They use it for spying on almost every aspect of our lives and this could well be the case for quite some time.

    2. Although the game could be regarded as superficial, will it be used like other aspects to desensitize: to get the populace used to the idea of spying and reporting on fellow citizens, while government snooping, by whatever means, will be regarded as something normal in an integral and moralistic way?

    3. History has shown us in fascist dictatorships a great deal of manpower has been required to spy on its citizens every aspect. Instead of paying for extra government snoops it would be cost-effective to encourage more citizens to voluntarily spy and report each other.

    Final Thoughts

    The extra surveillance doesn’t detect the real perpetrator criminals in high places with their criminal networks who continue to get away with it. Indeed, a number of us know that they have invested in the increasing surveillance to spy on its citizenry to help advance their New World Order global fascist dictatorship.

    Now, isn’t it funny how many of these surveillance cameras have failed on the days of false flag attacks..?!

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