Ordinary Warriors – The Revolution of the Incredible Edible Town

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times

The Spiritual Warrior blends many qualities

There are many different qualities to the soul. The spiritual movement has tended to focus on gifts such as acceptance and unconditional love. But there’s also the other side of the coin. There’s the warrior inside each of us that yearns to change things to find a higher harmony. The warrior aspect of human-kind has understandably received much ‘bad press’, but nevertheless, it is still a fundamental aspect of who we are when applied in an aligned way. When should we soften and accept? When should we commit and push forwards? Mastering your unique blend is not easy. This internal dynamic is the stuff of powerful evolutionary alchemy. How inspiring it is when someone blends and unleashes both qualities simultaneously…

Awesomely ordinary

It’s not a story of some great spiritual master, who realises a profound wisdom and then shares it through some best selling book. It’s not about someone campaigning on the barricades of injustice. This is a humble person, from a quiet Northern England town, who realises that the natural harmony of life is out of balance; that instead of just building more shopping centres, offices and carparks, we also need to grow food for a growing world population. What if we could green the carparks, verges and concrete islands with edible foods that everyone could share? What if we could cut through town planning red-tape, inspire a community with common sense and unleash an unstoppable heart-felt force for good?

In working with evolving people I know that changing the matrix is always challenging. It is so embedded, often so resistant and it owns most of the resources. It frequently leaves spiritual people wondering about their purpose? You can feel change in your heart the need for a higher harmony. You want to express and be you, but the outside world is so resistant and you don’t have any of the resources to support you. Or so it may seem, but in the core of my being, I can feel this foundational spiritual truth…

If you touch a core aspect of you,
the fundamental nature of who you really are,
activate, conjure and unleash it through your being,
commit with perseverance, passion and unswerving courage,
then you’ll align with the natural flow of the universe
which can’t fail to provide a vehicle for you to express yourself.

  • Incredible Edible

    Put simply, if you follow your heart, you’ll activate a movement of energy within the universe which will then build to support you. But it has to be you. And you have to give your all to it. You have to peel back doubt and disbelief. You have to find all your sensitivity and intuitive application of right action. If you can do this, you’ll activate the spiritual warrior in you and the universe will weave its magical path through life, breaking down the walls of impossibility. That’s what Pam Warhurst did when she founded “Incredible Edible“, an initiative dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community. The video can’t fail to inspire and amuse…

    About the Author

    Chris Bourne is the founder of  Openhandweb.org, a project to elevate the consciousness of man and provide healing to those in need.  He also is a contributing writer to WakingTimes.com.

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