The Orbo PowerCube ‘Free Energy’ Charger is Available for Pre-Order


Pao L. Chang, Guest
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Certain people have been claiming that OCube, also known as Orbo PowerCube, can generate energy without using any fuel or conventional electricity. If this is true, this “free energy” technology will revolutionize the energy industry and prove to skeptics that “free energy” is real.

The organization behind OCube is Steorn, a small company in Dublin. This company is also developing a phone that produces free energy. It is called the OPhone. This phone does not need a battery to function, and therefore you do not need to worry about it running out of battery.

  • According to, Steorn is taking orders for their OCube charger. Below is an excerpt from about the OCube.

    Last week a small company in Dublin called Steorn started taking orders for their USB phone charger. It’s on the large side, and is only good for two or three smartphone charges per day, or one tablet charge. So then, why are they asking 1200 euros (about $1275) each for them? Well, for one thing, you don’t have to plug them in. But there are other, much cheaper chargers that draw their power from sunlight or some other source and never need to be plugged in. With Steorn’s OCube charger you’re not paying for convenience, you’re paying to be one of the first to own a device that does the impossible — and that might be on the verge of revolutionizing science and technology.

    … The OCube is the latest iteration of Steorn’s Orbo technology. According to Steorn’s CEO Shaun McCarthy, engineers there were working up a design for a wind-driven generator to power ATM security cameras back in 2003, when they stumbled upon a strange effect: the generators were putting out more power than they were taking in. Steorn spent the next few years ruling out potential sources of experimental error, and then trying to understand the theoretical basis of the anomaly. Finally they convinced themselves that there was no getting around the conclusion that they’d invented a perpetual motion machine. They’d found a loophole in the way that magnetic fields interact that allowed the law of conservation of energy to be broken, and caused so-called “free energy” to be generated: energy from nothing.


    Here is more information from about the OCube:

    After 15 years of percolating, the Irish company, Steorn has finally arrived in the market with an exotic free energy product.

    This is the beginning of the fulfillment of a dream the CEO, Shaun McCarthy shared with me when I visited them Sept. 29, 2012 in Dublin. He said that after they finished the electric hot water heater (has anyone found where that’s percolating?), his next project to tackle was to be able to provide power for a cell phone.

    OCube is capable of 2.1-amp output, so it can charge tablets and smartphones at the rate of 1 tablet per day or 2-3 smart phones per day. It is currently in production and will be shipping within the next 6 weeks.

    The price of the OCube is €1,200 Euros plus shipping. While definitely on the pricey side, it would make sense for someone who needs to stay charged up who spends a lot of time away from the grid. Another market will be people who like to be on the front end of technology. This would make a great conversation piece on the top of a business desk.

    Another product available for pre-order is the OPhone, which will need no cord to recharge it because the power is provided on-board, pulling from the wheelwork of nature. It basically combines the OCube within a phone. It is expected to be shipped within the first two months of 2016.

    It goes for €480 Euros plus shipping.

    Orbo Webinar 2 – Steorn Orbo Ophone OCube and Powercell Presentations

    To learn more about the OCube and OPhone, visit the Orbo FaceBook page.

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