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When mainstream awakening says to you: ‘Psychology is a pseudo-science’ – watch out.

Psychology is the only thing the Matrix really uses against you.

That can be geo-political, health (vaccines), educational system, and the mainstream media shaping the public opinion and foremost: It uses psychology to keep you scared.

Psychology is not a pseudo science; it’s a tool that works. And therefore it’s real.

In order to understand the mechanics of the Matrix you have to observe it on a psychological level. That ‘reading’ will give some idea as to where the matrix is heading and how it wants to both affect and infect you.

How do we do that?

By being very vigilant to what the matrix does to our psyche and thus our emotional immune system. Leave that unguarded, even for just a tiny bit, and the green ooze of the matrix will enter your psychological skin and soon you’re caught in their psychological deceptions.

If you opt out psychology, you will lose a valuable tool that provides insight into the Matrix and yourself. You will lose your spiritual Kung Fu. I am not talking text book psychology as much as I am talking getting psychologically streetwise. Just enough to know our way in Matrix City. And then some….

Every time we ask: What does this do to me, the answer lies in our psychological software.

Every time we ask: What does this do to others, the answer lies in our understanding of the collective psychology, and how the Matrix doings are impacting the collective psyche all over the world.

Did anybody forget Goebbels? No, he still lives and his insight into mass psychology lives even better than before. The Matrix of mass Psychology doesn’t forget its foremost inspirator and if you are just a bit awake, you will see it put into use every day.

  • In the perspective of a holistic world, dodging the understanding of mass psychology could be both fatal and may set us back in understanding how the wheels of the Matrix really is rolling and fueled.

    Do I need to mention the Stockholm syndrome?

    Do I need to mention the collective impact of terror that 9.11 created and how it became the modern collective fear-making vortex, and is still playing out in its psychological scheme to hold the people of the world in fear of surveillance.

    OH, its all psychology, and if some don’t understand that, they would point to psychology as a useless false tool in the hands of the Matrix.

    Well, it is often our only tool, in seeing, feeling and it can sure give some foresight as to where the Matrix is heading next.

    Any doubt that the Matrix currently is using psychology to paint Putin blacker than the devil?


    Any doubt that ISIS is one big psychological entity that seems to fuel further fear in the collective consciousness. The only way to see it as such and all their other nasty schemes is an understanding of psychology.

    To travel the road of spirituality and awakening, you have to smarten up psychologically, since without that understanding, which basically is self – knowledge (psychological insight), we can never accept that we are not crazy and delusional but sane and picturing a better world.

    To state that we are sane – is a psychological statement.

    ‘Read’ the world and read yourself at a psychological level – and you will find out that things are so profoundly sick, that you need to heal yourself and free yourself from Matrix programming at a very deep, profound and pristine level.

    This is a vortex point on the awakening trail. It’s a vortex point because you will have to come to terms with the idea that you are the sane one, and that its society that is profoundly sick at all levels and therefore profoundly psychological sick.

    I believe that’s the reason we can even call the Matrix a psychopathic entity with psychopaths serving it.

    The psychology of our souls is what we seek to heal. In order to do that we need the spiritual understanding of psychology to determine if we are the twisted fucked up ones or if the Matrix is.

    Understand thyself and you can take it down. But before we do that, we have to use some psychological insight to what internal Matrixes we have and dissolve them. That is called: Self – Development. If we dont take that road – we will be fighting windmills.

    We can walk away from the Matrix. If enough people do, it will destroy it. The Matrix only lives, because it tricked you to believe in it. Its all a question of psychology.

    Psychology and understanding of it is everything: From the down right nasty behavioral psychology, to the cutting edge psychology of the Spirit Molecule – DMT.

    Your understanding of yourself and your potential is divine psychology.

    Taking psychology down only serves the Matrix, since reverse psychology is the strongest tool in the toolbox when fighting the matrix, on a collective level.

    This brilliant video from Snord is a a good example of understanding the psychology of the Matrix and using reverse psychology to expose its Mindgames.

    To Know thyself is to know the Matrix.

    To Know thyself is to Know others and hereby heal them, by understanding where they come from and what they are struggling with.

    What ever is in your toolbox – use it. The last thing you need is to fear your own insights into what is going on in this world and all of it has a psychological blueprint.

    That blueprint will tell you where things are heading and right now, it is not pretty.

    Don’t get fooled again. I don’t think we have the time for this fooling around.

    © 2015 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission

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