Numerology Forecast for the New Year: 2014 – Food, Water, Music

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Blink twice and it’s gone. This is how swiftly things will be moving in the calendar year of 2014. The Gift number of this year is a 5 (1+4=5), and number 5 creates a flow and force of powerful changes and upheaval.

There will mostcertainly be new opportunities amidst this adrenal junkie landscape, you just need to be grounded enough to perceive them. Number 5 also represents the physical body and your capacity for enduranceYou can’t be a spaced out yogi in 2014, you have got to be strong and balanced.

Know Your Food Sources

Once upon a time, back in the good ole’ days of Yogi Bhajan’s classes in Espanola, he allowed a space for people to ask questions. This was a very rare event in his classes, and yours truly, sensing the importance of the moment, immediately launched a half dozen auric flares of positive intent, and was one of only five people to be chosen to ask him a question. My question was, “Sir, with all of the increase of disease on the planet, and the ability of diseases to mutate before there is an available cure, what can we do for our health?” His simple answer was, “Food, you are what you eat.”

  • We now need to have an increased awareness of our food, where it is coming from, and how it is prepared. Also important for this year is protein. You cannot have physical endurance without a good high quality protein source. The body cannot repair itself without the right type of protein. Know what works for you, and don’t judge yourself for it. Not everyone is cut out to be vegan or lacto-vegetarian, and you can still go to heaven if you eat an egg. At least I think so.

    The Water Element

    The overall number for 2014 is a 7 (2+0+1+4=7), and this is where things get very interesting. Number 7 is the Water Element, and Mother Nature will be kicking up her heels in response to the increasing melt-down of the polar ice caps. This is real science my friends, and we are now witnessing the trend of more extreme weather phenomenon on planet Earth. There will be a “surging effect” at times, creating an influx of powerful water flow, which will displace some people. Not everyone will be affected by this, however, if you live near an area that could be flooded, you should definitely have your “Grab it and Go!” bag handy by the door—just a simple little knapsack with essential items to cover yourself for 3 days. Easy enough, you can do it!

    The Water Element also affects our emotions, so be sure to drink enough water, tea, juices, etc. when you feel stressed. You can draw toxins out of your system by taking a eucalyptus mineral salt bath, or by sitting in a hot sauna. Yogi Bhajan commented once in a lecture that many cultures throughout the world recognized the cleansing benefits of sweating in a steam room or sauna. He also said that when you sweat through the armpits it detoxifies the brain.

    Elevation through Music

    Now shifting to the lighter and brighter side of 2014, it is wonderful to note that the number 7 represents music and our ability to elevate ourselves through singing and chanting. This will become one of the most powerfully effective healing modalities on the planet—getting people together and singing in church, around a campfire, or chanting in yoga class. Project the sound, the positive vibrational frequencies, and spin them out into the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. This is how we can begin to heal the planet, once enough of us begin to work together as a collective psyche. In the future we will even have the ability to shift part of the weather patterns through our combined positive intention. Very cool.

    Of course no yearly forecast would be complete without mentioning an inspirational movie, and this year’s movie choice is “The River Wild” starring Meryl Streep. It is an excellent example of someone maintaining a meditative mind, in spite of extraordinary circumstances. What is so brilliantly conveyed by the film, and is additionally a touchstone truth for 2014 is, “Keep it together till it comes together.”

    Anything in life can temporarily get shaky or fall apart. The ability to hold the frequency of your own Arc Line and electro-magnetic field is the true test of a yogi. You will pass with flying colors if you keep a steady spiritual practice, eat healthy, and take time out to relax with friends, family, and community.

    In the words of Yogi Bhajan,

    “Sing songs that relate to the spirit; it is such a beautiful emotional release. You will always be grateful to yourself. It is a perfect way to stay sane.”

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