The NSA Ruse – Imposed Transparency Programming

WIKI-Matrix-01Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

If it’s not obvious enough already, the world is being stealthily submersed into a fishbowl mentality. Apparently we are all being watched. Or so they say. Pretty clever meme if you ask me, further imposing an even deeper subconscious relinquishing of privacy and personal freedom. The more they pound on us in the mainstream media about how pervasive the techno-spying is, the more people get used to the idea, whether it really is all that pervasive or they agree with it or not.

After all, they say they’re doing it so it must be true. Fact is, it doesn’t matter either way. The message is doing the job, as is so often the case in this media manipulated, socially engineered world.

This helplessness agenda is a very subtle yet very powerful one. Never mind the crass and brutal militarization, if you’re convinced you’re being watched all the time, whether by growing evidence, media-driven scare tactics or personal fear and paranoia, the most profound effect is that the idea gets ingrained into the hive consciousness and by default accepted. Freakier still most don’t even care since they think they have nothing to hide. “So what if others know my every personal habit or detail, I’m not doing anything wrong. Besides, I’m getting more hits on my facebook and twitter accounts”.

New Realities

This social slippage is extremely dangerous and happening at such a rate it’s mind boggling. The government’s antics are just a conscious focal point to give credence to the intentionally collapsing world around us. Nothing more. The social engineering is so pervasive very few even realize it. Repeated messages wear into the psyche until it’s entrained. Acceptance of the new meme is eventually unavoidable.

  • Whether it’s the European and South American leaders, the Pope, or Obama, from the news we get it apparently seems no one is immune to this Big Brother surveillance state. And that’s exactly what people are supposed to think. This is our brave new world, all for our monitoring and protection of course.

    It’s programming, pure and simple. Works like a charm, ever since the bell between classes sounded. Stimulus – response.

    Can you see what this does to the unsuspecting, even somewhat alarmed, mind? Overpowering by bombardment, these manipulators are succeeding in placing a new paradigm on society by a sort of reverse war of attrition. Starving the concept of freedom by carpet bombing the populace with a completely different mindset of un-freedom.

    The more they repeat it the more it becomes normal. Same with the brutal militarization. Just beat the crowds back until they’re used to it.

    The Snowden Effect

    This is why the Snowden effect is so nefarious. If he was the threat they say he is, he would have not only never happened, but he would have been disappeared a long, long time ago. If the NSA and Co. were all that powerful do you really think this message would have gotten out, or if they then considered it a viable threat? That may sound like conspiracy paranoia, and it is, a good healthy dose of it, but it works bloody well in this rigged game we’re in and happens to be all too true.

    They have always done this. Introduce a common enemy until you see it everywhere, as in terrorism or whatever they point to. Getting people to react to it makes it real, very real, and that becomes ingrained in their thinking and mindset. Over time the cameras everywhere and iris scanning, DNA tracking and finger printing…and soon the chip…become an accepted fact of life.

    Need proof? Look at the TSA and the sheep like acceptance that received. It doesn’t take much in this dumbed-down society. And they work it many ways, including seemingly exposing their own devices to bring them into public consciousness. If you’ve traveled recently, just count how many opt out of their cancer inducing scanners. Precious few. It’s easier just to go along with the program.

    Oh, the Orwellian Irony

    Ironic, isn’t it. A supposedly popularly elected government claims a new era of transparency while giving none, yet the population is expected to be virtually x-rayed for anything from habits, beliefs and affiliations to their DNA and even intentions. All while these overlords are held to no standards whatsoever except what those same foxes in the hen house decide…and keep changing to boot.

    Does anyone notice?

    They will soon enough. The street checkpoints, the massive militarization of law enforcement, the hype and fear mongering are all clearly leading up to something and meant to send a signal. Get in line or go under. Another massive false choice foisted on the unsuspecting manipulated masses. Saying no isn’t even an option for the herd anymore.

    They’ve been overpowered by proxy – the trickery of the propaganda assault.

    What To Do

    Again, disconnect and thereby disobey. Don’t even be part of it. Point it out to others the best you can but let your life be the message. The bullshit machine is on full throttle so don’t even engage it, walk away. Be who you were always supposed to be –  a free and sovereign being.

    At this point the world’s in a race to the bottom. It can hardly be more surreal. Our conscious awareness is our tool, our guide, our strength, and our refuge.

    Know we’re up against a very cleverly orchestrated take over that we simply need to step aside from. That’s our strength. Our realization of this fabricated reality draws power, conviction, peace and a resolute knowing. That’s where to operate from, no matter what arena you’re called to in this fight.

    Resistance is a fight. Awareness is a fight. Standing free and clear from this bullshit is a fight.

    Do it. However you’re called, just do it.

    Much love,


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