Nomad Souls Looking for Redemption

hero searchingSoren Dreier, Guest
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“Wow, I’m sick of doubt. The servants have the power, dog-men and their mean women pulling poor blankets over our sailors. I’m sick of dour faces Staring at me from the TV Tower, I want roses in my garden bower; dig?” – Jim Morrison; An American prayer

Did we make it to the other side, did we unknowingly cross that reality gap, now finding ourselves somehow lost in a void of reason, where there used to be fences of conformity?

Did we slowly pull the razor-like hooks out of our psychological skin to find us floating where gravity used to reign?

Did we find a safe place to lay our burdens; did we make it to the chapel of an inner certainty?

Did The Matrix become so obvious that we now can see, feel and touch it, and living in it, obeying it suddenly is not an option anymore?

Forgetting to ‘administer’ yourself in the Matrix, forgetting to fill out the forms, ask for permissions, slowly like a skilled dancer we can move ever so smoothly even when it stops the music?

Forgetting the logical things, forgetting to believe in a snowstorm? Instinctively now, hearing the false tune of slow foxtrot in the ballroom, insisting on the Mambo – passion driven we are.

  • Are we searching for something that’s already found us?

    A friend said to me: I can’t find the celestial anymore.

    I said to my friend: You’re looking for redemption outside of you.

    The Dao says: In times of confusion lower your expectations.

    So what do we expect? Celestials’ blessing and signs on the wall? The ether/the God Force hides those things in the obvious. The redemption is all around us, will we reach for it?

    Trying to make the celestial complicated and tied in with manuals and rules for this and that? That is not the celestial speaking, that is the programming of a dystopian society, whose sole purpose was to teach us how to walk – where it should have taught us to fly… well, we’ve been in the school of Learning by Doing for some time now, and we’re hovering the skies.

    We sit on the balcony, of wherever we are, looking for that feel of Oneness that has already found its home.

    Visual, kicks in: Squid boats, sunset, palm trees, moonbeams.

    Audio, kicks in: Crickets, birds chirping each other home to rest for the night, sound of owls and a rodent catches its last breath.

    Scents, kicks in: Pine trees, bougainvilleas, a fine glass of wine, a Chesterfield and a quit song emerges from the soul.

    This song of tranquility, we each compose it.

    On the lookout for togetherness, even alone, we’re always together, the sea suggests as its waters touch the rocky coastline.

    For a moment there we touch, Knowingly, unknowingly, as we lay our defenses down and slowly merge soul by soul in the vastness of space. I open a window on the coast of Spain, you take in the laundry for the night in a different place – connected we all are.

    The longest journey we can ever take is the walk, that lonely lonesome walk, from thought to a feel, yet that is the sacred doorway, it doesn’t brag, it makes no noise, silence caught up with the NoMad souls of this millennia….

    As we spiral down and let go, we find ourselves going up.

    In even the deepest of contemplations there’s something watching us. Something in us is aware that we are in a deep state of mind. The silent observer watches from the deepness within.

    That silent observer looked at us in the mirror when we were 14 and it looks when we are 40. Thought going: I have gotten older. Silent observer going: I appear older, but that is not really I. I am the same, blessed with new insights, but still forever young.

    It is the same silent observer that sees through the matrix. We see things more clearly when we detach from them. Detached is our weapon of choice, and that is why they fear us – while we know that we are low-hanging fruits for them to pick, or are we? They can try to stop us, they can pull their rules and regulations, but we will still be popping up, since we now know where to look for the cracks in their walls.

    The borders of this world are not physical anymore – they are religious. Who to worship? Which of the ancient saints can they demeanor? We have stepped out, not clinging to any school of thought, but contemplating on the source deep within us.

    They are looking for the fountain of youth, we have already found it. We crossed that gap a long time ago, so it seems so vain, doesn’t it. We know we are eternal and we are growing in numbers.

    Detached we are, we the Rambunctious ones.

    We have to fight, we have to put up a friction, and we have to be guided by social indignation in a world that lost its compass of honor and valor. It caught us with its razor sharp inhumanity, and now our wounds are healing and eyesight rapidly improving.

    The ability to cut through spiritual and mundane distortion hugely expands if we administer ourselves into higher altitudes of perception in a society still debating whether senses are for real….

    We flipped that coin now debating whether society is real.

    That is the redemption and the progress here, deep under the stars.

    The Matrix facing the final curtain, no-one applauds …

    © 2015 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission.

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