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A paradigm shift in global energy is desperately needed to rescue us all from the conflict and environmental destruction associated with the overuse of and decline of fossil fuels. Our present energy matrix is inefficient, costly, it is causing wars and polluting the environment, with Fukushima and the Deepwater Horizon being only two of the most recent examples of industrial-environmental catastrophes.

Yet, a major shift like this is not simple in our economy because the pace and progress of technological change today is dictated by corporations, government, and the flow of money and profit. Finding new solutions to big problems like this is an extraordinary challenge because the answers have to satisfy many unique and powerful interests. While many home tinkerers and do-it-yourself engineers have for decades been making process in the realization of free energy, developing an idea and bring it to market are two very different things.

The military industrial complex has just signaled that a paradigm shift is indeed coming, and that within the next decade, compact cold fusion reactors will become a reality, and will be ready for widespread use.

Aerospace and defense technology company, Lockheed Martin, recently announced its intent to bring compact cold fusion technology to the world, first in military and defense applications, then in public energy initiatives. This signals an exceptional corporate push to develop something so of tremendous importance for the future of human kind.

  • The present nuclear program relies on fission, the splitting of atoms in order to produce nuclear energy, which is exceptionally dangerous, producing a global infrastructure of aging power plants and radioactive waste disposal facilities. For almost a century, nuclear physicists have been trying to unlock the secrets of cold fusion, which would capture the energy released when atoms fuse together, a type of nuclear reaction that can be done at room temperature. Harnessing the power of the sun, as some call it, cold fusion is the process that fuels the stars.

    The development of this technology by Lockheed Martin could lead to the mass production of small reactors with unlimited power generation potential, and zero emissions, the next best thing to truly free energy. This would be a significant advancement over current designs of cold fusion reactors, that are as of yet still unable to produce more output power than the power required as input to create the reaction.

    Unfortunately, while Lockheed Martin is one of the few teams on earth that may actually be able to deliver on the promise of bringing this technology to market, they are also first and foremost a defense contractor. As is the fate with most new technological advancements, the military industrial complex is heavily involved in their development.  In this climate, new ideas are first engineered to fulfill ‘security’ purposes, which is an umbrella euphemism for tracking, targeting and killing human beings, which is hardly the most noble of intentions. The race is now on to see whether cold fusion will free us, or if it will be employed to enslave us further.

    Lockheed Martin’s intriguing and exciting plan is revealed in the following promotional video:

    Cold Fusion May Already Be Happening in Your Neighborhood

    There have always been independent engineers and hobbyists who’ve explored these ideas in their own shops and homebuilt labs, but their advancements hardly seem to be of benefit to the public, as their inventions have either been meritless, which is unlikely, or have all been buried or hidden from public awareness through patent controls and trade secrets.

    Many make the case that the global energy giants have for decades actively pursued the purchase or shut down of independently developed energy technologies. A well-known example is documented in the film, Who Killed the Electric Car, showing the demise of the first mast produced electric car in history.

    The spirit of independent science is still alive and well however, and as young nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson believes, even kids have the power to change our energy future. At age 14 he built a cold fusion reactor in his garage and has since gone on to impress the scientific community with many new ideas.

    He explains some of his accomplishments in his short TED talk, here:

    In Virginia, Douglas Coulter, a do-it-yourself engineer, tinkers in his garage shop and lab with nuclear reactors as well, and has a working cold fusion reactor in the shop of his solar-powered home. He advocates that technology should be open source and not locked up in corporate patents and trade secrets, a point that reveals another flaw in the current paradigm, and a burning question: what free energy secrets are already locked up and kept away from human kind? What do we already know that is being hidden from us about free energy?

    His homemade nuclear reactor can be seen in the following video about his story:


    The world has for years been waiting for a shift away from the current paradigm of fossil fuel extraction to burn for energy, and making radioactive waste dumps that will poison us forever. If the military industrial complex is finally taking up this it means that they see it’s imperative in keeping the military running, but let’s also imagine how this technology could first assist us in correcting some of the serious social and economic imbalances in our world today.

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