New Source of Non-Cannabis, Non-Hemp Derived CBD Discovered

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The explosion of interest in the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) have followed the greater acceptance of cannabis and hemp. While the CBD industry grows at record pace, a vast amount of research is being conducted to identify the explicit health benefits of CBD.

  • Not commonly known is that CBD’s are actually found in other plants and foods as well, leading to the possibility of medical grade CBD being available to those in areas where CBD products derived from hemp and cannabis are still outlawed.

    Researchers working for a San Francisco company, Peak Health Foundation, have recently discovered a new source of CBD not derived from cannabis or hemp, opening the door to more options for the development of CBD based tinctures and medicines. The plant is a variety of humulus, commonly known as hops, a grain commonly used in the production of beer and other alcoholic products, has been found to contain high levels of CBD’s.

    “A San Francisco company, Peak Health Foundation, recently announced its first CBD product derived from a strain of humulus, more commonly known as hops. Not the ones used to make beer, but a strain discovered in India that contains no THC but high levels of CBD and is not derived from a plant that remains illegal.


    Once a variety of hops was found in the wild with a reasonably high CBD content, Peak Health founder Bomi Joseph cross-bred the plants to create a new variety known as Kriya brand humulus. Joseph has patented the plant, which has a CBD concentration of around 18%.” [Source]

    The medical marijuana revolution is underway, and for a look at five other food sources of CBD, take a look at the article, 5 Foods with the Same Cannabinoids as Found in Cannabis.

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