New Documentary Proves Existence of God

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A new documentary film series is being produced by filmmaker Frank Huguenard that focuses on healing and consciousness. The first film in the series, The Physics of The Soul has just been released and makes a clear, logical and convincing argument for how the conventional worldview for any biological organism is inherently incomplete without accounting for a conscious, innately intelligent, vital force governing homeostasis and regulating health.

The film features such notables as Dr.Bill Bengston, Dr. Larry Dossey, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD., Dr. Norm Shealy, Adam Curry, Bruce Lipton PhD, Garrett Moddel PhD, William Tiller PhD, Dr. Stuart Hameroff and author Gary Zukav. Upon watching the film Zukav had this to say:

“The Physics of the Soul is the most cogent and intelligently presented vista I have encountered of the evolution of science that is underway. It points directly toward the species-wide transformation of human consciousness that is in motion.”

  • The film, which is intended for a main stream audience, takes a look at placebos, studies in consciousness and some of the history of modern science but it’s real strength comes in the form of questioning the legitimacy of experimental design. Said Frank Huguenard about his approach to the film “I didn’t want to do yet another film on random number generators and double slit experiments, that’s been done over and over again”. Rather than attempt to prove scientifically things that can’t possibly ever be proven, such as reincarnation, out of body experiences, near death experiences and so forth, the film instead argues that materialism itself has been falsified.

    Out of the three possible alternatives for understanding the relationship between human consciousness and the physical world (Materialism, Panpsychism and Idealism), materialism is the only theory from which we can make testable predictions. If consciousness is indeed an emergent property of chemical and electrical activity in the brain, as the conventional view holds, then we can make certain falsifiable predictions. For example, people should not be able to effect others with their minds alone and should not be able to effect random number generators or experience pre-sentience.

    Based on the fact that all of these predictions (and more) have all been falsified, not only has Materialism been proven incorrect, but Carl Popper himself has been falsified. In fact, one could even argue that after examining the data in consciousness studies and concluding materialism must be wrong, we may say that any researcher who engages in materialistic based scientific endeavors could be considered a pseudo-scientist.

    “The film is elegant, beautiful, and powerful. The segues

    are eloquent and tie the whole thing together. The film’s

    “architecture” is seamless. I’m honored to have had a part in

    it.” ~Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.

    The series of films is currently slated to be a six part series on healing and will present a new model on biology that is consciousness-centric and from which we can gain new insights and understanding into the nature of life. Part II in the series, Bioenergetic Anatomy, which will focus on the relationship between the human subtle field and our gross physical bodies, should be released in late 2016.

    About the Author

    Frank Huguenard holds a degree in science from Purdue University and has spent decades in product development in Silicon Valley prior to embarking on a career in documentary film production. He draws on his research in the fields of combination of psychology, physics, wisdom traditions, sociology and history. You can see his films at


    – Reprinted with permission from The Society for Scientific Exploration.
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