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Shortly after Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) appeared on the scene with his website Natural News, it quickly became a leader in virtual alternative health news for a growing number of people who were hungry for knowledge about their food, health and wellbeing. Those who no longer trusted big corporations and understood that profit margins historically trumped individual health, now had a trusted source, community, and a home.

Decades ago, your great grandparents had no need or use for the words ‘organic’ or ‘raw’ attached to their food, simply because most of it came directly from their own backyard or local community. People knew where their food came from and in most cases, had a personal relationship with the grower, farmer, or producer. Big corporations were not on the forefront of food production as they are today, spraying chemicals, pushing genetically modified seeds, and marketing their aspartame spiked, high fructose corn syrup-laced addictive concoctions masquerading as edible meals. However, their time is quickly coming to an end.

  • Corporate Food Now Checkmated

    The people are now regularly voting with the loudest voice they have; their pocketbook. This is instantly affecting bottom lines, profit margins, and stock prices almost overnight. In a dog eat dog business world, damage like that begins to add up quickly. Companies and corporations with questionable business practices have to make rapid decisions or risk being cast aside into history’s dust bin as irrelevant at best, and public relations nightmares at worst. It is clear that people who are interested, concerned, passionate, and educated are outside the gates of such companies with virtual torches and pitchforks. Their collective on-line voice is stronger than any clever ad campaign, public relations apology, or celebrity endorsement.

    However, it appears that the checkmate has already happened without much fanfare. The game is over yet the pieces still remain on the board. Establishments like Whole Foods, Subway, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and others are stuck in what amounts to a checkmate, having procured food that has been discovered to contain genetically modified organisms (GMO), heavy metals, pesticides, etc. As a note, such discoveries were made by passionate individuals that refused to take companies at their word when it came the health of their family and community. The problem for such companies stocking, sourcing, and manufacturing food is that their supply chain is corrupted. Due to centralization of the food industry, changes will now take years to correct.

    Do you have time to sit around and eat food that devastates your health, on record, while big food industries fix these problems? I don’t, and I’m noticing many others around me who feel the same. The solution lies in decentralization back to supporting local trusted farmers, communities, and your own backyard. Let this article be a parting pat on the back to big agribusiness and corporate food/farming. Your supply chained, prepackaged “food stuffs” and health damaging, low cost ingredients were a good experiment, but they have failed many times over on many fronts.

    True Power Realized

    The Natural News food lab will be the death blow to the centralized food industry. Many more will soon join this revolution that has been kicked off by Mike Adams, The Food Babe (Army), and many others at the local level. It has been proven time and time again that the food industry’s internal standards and safety measures have failed. The FDA and EPA are asleep at the wheel and have neglected their positions of trust we have bestowed upon them. For quick proof, follow @FDARecalls on twitter or visit their website dedicated to the growing number of recalls.

    The people, along with the help of The Natural News Forensic Food Lab, are running and have always run the show. It is our energy, attention, and funding that allows companies to gain popularity and simply exist. Any industry and/or individual companies are simply there to conform to our collective will. Before the Internet, television and print advertisements were enough to steer our opinion. Now we have become educated and are putting our collective power, comprised of each individual’s decision to be healthy and empowered, behind those that meet our needs. Summer is upon us and I encourage those reading this to be part of the solution and take back your power by planting a Victory Garden, visit your local farmer/food co-op, or simply start relearning about your food and your health.

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    Jefferey Jaxen is a staff writer for and an open source researcher and writer. In addition he serves as director of alternative & holistic health for the Awake & Empowered Expo. You can find his latest research, information, and work at the following websites: and Follow him on Twitter at or contact him directly at

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