NASA Caught Faking Tech Delays in Space Station Communications

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If you really still believe NASA isn’t hiding some much bigger things behind the many black budget, super secret projects that it conducts, perhaps you’ll get a kick out of their alterations of space footage using CGI and a green screen – just like they do in Hollywood, or their latest gimmick – faking space station communication delays so that we, here on earth, won’t realize just how advanced their communication systems truly are.

NASA likely already has quantum communication abilities which means they can send communication signals well past our own universe, but they want us to believe that talking to an astronaut in space is – well – difficult.

In the following video, astronaut Jeff Williams, tries to play along with NASA’s hoax, but fails miserably. Though the video was released from a ‘science and engineering’ expo, the alleged time delay intervals make NASA look like they are trying to play telephone with a tin can and some string. This of course, we know is patently false, since there have already been quantum communications using quantum cryptology to send information in the form of 1s and 0s over thousands of miles right here on earth for several year now.

  • Sure, our own moon at its furthest point is 252,088 miles away, but are we really to believe scientists haven’t overcome this distance to avoid sound delays reminiscent of a 1829 telephone conversation? This type of latency is more like something we would expect of an analog to digital conversion – not from the most advanced aerospace industry in the world supported by billions of taxpayer dollars.

    The Australian Space Academy states that, “distance communications are carried by electromagnetic radiation – commonly by radio waves, but increasingly by light. The speed of propagation of these carriers is about 300,000 kilometres per second – the speed of light (and all other electromagnetic radiation). While this is an incredibly high-speed, it already causes problems in some of our day-to-day communication, and as we begin to contemplate interplanetary travel, we find that the finite or limited speed of light imposes serious limitations on our activities.”

    While this sounds plausible, the ‘delays’ in Williams’ conversation with NASA for their science and engineering festival are a total farce. He can’t seem to keep the time delay segments even, and he waits numerous time intervals before responding. He isn’t a paid Hollywood actor, though, so you can see him respond to the communications pre-delay, and then wait some amorphous period of time before verbally responding. It’s like watching a really bad sitcom, or even the sound voice-overs for old Kung Fu flicks.

    There also seems to be no delay of his signal going back to NASA – odd, don’t you think?

    The video really shows NASA’s scam is up at about minute 6:52 when they answer back instantly when Williams finishes speaking. He says he wishes he could grow some vegetables in space – another lie we are supposed to believe. The only vegetables they are interested in growing are here on earth – the ones that speak slowly and can’t think for themselves. NASA – your gig is up.

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