The Mystical Treasures of ‘The Golden Cave’

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I touched upon The Golden Cave, as being the realm of the inner Core that we have. I would like to go further into that.

Caves with wonderful treasures have attracted explorers and bounty hunters throughout time. The idea of wonderful treasures of ancient and more present times is very persistent and when they speak of it, they have that far away look in their eyes.

Not that many have been found by the explorers of the external.

Maybe because it is a projection from the realm of our souls.

We all have this place inside that I speak about, and we guard that by maintaining the perimeters of it, so it is not easily penetrated from the outside, and maybe that’s a good thing in this world right now.

Our need for privacy expands in sync with people getting more and more self-obsessed with exposing their lives on social media. Not many things in this world have the hallmark of privacy anymore. That’s one thing and it’s an outside perimeter where I see people getting more and more transparent.

It is very narcissistic, and I guess it has to be, in a self-obsessed narcissistic world where the Matrix has its scope on everything and apparently ‘wants’ it all out there, while the Matrix itself covers behind a smokescreen of fake transparency. Nothing we see from the Matrix is really transparent. It is a lie that poses as transparency. So we try to penetrate the Matrix and expose it and we see that in the perimeters of the Matrix there is so much deceit, lies, false flag events and so on.

  • Having said that, being born into the Matrix, we obviously have the same and that is why we seek to evolve and penetrate those false layers that we also have. We kind of got infected, didn’t we? So the more we get rid of the ‘false’ us and enter our source code, which is the Core, there seem to be multiple treasures hidden, that we, ourselves really didn’t know of.

    And that is the rapture, yes people get that feeling, high on awakening, discovering more and more ‘truth’ within ourselves, no matter if it’s spiritual or mundane.

    I touched upon that in: The Awakening and Spirituality. 


    I still have a problem dividing this world into, who’s spiritual the right way and who’s not spiritual at all, since there is enough division in this world already, but to penetrate within oneself the final perimeters and to enter The Golden Cave, really requires a touch of spirituality, since the Cave is a real place inside and we would have to: ‘Step out of ourselves to go in’.

    It always seems to be an infinite loop: Perceiving the outside as the inside and the inside as the outside – it is not actually so, but the loop provides a dissolvent of the inside and outside Matrix. I try to teach people that through various meditation techniques.

    Some see the Cave on an Aya-trip. I wouldn’t know that, but what they describe outside the trip, is very similar to what I see. I just have a small problem: I’d like to go au naturel.

    Vangelis says: “You´re a galaxy and I´m a galaxy” and he is spot on right, we are. Sometimes in meditation and visualization we can enter our being so deeply that we see ourselves at a quantum level.

    I have a very strong memory of some years ago, I was teaching at a weekend seminar in Denmark where I took the same approach as Vangelis. I didn’t know until I watched the interview, that he knew this. And synchronistically enough, the music for that seminar was solely Vangelis. His ’1492′, is an outstanding tool for inner and outer traveling.

    So I had thirty students on the floor on mattresses and while guiding them trough a ‘space travel’ I said, go inside now and find the galaxies. And this lady started crying the cool and dissolvable way and she said: “I have the milky way inside my left shoulder” – and she had, the moment she said that everybody could see.

    The Golden Cave, unless you go DMT maybe, takes many years to penetrate if you want to chop your way through the jungle of outside perimeters. That is the Karma – Yoga way. Or you can as mentioned take a DMT airplane and have it drop you outside it.


    So what is it?

    I’ll try to describe it very logically and avoid the rapture and grand gestures that it normally triggers.

    Maybe this example will shed some light on it:

    Carl Jung once met Carl Jung in a meditation/dream.

    Carl Jung dreamt he was in a house. He had to go through multiple rooms (the perimeters) and he felt he needed to go to the top floor (higher self).

    After some struggling Jung found himself in front of an attic door. It was old and worn (his origin). He opened the door and saw himself sitting on a wooden chair in deep meditation. He reacted with panic and silently closed the door in great fear of waking the meditating version of him up.

    He later explained that he feared that if he woke the meditating version of himself up – Carl Jung in both manifestations would dissolve and cease to exist. Also as a soul.

    Now that’s scary.

    I very humbly say this: Maybe Carl Jung didn’t see that this was the final perimeter to be penetrated – the final fear. Death. Not just from this world only, but as Jung hinted – and I quote from memory so please forgive: “That I saw God meditating on me and if I awoke God, I would dissolve and be no more.”

    As I hear, again from people coming out of trippin, it’s most common that the medicine invites you do ‘Die’ and if you want to proceed its okay with the medicine and if you don’t, that’s also okay, so this is a very crucial point and the final frontier for the explorer of the inside and thereby the outside.

    There is a tweak though. A bypass. A safe place. I cannot tell you what could be your safe place in which you could push the final frontier, and by saying ‘Final Frontier’ I have to say – that there are many final frontiers beyond this one. One of them will expedite you back to the quantum soup of creation.


    First time I pushed this, I tried many times, with several physical issues emerging such as: Loss of hearing, eyesight, extreme headaches, hearts going ballistic, severe nosebleeds, vomiting and such, I ended up in an apartment in Budapest. Yes, I did. And from here on, I could use that to catapult myself into the Cave.

    Yes, I know sounds very strange.

    But, I know the apartment and I knew what I found there once in 3D, since I was traveling Eastern Europe. I wanted to see and feel the cold and grayish ghoulness of East Berlin during Honecker.

    There was a joke in eastern Germany at that time: Each morning Erich Honecker stood at the Balcony of his Presidential office and the Sun would go:

    “Good Morning President Honecker. Hope all is well and have a beautiful day.”
    Honecker would reply: “Thank you, yes it seems like a good day.”
    Come evening and Honecker would go to his balcony again.
    He would look at the Sun and go: “You do not greet me?”
    The Sun would say: ” Ahh Piss off – I’m in the west now.”


    I was very young when I took to Prague and from Prague I took to Budapest. I spend 30 days on the road and warmth hit me, arriving in Budapest on the midnight train. It was warmer physically and the people in Budapest were miles away from the grey toned suppressed people of Czechoslovakia and Eastern Germany.

    Arriving in Budapest by railway, at that time there would be WW2 widowers with signs that said: Rooms for rent. So I followed this 70-year-old woman and got the master bedroom as a place to be, while I was exploring the town. To make a long story short, it turned into a great friendship and we went dining and dancing and on evening strolls.

    She felt like home and a very safe place in herself. It was my first genuine soul-to-soul meeting and knowing what I know today – we were space buddies. She was a terrible flirt, but she never crossed my boundaries and she enjoyed me going out on the town come nighttime.

    This little story told because we all have a ‘safe’ place, a moment in time and space where we felt absolutely protected, in a toning of love, in a toning of friendship and never a harsh word spoken. Often grandparents, or a long lost love or a place in nature, it doesn’t have to be connected to people.

    So if you like astral (this is not astral traveling) or etheric traveling which it is, the frequencies in the etheric are way beyond the astral and the etheric field. The high vibe etheric field is more or less a ghoul free area; it’s more or less safe to picture yourself in that place and actually go there before you seek the doorway to the Golden Cave.

    The feeling of warmth and safety levels out the feeling of fear of dying. But die you will have to, in order to penetrate the last perimeter.


    There are two levels of fear of death.

    The first is obviously to die physically. I can honestly say, I have never been afraid of that. My concerns in that area are not I, but the people I love. Like my kids. I don’t want to give them that loss if I can prevent it.

    Then there’s the more metaphysical death witch is much more terrifying, because it doesn’t SEEM like an illusion, since it covers all our vehicles.

    When we die the mundane way, we only lose the body.

    In the metaphysical realm we lose it all, or so it appears: The physical, the emotional and the intellectual and the spiritual, meaning we will have to face the danger of our souls going out like: Puff. Like Jung felt.

    Hard to imagine but a metaphysical reality. I think, in all modesty, that one maybe has to have been there or very close to grasp the concept of it.

    It makes sense that so many seek the hidden treasures of this world on an outside scale and often put their lives on the line in order to find it.

    Same thing inside.

    Be safe. Love to you.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier

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