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How does music affect your vibration? Does hard rock or rap lower ones vibration?

Music is sound and sound is vibration which ultimately boils down to geometry and math. Look no further than the study of cymatics to see what sound does to vibration.

Many people will idolize there favorite musicians, which internally says, “I will worship you instead of myself”. By doing so, you have already lowered your vibration.

The highest vibrational music within this genre is Ambient or New Age music, which is perfect for attaining a relaxed feeling or meditative state but do you really want to listen to this genre every day and all the time?

Many people question how music will affect their personal vibration, especially if their choice of music is hard rock or rap.

Hard rock and rap will subliminally affect each person’s auric field differently. Some people become very aggressive when listening to either genre while other people will get an overall good feeling, despite any negativity in the lyrics.

  • I listen to almost all genres of music and after playing lead and rhythm guitar in several hard rock bands, I can attest that hard rock does not make me any more or less aggressive. For example, I can listen to Van Halen‘s “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” or Night Ranger‘s “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” and feel absolutely awesome afterwards without any negative feelings about “love”.

    Rap, however, has become much more degrading and violent compared to the old school rap, such as Run DMC, LL Cool J or the Beastie Boys.

    Additionally, much of today’s gangsta rap trashes any conception of the Divine Feminine by degrading women as “ho’s” while belittling one another by using the “N” word.

    As a musician, I listen more to the melody of the music and lyrics than the actual meaning and intent behind the lyrics. Other people may be more focused on the lyrics than the music. We do not all listen to music the same way as one another nor do we all interpret music the same way.

    In an episode of Myth Busters, talking nicely or nasty made no difference yet produced larger biomasses and bigger yields than the control groups. In other words, you could swear and yell at the plants or talk nicely to them and they still thrived better than the control group.

    The biggest and most productive plants were grown while constantly blaring heavy metal music.

    Also see: The Consciousness of Water and Plants

    Conversely, a study done in the 1970’s by Dorothy Retallack showed that plants thrived on classical music but became sickly or died when listening to hard rock.

    So, we have two different studies with two completely results.

    The bottom line is how any particular genre of music makes YOU feel, regardless of what any other study says. If you feel really good while listening to it, despite what other people may think and what other studies have proven, then that music is perfect for YOU and YOUR vibration.

    Happy listening!

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