MSM and the Dairy Industry Attack Clean Eating as Dangerous

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

As more information comes to light about both the horrors of dairy industries practices in producing cow’s milk, and the negative health effects of consuming dairy products, more people are rejecting dairy in their diets, and mainstream media is now working to convince people that such dietary choices are dangerous.

In a recent article, the Telegraph attacks what they refer to as ‘clean eating,’ aiming to spook readers into believing that modern dietary choices which reject processed foods and foods known to be harmful to many people are, again, dangerous.

A cult of clean eating is a “ticking timebomb” that could leave young people with weak bones, the National Osteoporosis Society has warned.

The diets have become increasingly fashionable, and are associated with a number of celebrities, who have boasted how they have cut out gluten, dairy, grains and refined sugars.” [Source]

  • Professor Susan Lanham-New, Clinical Advisor to the National Osteoporosis Society and Professor of Nutrition at the University of Surrey remarked:

    “Without urgent action being taken to encourage young adults to incorporate all food groups into their diets and avoid particular ‘clean eating’ regimes, we are facing a future where broken bones will become just the ‘norm’. [Source]

    In a somewhat more balanced article by the BBC a warning is issued about diets that skip out on dairy products. “Dairy-free diets warning over risk to bone health,” reads the headline, which cites a survey by the National Osteoporosis Society expressing concern that people under 25 aren’t getting enough calcium in their diets.

    “It said it was concerned many young adults were putting their health at risk by following eating fads.” [Source]

    The primary argument presented in both of these articles is that dairy products are the best source of calcium, and if young people aren’t consuming substantial amounts of dairy products they are putting themselves at risk of developing weak bones and acquiring osteoporosis later on in life. This may be true to a degree, however, there are other ways to get sufficient calcium.

    Furthermore, both of these articles pin the blame on cultural dietary changes on ‘alternative’ health information and the fact that alternate viewpoints and research is available on the internet. They imply the information ecosystem is to blame for people making poor choices, regardless of the fact that so much of the anti-dairy information on the web is very well documented with scientific and medical studies. Some research even disproves the dairy industry’s claim that milk makes bones stronger.

    This group were far more likely than older adults to be getting their information about health and diets from blogs, vlogs and other social media.” [Source]

    This is fear-mongering by the food industrial complex with the aid of mainstream media, as neither of these articles fairly represent the downsides to consuming the homogenized, pasteurized dairy products of today. The dairy industry is also heavily subsidized by government and spends millions of dollars a year lobbying in to keep it this way. Finally, the dairy industry spends over $1.1 billion a year on advertising in the U.S. alone, and another £137 million in the U.K.

    The downsides to dairy cannot be understated, and the short film The Dark Side of Dairy details the deceit being carried out by the massive dairy industry, which jeopardizes public health with terrible inhumanity towards animals.


    In the following video, Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. describes how the modern dairy industry mass produces milk today, telling you what the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know:


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