More Than 50,000 Marijuana Convictions in Los Angeles Will Be Automatically Wiped Clean

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

In the age of cannabis legalization, we have to reconcile the damage done by the war on this medicinal and enjoyable plant. In this effort, a growing number of cities and counties in cannabis legal states are advancing legislation to expunge the criminal records of people with certain marijuana related convictions. Even the federal government is showing signs of slowly getting on board with this, as Democrats recently introduced federal legislation that would legalize cannabis nationwide and erase possession charges.

  • The latest and largest metroplex to take on this issue is Los Angeles, where officials from two counties are putting plans in place to reverse over 54,000 prior convictions. Code for America, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the government to use technology in the service of the citizenry, will be employing an algorithm to quickly identify qualified beneficiaries and automatically remove their convictions.

    A move like this will greatly improve the lives of thousands of people, as criminal convictions in California can have serious negative repercussions on day-to-day living, as noted by Code for America in the following Tweets.

    The district attorneys from Las Angeles and San Joaquin counties held a press conference to talk about the initiative and how the process will work.

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